War Strat : how do you play in 3/2?

Hello everyone,

A month ago, I went into a new ally, way bigger than my previous ones (from 70k power to 130k+ now).

Sooo, I’m facing new opponents in war & most of them are over 4000/4100 power.

I only have one 5* team so I started to attack, in war, with monocolor teams.

But it seems that, when the board ain’t with you, you’re kinda… fxcked.

So I was thinking to trying 3/2.

Do any of you use this ? How do you chose the color you’re pairing ?

Thanks for your advices !

I use 3/2 a lot when attacking stronger opponents. The way I do it is:

  1. Take 3 colors which are strong against the tank ( for example 3 blues against red tank)

  2. Take two colors against:

(a) one of the more annoying of the flank whom you want to kill off first, or
(b) if there are more of a particular color in the defense (for example if the defense has red tank and 2 green heroes, then I would take 3 blue/2 red.

But, that’s just me. I am sure others might have different strategies :slight_smile:


for 3/2 split you typically stack 3 against the tank and the other two against one of the 2 flanking heroes, typically whichever of the two is the most dangerous.

i.e if Ares at tank flanked by Magni and Joon I would stack 3 blues and either 2 purples to take out Joon or 2 greens to take out Magni.


I love 3 - 2! Learning how to colour stack (and finally having a deep enough bench to do so) has been a game changer.

It’s so much fun in war to take a coloured stacked 3300 team against a 4000 team, hoping to kill the tank and, thanks to great boards, clearing it!


I tend to mix things up. Example vs Blue tanks

  1. 3x Green + 2x Yellow vs Aegir/Richard/Other good tank
  2. 3x Green + 2x Yellow vs another Aeigir/Richard/Other good tank
  3. 5x Blue vs Isarnia/Magni/Other weak tank
  4. 5x Purple vs Isarnia/Magni/Other weak tank
    5-6. Cleanup teams

+2x color can be further matched to offset target flanks but that depends on your roster.

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In wars I typically see all foes with the same color tank—most often yellow. I don’t have 18 maxed purple heroes, though, so I can’t run 3/2 purple/other six times. So I run one 3/2 purple/other, then several 3/2 other/purple.

I’d suggest you practice your 3-2 teams in raids first to get a feel for which combinations work well.


I do 3/2 all the time, and here how I choose the colors against a rainbow defence team:

  1. Trio has the color which is strong against the tank.

  2. If I have no healers with the strong color, then I pick a healer of any neutral color and get another hero of the same color.

  3. If one of the trio from step 1 heroes is a healer, then I choose another role I don’t have (like dispeller or defence debuffer) and go to step 2.

For example, against Aegir tank, I choose Eve, Lianna and Hansel as my trio, and then get Rigard and Tiburtus as my duo. Against next Aegir tank, I can choose Buddy, Greg and Kadilen, paired with Kiril and Magni.


I almost exclusively run a 3/2 stack. As others have said, 3 strong color vs. tank, 2 strong color vs. flank. In wars, on my last attack, I will usually run 4/1, with a 4-stack strong color against Titan, but all the heroes being 3/60. I actually won that battle last war too! First move created a diamond, then set off the diamond, I killed the tank and both flanks! Rest were easy with charged specials!

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Great advice. For my raids I often like to test the limits of my 4100 rainbow team. I often fail against teams over 3600 (or very well defended lower teams). If I fail, I go back with a stacked team and more often clear it.

It’s a great way to immediately test your teams, unlike war … one chance or you’re dead!


Thank you everyone !

The incoming war will be my first try then ! :blush:

A good way to extend the reach of your roster against non-yellow and non-purple coordinated tanks is to use the tank’s color as the 3 in your 3/2.

People will usually use a flank that is strong against the tank’s weak color, on the theory that someone going strong against the tank will have difficulty getting tile kills against the flank. But the way the colors work, that mean’s the tank’s color itself will be strong against the flank.

So, for instance, if someone has X-GM-Aegir-X-X, then going blue as your 3 color will often produce very good results.

This is one of the reasons Yellow or Purple coordinated tanks tend to be more effective than the other 3 colors: there’s no neutral color choice for the tank that’s hard on a flank.


If I was already weak against matching tanks, I will stack against the more dangerous flank and wing trying to kill the whole wing and then starting to ghost tiles to kill the tank by specials.

The tank will cast several times, so this will only work well against healing tanks.


many of us do 3/2 as all of your responses and i just want to stress and valiadate kerridoc’s suggestion about practicing with them in raids and also suggest farming with them as a way to get used to playing certain heroes with each other. i know most people like to just farm on auto…very seldom do i ever go on auto. [mainly when pouring my first cup of coffee in the mornings lol]. farming is a safe way to get to play with a large variety of your bench. i’m still pretty small and the majority of my bench are actually maxed 3*, but i am slowly getting my 4* bench depth going.

often when doing 3/2, i’ll have to use multiple 3* heroes mixed in and most of the time, i’ll focus on their speed. if one hit from the other team kills my 3*, i hope to have gotten their specials off at least once before sudden death lol.

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Personally I typically do a 3-2 attack in wars, trying to focus on the following:

3 heroes neutral to tank.
2 heroes strong against the tank

In raids I do the opposite, stacking 3 strong colors against the tank.

This ensures a pretty even distribution along my teams so I can go in first against the enemy, instead of waiting back for cleanups as i recently had to do.

Then, I try to make sure I have 2 healers, one of each color on the team. This ensures that, in case there is a very bad board, I can still put a heal down to survive until the tides turn. Personally I spent a good deal of time making all the plentiful 4* healers fully ascended. This allows for some great survival against much stronger teams. At the minimum, I bring “1.5 healers” to battle, considering heroes that self-heal heal part of the team as only partial credit.

Having the healers and a 3-2 strategy are a pretty crucial relationship. The risks are mitigated heavily if balanced properly – those boards which tiles are bad, hopefully one healer can survive long enough to at least help you drop the tank.

Beyond that - it is trying to imagine the battle as it unfolds. Choosing the targets wisely, and trusting your alliance to communicate targets effectively.

edit Oh, and luck.


This is possibly worthwhile for any newbie to intermediate. In AW, stacks dominate and rule without any doubt in my mind. One month ago, I was facing easier matches but as things progress, my matches have gotten harder. Last war, i realised that there was no way I could compete at this level without some serious rethinking.

Firstly, I realised that all i have to do is defeat my opponent 3.x times (if possible). That gives me some real flexibility given my limited roster. Last war, my opponent was a R, P, R, G, B setup; Sumitomo +19, Cyprian +19, Ares (tank), Kashhrek (+ fast mana troop) and Kiril +18 (3864 tp). I figured I could do it once, maybe twice? Clearly some different thinking was required! I came up with 4 x 3, 2 stacks: Blue, Yellow, Purple and Red.

1 (Blue). Strong against tank, weak against one flank and neutral to others (without regard to colour stacking).

2 (Yellow). Strong against Cyprian wing and neutral to others (no dispel).

3 (Purple). Weak against Cyprian and neutral to others (+ dispel).

4 (Red). Strong against Kash, neutral against others (ALARM. NO dispel!!!).

Attack # 1 (3, 2; 3B,2P) defeats superior (by ~300 tp) without breaking a sweat (3573 defeats 3864).
Attack # 2 (3, 1, 1; 3Y, R, G). Again! (3636 defeats 3864)
Attack #3 (4, 1; 4R, G) Total defeat!!! (3365 just totally fails ~ 14% of available points) That was just tragic.
Attack #4 (3, 2; 3P, 2B). (3111 defeats 3864) Clean kill!
Attack #5 (2, 2, 1; 2P, 2 B & G). Fail, but secured points that guarantee alliance victory!!! (33% of available ponts for that alliance member).


I am using only 3 2 strategy:

  • 3x strong on tank but one hero is healer
  • 2x depends but one hero is healer.

I am using two healers because it is helping me to survive in very bad boards . Also, one of the healers is a cleanser, if possible.

For yellow, I use 3 1 1 . I dont have yellow healers .

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Oh man you beat me to this one

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