🧪 Early Information on New Covenant of Champions Event [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

Oh, thank you - Yes I really hope so one day :candle: Precisely that - it´s a win win :slight_smile:



I have updated the OP with the latest Guide based on Beta data.


Only one wave per stage, that should make it easier and a lot more like a standard raid, with battle items. Also seems like they reduced the enemies stats. 3000+HP on 5 bosses (including healers at times) was certainly too much, and even harder than the costume quest.

Did you play it @PlayForFun? Is it still very hard or difficulty has been brought down to the level of the costume chamber at least?

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Sorry, I forgot to update that part.
Battle items are no longer allowed.

I have not finished all levels yet, but so far it was not that hard.

I will let you know my impressions compared to the previous version once I have finished.


Oh no more battle items so it’s basically just a raid with a predetermined enemy team. Impatient for your feedback.

Also, very much appreciated they bumped the coins to 315 (so 3.15 free summons per event). Would have been great if they had bump the costume keys to 16 too for the costume chamber (would have been 3.20 free summons per event)…


Now, the only extra compared to raids is the ability to auto play :slight_smile:


Could I ask a tiny favour for the OP?
In the table where you have stage number, flags needs, etc, in a new row after that, can you add “total” for energy needed please?

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Level 1 - 9 can be auto played with my Director Zuri, Costume Kadilen, Glenda, Costume Azlar, Bera team.
All heroes but Zuri is limit broken, and all of them are at +18 embems.

Level 10:
Insane hard. Auto play or even my manual play with the above team has 0 chance to beat at least 1 opponent.
Now I am trying to do mono.
My best Red mono is can not touch these heroes, (Wilbur, Falcon, Boldtusk, Azlar, Ferant)
So far I have reached the further with Holy mono (Director Zuri, Costume Leonidas, Mist, Griffin, Malosi), where I almost win…

So far I did 2 auto play attempts and 4-5 manual attempts with no luck :frowning:


Ok, I have added total for the table.

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Holy sh… that was fast, thank you much appreciated it. Just helps to plan

Outch this sounds really hard. Kinda expected with FIVE boss-level enemies. How is their mana generation by the way? Is it like usual bosses or they have vf/f/a/s… mana speeds like normal defense heroes in raids?

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will this event be monthly ?

No clear pattern as of yet but roughly monthly, the first occurrence was on the 25th of August (Thursday) and the next one is on the 18th of September (Sunday, about 3 weeks and half later), as per the official calendars in the News & Updates category.


My Beta experience:
I used a rainbow team for every level. Stage 10 did take two tries. Despite facing some solid enemies, they just don’t hit that hard.

Unfortunately with no battle items and board randomness, this could lead to a lot of frustration for some. Luckily it’s jsut a few world energy flags. I hope folks keep that in mind. But I definitely forsee this being frustrating for some (especially those who think the game is already rigged).

I think many seasoned players will find this a nice trick and relatively painless.


Im also curious about mana of them if anyone can tell us

As I recall the mana generation was normal, and it took me about 10 tries to finish the last stage.


Hi. May I know this event will coming next month ? So the heroes portal will include all portal heroes + other portal heroes? Thank you.

We just had the portal and the quest is coming at the end of the month…
You should really read release notes and official calendars.


The date of the quest is also can be found in the begining of the OP in the Master Discussion topic:

I like the matchups… But… I kinda want it to be harder. I want to see the clash of Knights at full raid power… Ditto with ninjas… Maybe… An option to fight the heroes a second time at full limit broken/emblemed/and at raid strength. I think that would be both fun and annoying… But i respect the challenge.