Emblems on dupes?

I’m finally at the point in building my roster that I feel safe leveling dupes of my S1 4* healers. You can see the ones I have and where they are.

I have recently started to change my war attack strategy, and require more healers. I’m currently leveling dupes of some 4* healers, but want to make sure they survive long enough to be effective. How many levels do I go with emblems on dupes?

I only use four stars if they have 18+ emblems.

Rigard and Boldtusk I have two at +18 (both with costumes, one limit broken, one not)
Mel and Kiril I have at +18 and +0 (Mel has costume)
Sabina I have at +18, no dup, no costume

I wouldn’t use the non emblemed ones in war because they’ll get killed too quickly I fear (or at least I have other healers to replace them).


I think it highly depends on what kind of opponents you typically face, what alternatives you have in terms of emblemming and how many emblems you have.

For example I have managed to work with my second Rigard at +8 while facing 4700+ defenses, but 95% I use two healers or a big healer + a substitute (taunter, minion maker). I also manage with Kiril and C. Kiril limit broken and at +8 emblems. My Boldtusk is at +17.

It also depends on the healer. For example I would not use regular Melendor or Sabina without full emblems because they are so squishy.

Level 30 of them.
Max emblem all of them.
Limit break all of them.
Exploding piggies are your friend.

Honestly one of the best healers, and one of my favorite 4*


My dupes with full (or 18 at least) emblems:

2x Guardian Jackal
3x cSonya
2x cCaedmon
2x cWu Kong
2x cSabina
2x cBoldtusk
2x cChao
2x cTiburtus
3x cScarlett
2x Guardian Falcon
2x cKiril
2x Melendor
2x cBoril
2x cGrimm

For me this works flawlessly since as a vc2p I have access to only so few actually good 4* heroes (and a few 5* amongst the mix who don’t even deserve mentioning). With a few quality ones available, there is little need to go for diversity if that diversity doesn’t add actual power to your roster. All of my dupes see daily usage, and not only in wars. For example in the recent tournament I already several times run a team of 2x cKiril and 3x cSonya vs red tanks (Ferant) with smashing success.

Edit: Often identical costumed emblemed heroes work very well together with each other is one is costumed and another isn’t.

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I use 5 Rigard, 2 Kiril, 1 BT, 1 Melendor in war, all my healers have 18-20 node talent (each have one limit broken) I want them stronger to be able to do their job (my opponents in war in range 4.9k-5.1k TP)

So depends on your war opponents to make decision, if you feel they’re doing alright and short of emblem can let them there for a while.

P/s: Do you have mana troop in other color as well? those average healer with costume bonus can fire with 9 titles with only lvl5 mana troop (or lvl1 with mana node), this is huge, help me a lot in early game when my troops still small.

I would not give emblems to the dupes and prefer to reserve the emblems for new different healers or other different heros in the future. Currently i hv 8 different healers (5xS1 4* + sheep + Pig + Alex) w/emblems and 2 dupes w/o emblems (cRigard & cSabina). I m leveling LOTL w/costume to 4/80 and i will give emblems to her.

For war, i think at least 1 healer w/emblems plus 1 healer w/o emblem is sufficient (usually war with >4000TP).

Personally I prefer variety… but for example my best fire healers are:

  1. Boldtusk CB LB +20
  2. Boldtusk CB +18
  3. Costume Boldtusk (this one normally dies in war against 4800 TP opponents hence the reason for embleming the 2nd.
    I have quite a few good fire heroes to complement him so it becomes more worthwhile.
    I have about 20 reset emblems so at the moment it’s better for me to use the emblems and then reset in future if something better comes along. Hope that helps gives you perspective for your roster!

Thanks to all for the input!

I do have a number of other healers, just maxing the ones that are easily obtainable.

Other healers I have maxed:
Vivica +19
Rumpelstiltiskin (semi-heal) +17
Gullinbursti LB +20
Lady Woolerton +19
Sanngrior (just started trying her out, dont hate yer)
Grevle LB +20
Frosty LB +20
Hawkmoon(c) +3
Gobbler (only used against heavy minion teams)

Currently working on Boldtusk, Rigard, and Brynhild. All need about 30 levels to max.

Typically fight teams in war 4600+, so I like the idea of 1 emblemed and 1 without on war attacks. May try that.