Embleming heroes - a C2P/F2P guide

In the last year, since the emblems were introduced, more and more threads are open every month, looking for help and advices; not only regarding the path should be followed. There are more about the heroes should be emblemed. And this thread will cover both.
I am a C2P myself. Choosing the right heroes and their paths, helped me be successful everywhere; wars, tournaments, event challenges. The following content is for every F2P and C2P; every player who wants to choose the most efficient way.

Many players do the mistake to emblem only one hero of each class. Sure, this has an advantage indeed; building the strongest possible war defense. But there are disadvantages in every other aspect of this game. Having a larger and homogeneous bench, will improve the performance everywhere. There are rare tournaments. There are epic tournaments. Rare and epic challenges. Would you like to be at 1% every week? Would you like to finish at tier 3 or 4 at challenges? Besides, 6 attacks at war, don’t mean only 10 heroes…

First “rule” - put your emblems on an epic hero at least. The most useful one. And then you may continue with your remaining emblems on a chosen legendary. These epic heroes shouldn’t be maxed; this is the thread about. For the most efficient army, most epic heroes shouldn’t go beyond +11 (there are exceptions). I will explain soon why; also, as long as I’m addressing to F2P and C2P, I will try to show the most examples as classic ones.

  1. Paladin

Regardless your legendary choice, Sonya is a must have hero and should be emblemed +11 (only atk path, because are few). Her costume is also great. So, before to proceed with the emblems on your Aegir or Richard, you should emblem Sonya first.
Click for my example:


  1. Ranger

The only must have epic emblemed is Triton. If you don’t have him, then put the emblems on legendary. If you have a lots of them, bringing Tiburtus as +11 is OK. His costume makes him a true warrior. But the first choice is like I said, Triton. He’s the best epic sniper and Triton +11 has 801 attack stat. His special and family bonus makes him one of the best heroes at buff booster and bloody battle tournaments. That’s why I will continue with wizard class.
Click for my example:


  1. Wizard

Were you lucky enough to pull Proteus? This is your priority. It’s obvious why. Also you may consider embleming Kiril too, before proceeding with your legendary. Needless to say, is extremely useful everywhere. Whoever your wizard legendary is, the priority should be with these epic heroes. I found the best way for this class to be the most efficient, is the epics to be stoped at +9. And if you don’t spend or you do few dollars like me, your best wizard is probably Isarnia.
Click for my example:


  1. Druid

What a trio would be Triton, Proteus and Gadeirus… Still, the priority should be Caedmon. One of the best dispellers in the game. And a fast sniper like him should go only atk path till +17. The last 3 nodes are useless and save you 125 emblems. Emblems could be allocated to Gadeirus. If not, then to Melendor, another great dispeller. Well, in case you have Zimkitha or Kadilen, Melendor can wait. But in my opinion, Zim is the only 5* deserving emblems, so I chose only the epics for my roster.
Click for my example:


  1. Cleric

I guess every player’s first choice was Rigard. But not even for such a great healer, I wouldn’t go more than +8 (last node being +20 def). The cleric class is a very important one. For this class legendaries as MN, Ariel, Kunchen, Vivica and Elk are more important. If you have only the classics, it’s up to you who you choose. Vivica, who becomes a great healer, debuffer and dispeller with the costume? Elkanen, who becomes one hero army once is talented only on atk path? Your choise…
Here is mine:


  1. Monk

The best class among all 10. Resistance to all kind of status ailments is amazing indeed. Yes, you already have in mind your Joon or Leonidas (or Drake, for the luckiest). And yes, go for the legendaries here. No epic should be a priority. ONLY in the situation you do not have a legendary monk, only then go with the best monk 4* (Wilbur), but no more than +18. As you saw, the last 2 nodes are completely useless and with those 110 emblems you could start a Li Xiu, since her costume makes her a version of Neith. For those without a legendary monk:


  1. Barbarian

If you don’t have BK, Kage or GM, don’t waste your emblems on another 5*. Almost all epics in this class may be emblemed and you will not regret. Grimm or Gormek, for lowering defense. Gretel, a good mana controller hero. But LJ will help the most, especially new players. LJ will help you finish these new challenges and the advanced mode missions during seasonal events. For those who don’t have those excellent special legendaries, then go for the epics, instead Azlar or Obakan:


  1. Rogue

Another great class. Best wings in defenses (because as you already know, a wing is take out mostly with specials, not puzzle). This is a class with some 4* priorities over 5*. If you have Peters or Jackal is great. But even so, without those specials, you should have an epic rogue. And always choose Kelile over Scarlett. More lethal and sturdier. If you have the legendary classic rogues, do not forget! Kelile is Marjana’s “little sister”, so, do not put the emblems on both. You may choose Scarlett and Marjana. Or Kelile and Domitia. If you have a special 4*, even better:


  1. Fighter

Needless to say, everyone should have a BT +18. One of the most useful heroes, absolutely everywhere. Then, you may continue with your classic Magni. Of course, if you have a special 5*, may be a better choice. Depending of your roster, Kingston, Delilah, Yunan, Poseidon or even Panther, could be your legendary choice.
A classic choice:


  1. Sorcerer

No matter what legendaries you have, the priority should be Sabina. Only def path. Go with her till the end, because that +4% mana speed is very important. She will be your best healer/dispeller.

But if you wanna really be a successful player everywhere, even at rare tournaments and challenges, before all those written above, you should emblem all your important 3* heroes, until +6. To have 2 nodes with the ability and 4 physical stats. A player who really wants to create for himself/herself the most efficient army, should choose to emblem all ranks. An active player, though is C2P (or even F2P), is able to do what I did. Here is only a part of my 3* roster, the important ones:


But which path should we follow for all these heroes? Is there any typical choice or logic? Of course, it is… First of all, the primordial rule is: healers and support heroes, only def/HP path. Then…

  1. Paladin - unless is sniper, only def/HP path. Therefore, Sonya and even for Richard, the best choice is atk path. This class lacks in atk nodes, so your heroes will also have def nodes. But do not miss the atk ones.

  2. Ranger - my advice is to choose only atk path for this class. The most heroes in here, are lethal snipers. Make them one shot/one kill. There is a reason for the ranger ability…

  3. Wizard - due to its ability, is supposed the heroes have damaging skills. Therefore is supposed the heroes having their attack increased. But is not the case for Proteus, Kiril and Guin. Anyway, I already said the healers and support heroes path, is def/HP path.

  4. Druid - The same with wizards. Atk path, unless is a healer like Melendor, or support like Alby or Zim.

  5. Cleric - it’s pretty clear, I guess; only def/HP path. Even Hansel should follow this path, though is sniper. But his skill is more important than his damage, therefore his survivability is the important one. Elkanen is the exception. His special skill requires a high attack stat, to turn him into one hero army, who can stand alone against 2-3 enemy heroes, healing himself. Is fast, great def and emblemed only on attack path, is a killing machine.

  6. Monk - unless it falls under primordial rule, only atk path, since they are so resistant to status ailments.

  7. Barbarian - same thing, as above. But if you are one of those with no legendary here and you have emblemed Grimm and LJ, then you should choose def/HP path. These 2 heroes are very squishy…

  8. Rogue - Obviously, only atk path, no matter who…

  9. Fighter - unless it falls under primordial rule, only atk path. If the hero dies, revives and fires, the def path helps with nothing.

  10. Sorcerer - easy. The hitters, atk path.


Very nice write up @Scarecrow . This is something I will share with my alliance. Only point I disagree on is a Rigard, he has a very long shelf life and is very helpful in a purple stack. But your points do make sense. Thanks for taking the time to post this.


This is only a general guide, a starting point. The specific choices are made upon specific rosters.


Great post, thanks!


Nice job! Thanks, Got most of the 4* mentioned so on the right path.
My fighter emblems is gonna be a pain as levelling Kingston and BT now!
My cleric emblems are low never used any but gonna give to areil who I working on and can max.
My monk I have loads not given any as yet! But working on jabberwok can max would that be worth using some on? as still hoping for a Wilbur who i like to give some aswell if i one day get him.

Jab? Definitely… I didn’t mention him because even a P2W should be very lucky to pull such a hero :slight_smile:

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Nice guide, gives a lot to think about (always a good thing).

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Very nice guide scarecrow. Well thought out and communicated.

Oh I get it but it will help backup what I tell them too. So thank you for that. I look at everything on here as a guideline, not much is gospel to me, except @Gryphonknight’s math.


Nice write up mate!

Agree with pretty well everything in here :slight_smile:

My only addition would be to say:
emblem what you use… Yeah it might not be the best choice ever but it’s like ascention materials. There isn’t any point waiting for the unicorn that may never come.


Dang. I already dumped my emblems on 5*. Just trying to compete with all the super teams in the diamond tier.

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That’s exactly what I was going to say. Unless you saved up enough gems and are planning a pull soon (where you can wait and see if a better option opens up), you problem have only a couple options per class anyways- don’t want those emblems to collect dust forever and hold your alliance back!

In the time it takes for you to draw a better option as a F2P/C2P, you’ll prob also draw reset emblems that you’ll so rarely use too. Sitting on 5 resets, just drew my first “better option”.


Rigard’s costume seems great… that attack boost …
generally agree and thats what i’ve done too…


Great writeup. Definitely some facts to think about for the “I only put my emblens on 5☆” people.

I made some similar experience.

3* for tourneys I only gave emblems +1 to enable the ability. 14 emblems you can take out at any time for just 1 gem without a loss of emblems. For the fast “killers” like Berden, Gato, Valen, Namahage, Balthazar it is enough (at least up to now) to kill +20 emblemed defenses in a apropriate color stack and finish top 1% almost every time.That’s also why I leveled multiple copies of some of those.

4* I stopped at node 10 for most of them on purpose…only the ones I use very often I took higher ( Sonya +20, Kiril +15, Melendor +15, Rigard +12,Sabina+12)

Anyway your guideline seems very helpful…and I really agree to it.

Some individual decisions
  • Paladin: Sonya …choose def path since I want her to live long for the dispell, together with Athena she still does nice damage, got her costume as reason to fully max her out,Ares on the way up
  • Ranger: Got 3 5* ranger…all emblems to Athena since she is outstanding… Tibsy and Triton +1 for 4* department
  • Wizard: have Proteus at +1,your guide convinced me to bring him higher…up to +9
  • Roque: got no 4* roque except Danza sitting at 3.60…so all emblems to Domitia so far…might switch to Marjana when maxed
  • Cleric: Rigard at +12, Elkanen waiting at 3.70
  • Barbarian: LJ at +10, leveling Grimm, almost done
  • Druid: easy…only Melendor, Owl waiting 3.70
  • Sorcerer: Sabina+12, saving emblems…Cheshire cat +1
  • Monk: LiXiu +10 (she had been my tank for long time), Leonidas +6
  • Fighter: Kingston +7 maxed, all maxed 4* fighters got +1 BT, Colen, Sumitomo, HuTao)

Nice post, @Scarecrow! I agree with pretty much everything, except maybe the “Kelile over Scarlett” part. But that might be a matter of taste :wink:

With Santa’s Challenge starting today, I would mention Buddy as a superb 4* ranger though. Especially for people without a full roster of 5*, the guy’s a beast for almost every part of the game.


Great guide that I will share.

What’s your stance on leveling Wu? As f2p I don’t have the other titan killers. I first gave emblems to Wilbur+18. Is Li better than Wu for next choice of emblems.


Depends of your current titans. I wouldn’t bother with Wu if your alliance titans are 8*-9*

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I’m with you on this too @Freddeey, I absolutely maxed my Scarlett before Kelile. Scarlett is fast, hits 3 and that -34% attack for 6 turns can help keep your team alive. Plus with emblems she not quite as squishy. Kelile can hit one and potentially take them out with her DoT over 6 turns but she’s not that much less squishy than Scarlett.

I can honestly say that I used Scarlett much more often than Kelile. But then again that’s personal preference and you really can’t go wrong with either one. They both have their uses.

A bit confuse on Grimm and LJ part… I do agree that they are very squishy.

If I am reading this correctly, you are suggesting a Def + Health route for both LJ and Grimmy… is that correct?

Great post. Maybe you can help me maximize my teams as I’m unsure what to do. I have Ursena+7, Kunchen+7, Marjana+7, Magni+7, Atomos+8, Wu Kong+20 and Proteus+15 so far.

I have just fully levelled Gregorian, Mitsuko and Vivica and my fully levelled 4*s are Triton, CoD, Sumitomo, Gafar, Kiril, Gretel, Guardian Falcon, Boldtusk, Boril, Kashhrek, Cyprian, Gormek and Melendor.

The emblems I have left are:

I have a few reset tokens as well so I have no issues resetting wasted emblems.

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