Attack Boost is Not Enough To Make Me Quit...but I think it could be better

This thread is inspired by the maestro himself, @KLinMayhem

There is ample hate brewing around the forum for field aid and enemy arrows, but Attack Boost just doesn’t share the love… or hate.

Why? Well almost everyone agrees it’s the easiest to ignore. And it’s also the visually least impactful - no change to health bars or fancy animation, just a whoosh and an icon.

So why complain?

Well, I think it could be better, here’s some suggestions:

  • give all affected heroes a visual aura, something scalable that can show the increase in the boost
  • introduce a new, unique sound effect - how about a big war cry?

Or how about scrapping attack boost in favour of something more exciting:

  • Reinforcements - pick a sixth hero who will randomly replace a fallen comrade with increasing chances as more are knocked out - includes rousing trumpet

  • Fog of War - the next move is on autoplay with swirling mist effect.

  • Carrion Crows - a flock of vicious corvids descend upon the fallen and strip three levels from each heroes attack and defence stat

  • Traitor in the ranks - the troops of a hero are removed


Every time someone mentions sound effects or music I’m reminded that I’ve been playing for almost a year with the game muted.

Is there a sound effect now?


I think that is easily fixable. Just increase the amount to 25%. 50%? More? Problem solved.


If they force me to autoplay multiple moves with that crap AI every battle, I really will ragequit.


The trifecta is complete!!!


It’s a generic buff whoosh I believe


Think of the trepidation…the excitement… will it fire my sniper at an irrelevant target or plough 50 tiles into a riposte?!?


Given their AI, my first concern is fratricide avoidance…

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Please don’t kill your brother… unless you’re referring to Friar Tuck


I’m still in mute-mode…:rofl:


Longevity war boost - All defenders have double life points :smiling_imp:

Guinevere and Kunchen tanks will be even more hated and it wouldn’t take long to have a whole bunch of complaints in the forum :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Count me as one of the exceptions. While all three war rules are certainly manageable, I find the attack boost more challenging than the others simply because my battles take a long time. RNG has tended to give me defense-oriented heroes like Vivica and Richard, so I’ve developed a battle style centered around making my team virtually unkillable with healing/defense buffs/attack debuffs/mana control and slowly picking off enemies one by one.

The effect of each war rule on my teams, then are:

  • Field Aid: Negligible. I’m already prepared for long battles and picking off enemies from full health anyway.
  • Arrows: Less negligible, particularly against sniper-heavy teams, but I can usually have a healer charged to negate the arrow damage.
  • Attack boost: Even less negligible. Because the attack boost is cumulative, the enemies get stronger and stronger the longer it takes me to charge specials or clock tile damage. If I get a sufficiently bad board, the attack buff can go high enough to start penetrating my defenses, and then that’s when things can go awry.

I don’t think any of the 3 war rules are unfair or unfun or break the game, though. Just offering a different perspective. :slightly_smiling_face:


That’s what the forum is all about. A very interesting read, thank you sir.

P.s. have you levelled Thorne yet?


Funny you should mention that; Thorne is on my level-up team right now:

He’s in the process of going to 3^70 while I wait for more scopes to trickle in for Ariel and Frida, but I think he’ll be usable for stacking blue during red-tank wars at that level.

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Well, I don’t mute it, only put the sound of my phone at minimum. Then when my brother play the game (springvale stage), I hear the sound and I ask him: what sound is that, what game are you playing? :rofl:


That are some amazing ideas.

I want a buff that make all your heroes Reinfeld after 7 turns.
Something called like “HotM summon luck buff”.


Sort of like Muggy, but with a randomly-drawn 3* hero? Too funny!


Yes, it’s randomly drawn.

But it’s always Renfeld or Dawa.


Isn’t that how it works? I always assumed RNG stood for Renfeld’s Number Generator.



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