How many Sabinas is too many?

So trying to pull as many guardians as possible, did a 10x pull, and got my third Sabina…

With no 5* on the bench yet, I’ve been saving all my 4*s, but how much is enough? I would be literally ascending these for war efforts, but I already have a Mel, Bladetusk, and Rigard. Also rocking a Merlin, so this is really the only place I would use one, much less 3.

I’m no stranger to rocking multiples, working on my third Chao, he’s a reliable sniper. Should I eat one of these Sabinas, (possibly 2?). Or should I keep them till the multiples are pushed lower then my 30th best hero?

Thanks for any advice :slight_smile:

I suggest leveling 2 Sabinas.
For all useful heroes I level one and keep one. When I have the chance I level that second.
If you find really useful heroes you could consider leveling 3 of them.


I agree with @Schemerlamp. 2 Sabinas is probably fine. If you really end up with a dearth of healers then you’ll probably find another one by the time you finish leveling those two.

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In my opinion its better to have 1 Rigard and 1 Sabina than having one of those double.

31 Sabinas are too much, you need 30 of them for war :wink:

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I would make sure you have at least 1 if not 2 full team healers between your 6 war team slots. But I wouldn’t level more than 3. maybe even 2. but definitely keep at least a second one.

I’ve got 3 Sabina at 3 60 and another Rigard at 3 60 too which I am using mainly for war.
Find them quite useful against an average team.
No other option though as all of my dark 4 * are healer.

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Keep 2 for sure, even if you don’t get to the second one for a while. Once you get a Rigard, you can always look into recycling the 2nd one.

Even if you feel you have enough healers, I would still keep her. Keep all your duplicate 4 stars. Because you never know when they release a new building that makes them useful.

I can’t imagine ever using more than 12 Sabinas. Personally I probably wouldn’t level a 3rd but at the same time I am keeping my 3rd copy of healers like Boldtusk and Melendor in case I decide I want a 3rd.

Healers are very useful for alliance wars. It’ll be a while before I level my 2nd copies never mind my 3rd