Paladin Emblems - Ares or Sonia

My first post here - although I’ve spend a lot of time reading :slight_smile:
My concern relates to paladin emblems and who should get those. I have Sonia at +11 and Ares (progressing, mats secured). Ares shall become my main tank, so would it be wise to reset Sonia emblems and give those to Ares?


No, keep her as cool as she is now. Further emblems to Ares.

I wouldn’t reset a legendarished epic to get a few nodes for a soon dying tank.

Only if you don’t use Sonya, that would be an option.


As c2p player Sonia is bread&butter for me. Other blues are Grimm, Kiril…Magni is barely 2/60 (no mats) :frowning:

Keep her being premium bread.

Thanks for the advice.

I would reset, yes.

Even 1 node to a tank can be useful, and i don’t really give Sonya emblems in the first place.

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I have the same problem.

I have a Sonya +14 and Ares and King Arthur on tier 4.

I will totally reset Sonya und emblem mainly Ares, then Arthur. Both will be used way more often than Sonya.

I did. I thought initially that Sonya would progress further with emblems, and she would, but my main blue hitsquad is Grimm, Richard, and Frida, and Sonya doesn’t fit into that that well.

Plus I use Ares all the time.

Reset you must. Emblem given to a tanking Ares, wise choice to have.

If you will use Ares for tank, I would suggest to reset Sonya.

Ares will go a long way in any situations. Even if he is no longer a top tank, he is still excellent at it. I will still rate him an A grade tank even with current meta especially if you are C2P.

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Ares is not only a tank, he is great in offense. Flank him with the right heroes, and the fight is almost 100% won after he casts.


Confusion is what I fell :wink:
But yes - Ares seems to only properly grade tank in my rooster. On the flanks I was thinking about putting either:
Dmg splashes like Grimm +11 + Kadilen / elkanen / Tibi / Rana
Or some decent snipers like
Joon, sartana, seshat or magni
I don’t like slow heroes, although I have max colen (quintus and horgall sit at 1/1)

If Sonya is your bread and butter, don’t reset her. Feed the next bunch to Ares as mentioned.

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Quite a dilemma. Sonya is your bread and butter. Ares could be the croissant. He need strawberry jam aka next paladin emblem.
If you plan to use Ares tank for a long term, it worth resetting though.
Few of my war heroes has had a single emblem on them, only to activate the respective abilities.
Ie; a single emblem on Colen will still enable his revive ability.

C2p forces me to play with cards given :wink: therefore Ares as the tank seems like a blessing for me…emblems…Sonia at +11 is quite durable, but usually I’m stacking her with grimm and / or kiril for titans and raids. Luckily I have other debuffers (sabina, mel and caed maxed) so maybe I’ll reset emblem and then I’ll give one shield to Sonia while remaining ones will be put on Ares. If the Ares gets remaining emblems the path seems to be obvious ie - make him beefier? But maybe you have other experience with him?

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I plan to reset Sonya for Thorne, who will be my new tank when he is maxed. (If C2P forces you to play with cards given, imagine me as F2P, and you will understand why I would max Thorne to start with.) But that’s not entirely apples to apples, as both Sonya and Thorne are blue. Do you plan to keep Sonya in your defense team, or will you replace her with another blue?

Perhaps a more analogous situation for me is my fighter emblems. I’m maxing Boldtusk right now, and I have Poseidon at +1. Been trying to decide how to split future emblems (and the 200+ I will recover from Valen once he gets bumped off my class trial teams). Both Boldtusk and Poseidon will probably be on my defense team together. Right now, I’m leaning toward some kind of split, which may (in your similar case) argue for keeping Sonya where she is and giving future emblems to Ares.

I understand you entirely - eventually c2p and f2p differ in few pulls extra during a month, so each 5* hero shall be considered. I was blessed with Thorne as well, but he sits at 1/1…not worthy of scopes, therefore I’ve trained another Grimm :wink: But back to topic - Sonia will loose her spot to Magni when the time is right (4 capes are missing). Magni will get boldtusk emblems, so it increase his def. It seems that getting more trained heroes equals to headache who is worthy of emblems and the def team :slight_smile:

So, it sounds like you will sub Ares for Boldtusk and Magni for Sonya on defense. In that case, I’d say pull Sonya’s emblems. And if I had Magni, I wouldn’t be maxing Thorne, either! :crazy_face:

Yes, I am just approaching this problem. Thought I was set with 4 reset emblems, but I see potentially 6 resets needed over the horizon. A good problem to have, I suppose (getting better heroes), but still a problem, in a sense.

I personally love my +12 Sonya, all-defense route. I raid with her and she even held the tank role for my defense a while.
Her 800 defense makes her very hard to kill and not even Lianna is a threat!
If i had the iron/ham required, she would be +15 right now. Building is my priority right now though…
I don’t have any other paladin, except a 3/60 Cyprian, so i don’t have OP’s problem.
But my philosophy for emblems is to never reset a 4* for a 5*.
Melendor will stay at +1x once Kadilen is maxed, Proteus will stay at +1x once Anzogh is maxed (easy choice, i know :rofl:). I would keep my Grimm at +18 even if i drew GM, or my Rigard at +1x if i drew Vivica.
The loss in iron and ham invested in emblemed 4* in the short term is too high for me to reset emblems.
And in the long term, the new emblems will eventually get to the 5*, but i don’t think i will ever bring a 5* past +4, as i don’t think i will ever have 30 maxed 5*, so my 4* will always have major uses.
A +11 Sonya, like Op, is useful in attack against 5* as she is sturdy enough to suffer a few blow and her fast dispel is a huge help!


Just give your next emblems to Ares!


Ares - defense/HP route

Magni - offense route

Please don’t make it sound like Ares is subpar when he is still an outstanding hero. It took me almost 100x pulls to get him when he was first featured in Atlantis months ago.

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