Healers, how many do you need?

As my title suggests, how many healers do you need?
I ask this question as I have a Melandor, Kiril, Boldtusk, Rigard and a Hawkmoon with emblems. I have doubles in eash of them but are yet to level these… In addition I recently pulled Lady of the Lake and will level her to 3/70 in coming months.

In war, every team needs a healer, perhaps even two, so that’s six, and 12 if you decide to double. I tend to fight wars 3/2 in terms of colour mix and also raid 3/2 usually dark/ice using Rigard and Kiril. I would fight with a whole board of of one colour, but don’t have the troops yet to try this…
So goi g back to my question, how many healers do I realistically need? Grateful for your wisdom here.

Grumpys Marauders

My healer team plan:

War Flag Healer 1 Healer 2
1 Rigard Boldtusk
2 Rigard2 Boldtusk2
3 Vivica Boldtusk3
4 Sabina Kiril
5 Melendor Kiril2
6 Delilah Kiril3

Not counting Anzogh (max) and Grazul (3.70), and Gadeirus (max)
Unleveled: Boldtusk3 and Kiril3, but maybe I will choose Rigard3/Melendor2 or I will stop priority healer for a while… I hope I can get Ariel someday.

EDIT: I also have Belith and Hawkmoon each 1x though, no dupe.


My healers:

1x Ariel (+5)
1x Vivica (+4)
1x Aeron (+4)
1x Boldtusk (+19)
1x Melendor (+19)
1x Kiril (+8)
1x Rogard (+4)
1x Rigard
1X Sabina
1X Kiril
1x Belith
1x Hawkmoon

Not yet maxed:
1x Melendor 4-61

To be started:
1x Rigard
1x Hawkmoon

So, to answer the question …

One more than what you have

Which is exactly the same answer as for guitars :rofl: … I currently have 8 of those


Two of each color and each tier would be nice. That was

2 pc * 5 clrs * 3 trs = 30 hlrs

For some colors and tiers you need duplicates to achieve that tremendous amount of medics.

In rare tier there aren’t healers for every color, but that doesn’t matter. One can never have enough healers. :sweat_smile: :wink:


For rare I’d say one hawkmoon and one Belith is enough.

4 stars, I have only one of each healers maxed yet (except for Kiril who I just got recently). But I keep my duplicates of Rigard, Boldtusk and Kiril. I think for wars Rigard is best, because of his cleanse. BT also can be great. But I don’t really like Melendor… I think one of him is enough. I prefer to have only one healer in my team. But I’m still considering leveling all my 6 Rigards just for war… But already the second probably has to wait at least two more months

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The most hero consuming mode is Alliance Wars. As you said, you need at least 6 healers, but taking into account color stacking and mono color tanks, having 12 4 and 5* healers won’t hurt.
Plus if you play rare challenge events Hawkmoon alone is not enough. It is good to have Belith too.


3* Belith and Hawkmoon (maxed)

4* Rigard, Kiril, Boldtusk, Melendor and maxing Sabina, I have 2 of each (1 maxed/1 unmaxed). Also 1 Kashhrek (unmaxed) Gadeirus also heals although not his primary function but I have him maxed too

5* Ariel, Lady of the Lake (3/70), Kunchen, Vivica, Grazul, Mother North, Alberich (maxed), Guin (maxed), Ares (3/70), Puss In Boots, Aegir

I’m pro att heroes, but clearly I love my healers and have quite a few

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The healers I have and use regularly (especially for war) are Viv, Ariel, Grazul, LotL, PiB, Guin, Alberich, Marie Thérèse, Tarlak(to a lesser degree and more as a buffer), Sabina, Kiril, Melendor, and Ares though he only heals nearby. Soon to be leveled enough for war will be MN and Delilah. Belith for 3* tourneys. At least one healer per war offense team minimum and I am a big fan of mixing a HoT healer with a standard healer and in Maries case all the better as her special hits too. Also like to include a hero that self heals as well when possible such as Morgan. So 14 total usable and soon to be 16 not counting dups.

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