Emblems: Tiburtus or Triton

Hi guys, I have Tiburtus +7nods, recently I pulled Triton (yay) - as my Triton is getting close to last ascention I’m thinking about taking away ranger amblems from Tiburtus and give them to Triton. What do you think of this? And is Triton good without amblems?

I’m at level 32, still working on my 4* team, currently mostly playing with Scarlett+9, Sonya+7, Sumitomo+9, Caedmon+7 and Tiburtus+7. Still don’t have any good healers to pair with Triton, but for no reason I’m optmistic about getting Melendor or Rigard along the way :sweat_smile:

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Hi M. Triton is great but is soft so he really needs shield nods so that he still standing in time for your eventual healer to fire


I have 2 Triton who barely see action since getting and maxing both in 2018. I also have 2 Tiburtuses obtained and maxed on the same year. But my Tiburtus has a recent resurgence due to the costumes and I have mine emblemed and even replaced my maxed Clarissa for raiding and in wars.

The talent path of the costumed version has defensive stats good for tanking on 4* raid tourneys while the original version is good for attacking. Either way, he is good to be back on active duty.


I wouldn’t change the emblems. You already have a fast blue, and I prefer the defense rather than Triton’s extra heal (which has to be synchronised so that it could be useful).
Besides, Tiburtus’s costume is an extra for this hero.


With your current roster, Tiburtus and his defense down helps more than Triton’s healing bonus. You already have Sonya and Caedmon as fast snipers. Tiburtus helps everyone do more damage.

Triton was my first maxed 4 star ranger, so he was at 20 nodes at one point, but his emblems have now gone to other stronger heroes and I’ve never put them back on him


I think Tiburtus has a longer shelf life i.e. I still use him now, due to not having any defense debuffers in Purple.

Triton is nice, but once I got a better Blue sniper (Lepus) I stopped using him as much. Now he mainly sees use in 4* Tournaments and Ranger emblem quests.

So I say focus on Tiburtus. Don’t take his emblems away. You can start embleming Triton a bit, but keep the +7 on Tiburtus.


Thank you guys for such swift & helpful responses.
I’ll keep the amblems on Tiburtus, and keep working on his costume also.
As for Triton i’ll keep leveling :slight_smile:


I use him on my purple mono team and I’m level 73 (not that it matters much) but never thought about removing emblems from him for triton. You’ll acquire more over time.

Happy gaming!

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I like Tibs. Good costume and he’s well balanced from the get-go and that makes embleming him more fun than knowing you have to beef Triton up. Triton also shines ONLY if you run two healers or you assemble a family bonus team…and it’s a good family bonus.

A heavily emblemed Triton hits as hard as a jackal on attack stats. That ain’t to shabby.
But I would keep emblems on tibs no need to strip him and prob feed more.
My Triton is only +7 and prob stay that way for a while.

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Here you can have a side by side overview:

Unfortunately, I have no 5* ranger who is worth the emblems.

Oth are nearly full attack path, just missed to switch the side for the last stage.


Thank you for this-both amazing. aand comsume bonus for Tibs :heart_eyes: i should start leveling the costume also

i just tried Nordri-Friar tuck-Triton-Sumitomo-Frosty combo for fun while farming season 2 levels-to put triton among healers to see how is he. They work together very well (non of them is amblemed apart from sumitomo, frosty & truck leveled with no amblems). nordrI with lowering the defence against ice, then triton hit, and frosty heal (with increased heal from triton). :partying_face:

Just NO. Tiburtus will serve you well and Triton specializes in suicide.

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I have a fully emblemed Tiburtus and don’t think I would take his emblems to give to Triton.

If you have any doubts… :