Embleming my first 5* heroes

Hello Everyone,

that moment has finally come for me - I will max my first 5* heroes soon, one of each colour and I would like to emblem them, but I don’t know how. Because they are my only legendary heroes (almost) maxed I would like to use them everywhere - war defense team, titan team and team for playing map stages. I cannot make up my mind if it’s better to make them versatile or specialists. (and then not be able to use them everywhere)
So anyway, those my 5 legendary heroes:

  • Leonidas
  • Sargasso
  • Misandra
  • Elkanen
  • Elena.

I have an idea for Misandra, which is attack/defense path and Elena attack/health path.

Any advice from veterans? :slight_smile:

Yes, I know that most of them are fighter class… Portals like to give me this class of heroes…

May we know who are your other legendary heroes?

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I usually emblem my heroes based on what their role is. So if i decide that a hero is for damage dealing, i go attack path, if its support whom i use for utility then i want him/her to stay alive longer so i go defense/hp path. Healers are the easiest, just go def/hp without thinking. On leonidas for example i would go attack/def as the more damage he does, the more he heals back. Same with Elkanen. Misandra can be used as a tank, until you get something better for that role. Elena has high attack stat already but you cant utilize it if she dies so grab those defense and hp nodes whenever possible, you will still pick up some attack ones, but your main focus should be keeping her alive to fire. I don’t have sargasso, so i cant really say anything about him.


Well, I didn’t write my other legendary heroes on purpose, because I could see those replies:
Sargrasso?! Feed him to Aife, he’s useless, max your Domitia or wait for a better hero…
For example, I chose Sargrasso because he’s at 3/70, average mana, unique and not many people have it.
Maxing Domitia will take much more time than maxing Sargasso and I’ve been waiting with this for a year.
Anyway, my other heroes:
Quintus 3/70
Obakan 1/1
Domitia 1/1
Bai Yeong 3/70
Thorne 2/60
Bertila 1/1
Azlar 2/60
Reuben 2/60

I have enough 4*AM to max 2 heroes of each colour, so still I can work on Domitia and max her after maxing Sargasso.

Yes, I do that too with 3* and 4* heroes, but I have a lot of them, I can make them better hitters, defenders and so on. With 5* heroes I have this problem that I won’t have as many of them as epic heroes and I will need much more emblems.

Got it! :+1:


I think that I will make her a better hitter (attack/def), Thorne will be maxed next, so he will be my tank. Now Boril must suffice. :slightly_smiling_face:


Sorry, mon amie. But I’d ascend Donita first by reason that her other skills are far useful than the secondary skills of Sargasso, and more importantly, she gets buffed in the upcoming update. Also, you can make her fire in 9 tiles by supporting her with a level 17 mana troop but opting for the mana bonus on her 8th node from the talent tree. Sargasso can fire also in 9 tiles but you need to support him with a level 23 mana troop or a level 17 mana troop but embleming him to +19 opting for the mana bonus node. But I do understand that it took you a year of waiting just to max the purple pirate. Yeah, go ahead, ascend Sargasso.

Azlar vs Elena. I’d chose the lion. I have my Azlar maxed since 2018 and he still is being used, even without emblems (I did emblem him up to +7 at the onset within months when emblems first came up, but stripped him in favor of Kage and Grave maker, both at +20). But that is only if you have Wilbur, who will make him last long for him to fire his devastating special, especially if you add Boldtusk and Falcon in that team. With Azlar, at least Misandra won’t be fighting with Elena of fighter emblems between them.

@Mr.Sabaton already provided you tips on Leo and on which path to go to when embleming heroes. You just need to identify the hero whether they are mainly damage dealer or for support-utility.

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Usually I choose to emblem the hero that suits the purpose of the team I’ll put him in. Kinda hard to choose one for all kinds of battles.
Elena has high attack, and has counter. Usually, never disapoints when she goes against AoE enemies.
My advice to you would be to analyse wich ability combines better with the rest of the team. Do you go for high attack power? Or high defense?

I read that Elena is good for titans because of her high attack. I like riposters, I use Boril and Cyprian alot in S2/S3 hard mode, so I thought that Elena will be better than Azlar (for now). That’s why I chose her. I will max Azlar after her. So in general it’s not a good idea to give heroes a little bit of attack and def/hp and make them versatile, they won’t be good in any role then.

I use Cyprian and Elena as flanks the whole time!

My thougts exactly. Depending on a certain abillity, no sense in a little bit of every stat.

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Sigh, I was really convinced that I will ascend Sargasso first, but you changed my mind and I think I will start working on Domitia… That will take forever, but I think that she will help me more as my first dark 5* hero. Is the best talent path for her attack/def?

Yes. And what’s cool is that, if you happen to get her costume, the ranger costume version will also favor the attack>def path of the talent tree, even the mana bonus on the 8th node (though not necessary with the costume bonus since as an average hero with maxed costume bonus, she only needs a simple level 5 mana troop.

Sorry about that, man. But I really feel that Domitia can be of more use than Sargasso. Both can be improved by embleming, but Domitia can further be improved if you have her costume. But Sargasso hits 3 though.

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