Reset Kunchen for Rigard?

As the title goes; I’m pondering whether I should reset Kunchen for Rigard, thus getting two sturdy purple healers/cleansers and maybe even shaving a tile for Rigs with mana node. Have 150 emblems on the shelf, and Hansel+6 (love that guy for offense, don’t want to strip him).

Maxed and 3.70 healers:

Alby will be next green to max. Viv I’m not so sure, might go Inari instead for next holy. Have and will probably raise dupes of Rigard and Kiril.

Would I be crazy stripping my main man Kunch? Guin is current war tank, raid D I’m not concerned about. Only downside I can really think of is if alliance decides on dark tanks.

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Yeaaaaah… I personally wouldn’t. If u want to emblem him then start now and leave kunchen with those emblems. I would never strip any 5 of emblems for a 4. I cleaned my rigard for ariel. The only 4 I haven’t stripped yet is jackal and thats only cause Marjana isnt on my defense. But ill be building her up from now


Get your point… I’m only thinking war offense here though (raids are not an issue at all). The opponents are increasingly heavily emblemed and I don’t have the 5* depth yet (and won’t have for ages) to mix and match war teams without 4s. I need them, but naked they are severely outmatched by all these 4500+ teams.

What to do, what to do.

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Rigard all day. The best purple healer is pretty tank with emblems, and gets even more durable with his costume.
Here is mine (sans costume, sadly)

Firing at 9 tiles is so damned strong.


Definitely no unless you have Rigard’s costume.

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Yes well it was your suggestion that got me thinking in the first place ;). Love your Rigard! Bummer with the costume, didn’t drop for me either. I got Melendors though and will raise it for lack of fun projects atm.

And happy cake day mate!


20 explanations required

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Well it is expensive to do so.

Also, who do you bring to offense.
Costume close to max.


It is expensive, but I don’t see emblemed heroes as an end goal in any way - the roster is organic, always changing, and the needs and wants with it. I needed Kunchen emblemed when he was my tank. He is no longer my tank - I stripped Hel for Guin when I got the latter and haven’t looked back.

For raid offense, I bring whatever but most often I’m too lazy to change attack team and go 4+1 purple red. Very rarely lose with that setup and I don’t think it matters if Kunch is emblemed or not (I noticed a difference in Hel but she’s a lot squishier to begin with).

War offense I need them all! Well, almost. Currently still doing 5 monos and a mixed clean team (3-4 oneshots, very tough opponents). Trying to move away from mono though which will stretch my roster even more. Have 15 soon 16 maxed 5s, 23 maxed 4s.

So most likely Rigard would be the one to get it. Rigard is more versatile and fires faster.

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So a yes you should strip Kunchen for Rigard ;)?

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Yes strip Kunchen. He is hated by me more than Guin.


What’s funny is that I was in the opposite situation not too long ago. I was considering stripping rigard to feed Kunch. I decided not to because rigard is just too good and I’d still need him for 4* tourneys. I got his costume now too so even better.

I’m not a fan of stripping Kunchen but Rigard is definitely worth it.



Thanks! I’ll ponder it some more… I could just stop Kunch and start Rigard as has already been suggested. I’m extremely inpatient though… want that super Rigs now!

Completely unrelated, man Kunchen has a big head! Haha he looks like Megamind there in between the dapper gents.

Hi @kitten. What did you decide in the end?

I have the opposite dilemma - do I reset a +18 Rigard for a Kunchen?

I was lucky to get Kunchen this January Atlantis and have all the resources to max him.
My emblemed clerics are shown below with a +18 Rigard and a +7 Vivica.

I use an Aegir tank in my tower defence, but we do use Purple war tanks for which I currently have to use a +7 Seshat.

I do love my Rigard, but I think I would also love an emblemed Kunchen!
Or I could strip Vivica - but she is super useful too (although she is NOT in my tower defence).
Decisions, decisions! I also wonder what @Mr.Spock, @AirHawk and @IvyTheTerrible think about this?


From my experience, you strip a 4* of emblems when they start being less essential to you. I put +18 on Wilbur as he used to be my tank and a big part of my strategy. He is still used on my red team but the emblems seem less necessary then they once were so I will likely be giving the emblems to a 5* monk in the future.

Additionally, Rigard has the costume, which if you have gives a nice boost to his stats. You may consider leaving him at +3 or just scrapping every emblem you can manage to boost Kunchen. Even non-emblemmed he’s quite serviceable and still a strong hero. I’d say +18 is more than he needs anymore though.

As far as Vivica, she’s a more lackluster hero IMO. If you don’t rely on her I’d say she’s fine to steal from. But do some reflecting on how you use these 2 heroes to decide if they can get by with lowered stats :+1:t2:


It is very tempting to give emblems to Kunchen because of the role he’ll play for your war defense. Here’s what I want to know:

  1. Let’s assess the likelihood of you getting Rigard’s costume - do you intend to do many / any costume chamber summons? Or just use the keys from gameplay?

  2. If you pull Rigard’s costume, how much do you think you’ll use him in his regular form and in his costumed form? For example, for me that is a 0/100 split since I rely on my Seshats to combat Guinevere tanks, NOT Rigard’s Manashield.

  3. Which leads to: if you pull Rigard’s costume, will you emblem him differently? Note that in this case differently could be to take a more attack based path along the Ranger tree, or a path that prioritizes defense and hit points but in the ranger node layout, or it could even mean yes, but only to ~8 (or whatever), since the costume bonus means he’ll still be about as powerful as he is now as is at +18.



  1. A +18 Rigard becomes a +7 or +8 Kunchen (not sure of exact numbers). And you have a +0 Rigard. Which would you use more?

  2. Do you use Rigard as is regularly? If so, would you at +0? Likely not. Would Kunch be a direct replacement?

You may be better off keeping Rigard at +18 and building Kunch up separately.

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Grats on Kunch!! I decided to not reset. Kunch is still +8, Rigard #1 is +15 and Hansel +6 cause my green bench is tragic. Will take Rigard to mana node (have a lvl17 mana troop).

I often use both Rigards and ofc Kunchen in war. Was lucky enough to snag two Rigard costumes too, will max them.

I’m still sometimes toying with the thought of resetting Kunch to emblem second Rigard, but probably won’t. Ursena being a top tank makes dark tanks more and more common and Kunch is my best option should alliance decide to go there. If not at tank, he doesn’t have a spot on my D though and it irks me to see emblems “wasted”…

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You only need one costume for all your Rigards. Second can be used to level the first.


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