Paladin Class...Shield or Sword Path?

So somewhere on the forum I read a very detailed post about emblem classes, how they work and which path makes sense based on the class talent. So that brings me to one of the more unique class types based on heroes that fall under it…Paladin

So more often than not Paladin heroes are more on the defensive side which given the talent makes sense. The talent itself gives additional 25% defense for two turns after being hit.

So it was advised in that forum post that people should lean towards Sword/Health path instead of shield path, and for offensive Paladin heroes I completely agree.

Using this with two heroes for example…
Aegir is Paladin and a completely defensive hero, I would go full shield path, King Arthur however is an elemental defense dropper, I would go full att/health path and I could always give a crit troop if I wanted additional survival.

What are your thoughts on this concept?

Edited to add: This is asked because a discussion was had about Telly, and I said I would go full sword with her and give her a crit troop while others said they would go shield because she’s Paladin class.

Picture below for reference:


Her damage is somehow irrelevant - it’s all about secondary effects :slight_smile:
Regardless if you use her in def (tank) or attack, her role is to support your heroes who deals real damage. Therefore def +health is the the right choice :slight_smile:


Richard, Thorne, Arthur, and Sir Roostley should all take the sword path.

Frida could go either way, but I feel she should be def + HP since her main appeal is her utility. Just my preference there.

I don’t know for Perseus. Maybe sword as well?

Pretty much everyone else should go defense + HP since their main role on defense is to endure hits and on offense it’s support. That includes Justice, Heimdal, QoH, Ares, Aegir, and Telluria.


I like balanced heroes overall, the only time I prefer the extreme is in a case like Jackal, him being a glass cannon there’s no amount of defense that can make him stronger so in that case I’ve exploited his strength and went full att path. So his one shot and tiles can wipe someone out before he dies. In a case where the stats can be balanced all while their strength is still in full tact, I’m choosing that.
Her having 919 Def makes her severely strong, and with the Vela combo chances of her dying are very slim when not by red mono LOL, so I prefer the 700 att 919 Def and over 1600 health rather than 972 Def with less att and health.

i See what you’re saying as far as Telluria goes. I definitely agree with the others you mentioned esp the healers. I do like how you see there being a difference in the hero types whether to go shield or not.

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I’m also pro att heroes so I guess that’s also why I have that POV as it relates to heroes that actually can att and do damage.

There’s definitely different approaches to success, and if this works for you that is great too.

Back in the 4* rarity I believe the best path for a hero like Sonya is defensive, such that she can survive longer and dispel more often. Others prefer an attack based path instead, so she hits harder, as her bulk is already fairly good for her rarity.

Different approaches and preferences, and I don’t believe there’s necessarily a wrong way of looking at things.

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True indeed. I enjoy seeing how others game play and the different perspectives too, it helps make me a better player

Unfortunately, the Paladin class is way too varied to categorically answer shield or sword. Here are some thread you may find interesting (and maybe one of them is even the one you can no longer find - please ask me if you don’t know how to bookmark threads).

Scarecrow’s thoughts on who to emblem and along which paths
I generally agree with these recommendations, though not 100%.

Telluria emblem path.
If you want to save yourself some time I can say that zephyr immediately wins the thread, so I can save you time by just quoting it in here.

Telluria is a Paladin, so she benefits a lot from increased Defense.
Crit Troops and Mana Troops also both favor Defense, and Defense Teams get a 20% bonus to Attack and Defense — but not Health.
Given those three factors on Defense, the benefit for Minions is easily outweighed by increased Defense.

Sonya: I’m going to be lazy and just link you directly to my post, since it’s the one in the thread that I most strongly agree with. :stuck_out_tongue:

Hopefully that helps you delve into the intricacies of the Paladin types a little bit. N.B. that it can get more complex in specific cases that go well the scope of this post.

For example, let’s say your alliance runs blue tanks and your best option is Richard, who you also have a costume for. You may be inclined to max his stats for def/hp in his regular non-costume. But say you also want to have a strong attack capability - no problem, as the way you emblem him to max durability as a Paladin almost perfectly coincides with a full attack costumed Richard Barbarian. But I only know that off the top of my head because I looked at it. If you have a more specific question, lay out who you have and what you need.


You found the post I was speaking about, @Scarecrow talking about emblem paths thank you! Very good info @IvyTheTerrible thank you :blush:

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For Paladin I look at the special and what I’m using the hero for.

For someone like Aegir he has no offensive effect on his special so I think there is not a lot of debate about his path.

I think Telluria is maybe an interesting hero. Telluria does have an offensive component. Additionally her special creates a minion with stats based on her health and attack. I don’t think it is unreasonable to go attack and health because of that.


Personally, I’d choose the shield path for most, if not all, paladins, as they’re all pretty much defensive/support heroes in the first place. & Any defensive/support heroes #1 priority should be staying alive long enough to defend/support. Therefore, always choosing shield/health over attack [for those heroes]- as increasing attack [instead] would do very little to help with their primary role [in comparison].

The only time it would make sense to choose the attack path over the defensive/health path would be if the heroe’s primary role is already fairly offensive (ie snipers, heavy damage dealers/heroes with attacking as their primary role, and/or high tile damage heroes). & Actually, now that I think about it, I can’t think of a single 5* paladin that would fall under any of that, at least none that I would ever choose the attack path first (maybe in 4* though).

My opinion (5* Only):

Defense > Health > Attack

  • Aegir
  • Ares
  • Justice

Defense > Attack > Health

  • Richard
  • Thorne
  • Perseus
  • Frida
  • Arthur

Health > Defense > Attack

  • Queen of Hearts
  • Telluria
  • Heimdall

Edit: I actually forgot about the newly added Sir Roostley, who would be the first, and only, 5* paladin I’d maybe focus on attack first - given he only attacks
Attack > Defense > Health


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