Time for a big change - STOP Mono Colour

I think we need a really big change, but easy to realize:

We have to stop mono-colour in Raid and in War! Set the maximum to 3 of a colour . This would be a big help for the whole game balance. No tank has any worth with 5 of a kind. The whole game is depending more and more to board-luck.

At events, quests and map it can stay as it is --> 5 allowed.

3 of the same colour has to be enough!


I would love it if people stacked mono color against me every fight in the war. Almost half of the opening boards are going to be very tough to work with for a mono strategy, and it generally demands very careful play.

Raid/war defenses are only going to win against marginal (or worse) boards in general. A 3tack is fully sufficient to beat someone on a half-way-decent board. If you 5tack, you’re just maximizing my defense’s chance to beat you when a marginal board hits.


The day this happens is the day I quit.



Sorry, but your answer is completely useless. More and more people go mono and you write that you would love that. I see a huge balance issue in mono.

Mono isn’t overpowered in my opinion. When it works it works. When t doesn’t it fails miserably


I’m sorry you don’t find the explanation persuasive. But you’ll find that what I’m saying agrees with how many of the top players in the game think about color stacking:

And there’s an actual mathematical reason for that:


The problem is that when the attacker is a medium-sized team, looking to remove 50 cups from a large one, it does not matter a bad board, because it has already lost it in normal conditions, if the board is good, and it comes out half the time , adulterates the normal development of the game and penalizes the effort. They should either penalize the monkey or compartmentalize, as someone proposed long ago, the game. It would end many of the frustrations that this game has, both above and below and many new ones would not leave because they would fight between pairs.

That would result in a huge amount of players leaving because they can’t win a raid.

SGG won’t jeopardize that.


Mono-stacking is a high-risk, high-reward strategy. If you think you have a low chance of winning a particular battle, a 5tack might be the best hope.

Personally, with 25 maxed Legendaries and a very deep bench of quality Epic heroes, I never go into a battle thinking that I’m likely to lose with reasonable boards. Bringing a mono team adds a lot of risk when I don’t really need the extra reward. Using 3-2 teams, I had 5 one-shots against 7DD in our last war, and the sixth was very close.

If your bench doesn’t have enough depth to put a likely-to-win team out for each war battle or raid, then stacking deeper can make sense.

I’m a financial type, so let me compare it to investment strategies: wealthy people tend to invest conservatively (low-risk, moderate reward) because they’re likely to have enough money to live comfortably but want to guard against a severe downside. Middle-income people are better advised to take on some extra risk. If you’re a cashier at Wal*Mart, though, the only way you’re going to become a millionaire is to buy lottery tickets (high risk, potentially high returns).


You cannot stop freedom.
I choose how I wish to play.
My team assembly will not be decided by others.
MONO 4EVA, RAINBOW 4EVA, or anything in between is valid.
Choose your weapon and fight!
Game on!


Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha. Get real…

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They could of course, they just couldn’t fly higher than their team and skill allows. Which honestly is what mono allows. People can feel good about themselves based on completely random boards.

The important thing to know about Mono, is you can only get it once.

Talk to your doctor if you’re feeling symptoms of Mono.


Monochromatic 4EVA is definitely contagious.

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It’s important to understand why mono-stacks can work so well. It goes into the math of the Damage Calculation.

In summary, each tile of damage has an expected damage amount equal to:

33 * (Attack / Defense)^1.35

Where attack and defense are fully modified by troops and specials. When you have stacked heroes, their cumulative power is added up inside this equation, e.g. with a three-stack:

33* ((Attack1 + Attack2 + Attack3)/Defense)^1.35

(It appears that there is some linearization of the damage as the cumulative attack gets much larger than the defense. More research needed).

A great deal of the benefit of stacking would be removed if the cumulation was outside of the exponent, e.g.:

33*{(Attack1/Defense)^1.35 + (Attack2/Defense)^1.35 + (Attack3/Defense)^1.35}

In my view, simply changing this math would greatly help the issue without imposing an artificial limit on using stacks.


It’s not just high-variance, though. Much like your example of buying lottery tickets versus other investment options, it’s also a significantly lower mean return strategy for all but the largest power deltas.


I’m torn on this.

First, I don’t believe Mono is any more or less risky than any other. Good and bad boards exaggerate the outcome (easy win or humiliating defeat) but the odds of win or lose is the same.

Yes, all tanks are dead with 3 matched gems from an opposite color mono team. That seems harsh to me even though I am exploiting it by running mono just about all the time now. However, in war I am handicapping myself. Maybe a handful of players can field 2-3 “top” mono teams of the same color and I am not one of those players. I don’t think anyone can field 6 , say top Holy Teams, much less 6 of every color. Anyone out there with 150 maxed 5 stars?

I’m not sure how to address it or if it is even a problem. My gut says that it is not and we should error on the side of player freedom, creativity and skill.


I think you are missing the point. If this is to be a game of skill, then you want to reduce the amount of variability. Things like monostacking adds huge variability.

Of course, SG seems to like taking this game away from skill and even more towards random…ie: the whole new class thing add yest another random element to the game once again reducing skill.

It’s like playing trying to play a serious game of poker and having some person in the corner want to call twos and one eyed jacks wild. There goes a lot of skill in favor of pure randomness.

I like games with more skill and less luck. I don’t mind the random components for drops and pulls. But when it comes down to things like combat, luck should be a very small component of it IMO.


Why does the amount of variability need to be reduced?

That takes the fun out of the game and causes mass exodus of players, in my opinion.


if you cant win without mono sorry but that sounds like a you problem. i have never repeat never ran a mono color team in any raid and im top 5 every war


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