How many Rigards are too many? / How many Rigards should I keep?

FTP player here who got Rigard kind of late - at least, later than most people I know of. When he finally showed up, he was such a game changer with that cleanse skill that I basically never leave home without him now and have emblemed him to +20. That is to say, it’s possible I am overvaluing him a touch. I have since pulled 4 unleveled duplicates, and I’m about to run out of purple projects, so I’m planning to level at least one duplicate to at least 3^60, but I’m wondering if I should keep more considering:

a) the cleanse skill is really rare;

b) as FTP, it is against the odds to count on pulling Sonya’s cleanser costume or a great 5-star cleanser like Zimkitha;

c) Rigard’s costume is pretty well-liked, so I might want to be able to run the costumed and uncostumed version together, at least on different war teams (although again, it’s against the odds that I will pull it); and

d) I really like running two healers most of the time, so having up to 12 (for six war teams) is kinda in my play style. Besides my maxed Rigard, I already have two maxed Melendors, a maxed Sabina, a maxed Kiril, and a maxed Boldtusk, a 3^70 Vivica, and I’m working on another Kiril.

Thoughts on how many is too many?


I think 6 are good, I prefer 2 healer with different colors (no need 12 rigard IMO), so the chance of tiles color is better.
So,… 6 flag:
1: Rigard & Kiril
2: Rigard & Boldtusk
3: Rigard & Melendor
4: Rigard & Vivica
5: Rigard & Ariel / 2nd Kiril
6: Rigard & Grazul / Anzogh / 2nd Boldtusk

PS: this is just a plan… currently I have 4, and only one maxed.


I say go for it. I have 2 Rigards myself, and use both regularly for wars (1 at +9 and the other with no emblems).

IMO if you’re going to have duplicate 4* healers, Kiril and Rigard are the most useful ones.

Kiril also acts like a pseudo-cleanser for heroes that drop attack and defense. That includes Kunchen, Santa, Athena, Richard, Kingston, Zeline (though risky), etc…

I’m not sure I’ll ever need more than 2 of each though, but I myself am going with two Rigards and two Kirils.

  1. Seven. VII. Doubling Rigard on a war team is excessive.

So, seven.


There are only 6 flags war.
EDIT: Oops you mean double Rigard, sorry… correct. okay 7 Rigard is also great, but no, if we want the same color I think Rigrad & Sabina is also an option, if not, then Sabina only for Trial Quest then… :man_shrugging:

31 Rigards is too many.


I will keep 3, I think.


6x Mono Rigards :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:
:grinning: :grinning: :grinning: :rofl:


I have 4 maxed Rigards and use them all in war. Sometimes I use 2 together on the same team and it works nicely. That’s my slow but deadly team with Santa and Azlar. So if I can just cleanse and heal them until the red tiles show up, I win. It’s not an amazing team. But does pretty well as my 5th/6th flag, and a big part of that is having one of the Rigards charged and waiting a lot of the time. If I had an unlimited supply of feeders I’d do a couple more Rigards, but as it is I’m good with four


I meant that 7 is too many. Six would be acceptable. One for each war flag.


I don’t know i finaly got one after almost 2 years of playing (FTP) …


I think 2 is enough.
It’s better having different heroes because you have more flexibility.
For healers as a f2p I will go for

I am f2p and I only have one Rigard maxed with his costume, one kiril, and one boldtusk.
I have more duplicates but there is always a better projects to level.
I have also kunchen, vivica and zimtikha…

Reading this… I find that I have been incredibly lucky because I have spent 0€…

Since you are FTP I would say you should feed ZERO of those away. You don’t say anything about roster space being an issue, so I’m going to assume that holding five is manageable, even if you’re not feeding them

The question then becomes, should you level another one right now? Almost certainly yes, but I wouldn’t object to knowing what your purple roster looks like right now (who is available and what are your leveling alternatives)?

Lastly, I’m not sure how many is too many, but certainly one or two more wouldn’t be amiss and then you can re-evaluate. I have two and may do a third (either now or during the Paths of Valor instead of doing a Gobbler-esque hero just to meet the objective).


After getting his costume, my target is to get 1 Rigard at +20 for general use, and another 5 maxed costumes for war if I need to stack purple. Ideally, I’d like to have Tiburtus’ costume too and do the exact same thing with him. For my 3-1-1 attack strategy, this would enable me to produce six war teams that each feature Rigard + Tiburtus + one 5* purple heavy hitter + two 5* non purple heroes.

I don’t see the reason of having more than 6 maxed duplicates of one hero but at the same time, isn’t that question better asked when you get to that point?


I think that as time passed you will get 5* heroes and you will focus levelling those 5* and forget about third and more copies of Rigard …

My recommendation is start as soon as possible with two TC20 to get all 4* and many 5*

Feel free to throw me in the stocks, but should it not be “How many Rigards are too many?”

Personally, I survive with one, but I’m holding a dupe in case I get his fantastic costume.


as f2p, if you have space for them, I don’t see any issue to keep them. They might be useful for wars if you don’t have a short stock of healers.
If you don’t have anything else to level up, that’s the same do it. But reevaluate this as soon as you get any 5* or if you get a new 4* healer


Haven’t got 1 yet :disappointed: But see a few people on YT videos who always use him in there war team! These are good players too def worth keeping a few as healers are kinda important plus the cleanse ain’t many around in 4* level

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How long do you think it takes to get all the required mats for a 5* hero, based on your experience?

Wow! Great feedback all. My main takeaway is that I wasn’t wrongheaded to consider more than 2, so that makes me feel better.

Good thought, and I agree. I’m usually rockin’ the Melendor/Rigard duo advocated by @Gryphonknight here:

Part of that is my lack of a green legendary, though.

Agree. I swapped out my usual Melendor for Kiril during Santa’s Challenge Advanced to counter Santa/Buddy’s debuffs. Worked pretty well. Kiril was another late-comer to my roster, but I love him.

:laughing: Are you sure? :laughing: Maybe my favorite response. I did ask “how many is too many”!

This is my thought. I’m in a very small friends and family alliance, and as the most senior member with the best roster, it’s my job to take out the best enemy team as many times as I can, so I can see needing a bunch of cleansing.

Ouch! I think I’d have quit before then. Congrats on finally pulling him. So glad the only classic four-star I’m missing is Kashrek, who is very much non-essential.

I’m with you on this, but I’m about out of unique options. See later in this response.

It’s getting a little tight, but I could definitely spend gems for a bit more space if it becomes an issue. It almost certainly will once I burn through all the summons I’ve been saving for Christmas (EHTs), Guardians (challenge coins), and January Atlantis (gems and Atlantis coins).

This is kind of the crux of the biscuit. I’m very deep in purple already with:

  • Domitia +9
  • Sartana 3^70 (short 2 tabards)
  • Rigard +20
  • Sabina +20
  • Tiburtus +20
  • Ameonna +9
  • Cyprian 3^60
  • Tyrum 3^50
  • Balthazar 3^50
  • Gill-Ra 3^50

EDIT: Guess I should have mentioned my other duplicate candidates: Sabina, Cyprian, Tiburtus, and Domitia, all at 1^1, but I felt like if I were going to level a dupe, Rigard was the best option out of that group.

I literally finished Tyrum’s costume while typing this post, which is why this is a timely question for me. I do want to max Cyprian, but I only have 5 trap tools, and as I said, I hope to do a lot of pulls (for FTP; ~45 total) in January, so I want to hold on to those in case I get Proteus :crossed_fingers::pray: or Kunchen in Atlantis, or maybe Panther in Guardians. All long shots, I know. If not, I’m still thinking of holding the trap tools for when I get the tabards for Sartana.

Have been running 2 TC 20s constantly for months now. As you can see above, I’ve already got the two biggest purple prizes that come from there (Domitia and Sartana). Quintus or Obakan probably wouldn’t change the calculus very much.

Hmm. As someone with an undergraduate minor in technical writing, I feel like I should know the answer, but I don’t. Also, as someone with an undergraduate minor in technical writing, I am decidedly not offended that you raised the point, and I will be slightly embarrassed to have made the error if you are correct.


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