🧪 Early Information on New Covenant of Champions Event [Part of The Beta Beat v50]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the new Convenant of Champions Quest.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

Covenant of Champions Quest

The Covenant of Champions Quest contains 10 stages, which can be played succesfullly only once, and you get Coin and emblem rewards.
The event is accessable through the same left bar as the Mythic titan or the Tower events.

So total 210 315 Convenant Coin can be acquired by completing the whole Quest.
There is no restruction on hero reuses so you can use your heroes as many times as you want.

The Quest itself is a combination for like Raids and Quest stages.

You are fighting against 5 heroes in each wave like in Raids and no Battle items are allowed during the fight, but the stages are consuming WE, and the killed heroes are counted towards the Monster chest.
In latest Beta there is only wave on each stage, but now battle items can not be used.

The enemy hero special skills are tuned down (eg: damage % decreased, etc…) when you face them in the portal so it is easier than if you are raiding these heroes as they do not have that powerfull skills.

Stage WE Recommended TP Waves Covenant Coins
1 4 3200 1 15
2 5 3400 1 15
3 6 3600 1 20
4 7 3800 1 20
5 7 4000 1 30
6 8 4200 1 30
7 8 4400 1 40
8 9 4500 1 40
9 9 4600 1 45
10 10 5000 1 60
Total 73 - 10 315
@birksg has created a wonderful guide where you can see which heroes are you facing in each stages, and what are their Attack/Defense/HP stats, and what are the rewards (the Misc section is random):

Old Quest

Topic about the new Heroes in the Quest:

Covenant Portal

The portal is very special as it contains various heroes from various seasons and events, and some of the new Monster Hunter heroes.
Staff indicated that these available set of heroes will be changed every time the portal appears.

Staff confirmed that only two (Featured) Legendary Monster Hunter heroes are expected in the first occurence of the portal. So the other Legendary or Epic/Rare Monster Hunter heroes will NOT be available for the first time.

The portal runs on Gems and a new coin type: Convenant Coin.

If you do 10 pulls, then you can open a Convenant Chest, which can contain Epic or Rare Ascension or Crafting Matierials, but this is just a placeholder according to Staff. Trainer Heroes, Master Trainer Heroes and Food Bundles
You can fill 20 chests during an event.

Staff’s exact quote about the portal:

Available Heroes

Right now in Beta these heroes are available in the portal:

Featured Heroes:

  • Cleaver (Monster Hunter)
  • Malin (Monster Hunter)
  • Mr. Pengi (Christmas)
  • Caitlín (Slayer)
  • Garnet (Ninja)
  • Silvaria (HoTM)
Hero Type Rarity Hero Count Hero list
Season 1 Legendary 5 Isarnia, Khagan, Lianna, Sartana, Vivica
Season 1 Epic 12 Boril, Caedmon, Colen, Gormek, Grimm, Kashhrek, Little John, Li Xiu, Rigard, Tibirtus, Wu Kong
Season 1 Rare 13 Azar, Balthazar, Bane, Belith, Brienne, Carver, Graymane, Ishhtak, Nashgar, Oberon, Rengeld, Tyrum, Valen
Season 2 Legendary 3 Atomos, Misandra, Poseidon
Season 2 Epic 2 Gadeirus, Wilbur
Season 2 Rare 3 Gato, Melia, Mnesseus
Season 3 Legendary 3 Fenrir, Lady Loki, Salmon Loki
Season 3 Epic 2 Gullinbursti, Jott
Season 3 Rare 2 Kvasir, Sudri
Old Challenge Event Legendary 9 Alice, Boss Wolf, Captian Kestrel, Guardian Owl, Guardian Chameleon, Guinevere, Red Hood, Sargasso, The Hatter
Old Challenge Event Epic 6 Captian of Diamonds, Cheshire Cat, Gretel, Guaridan Falcon, Merlin, Peters
Challenge Festival I Rare 5 Gnomer, Guardian Lemur, Pheonicus, Sally, Treevil
Monster Hunter Epic 1 Maheegan
Monster Hunter Rare 1 Dawn

Total number of non Featured Heroes:
5* : 20
4* : 21
3* : 24
Total: 65 + 6 Featured = 71 heroes are in the portal.

Old list of heroes

Featured Heroes:

  • Cleaver (Monster Hunter)
  • Malin (Monster Hunter)
  • Mr. Pengi (Christmas)
  • Malosi (HoTM)
  • Rafaelle (HoTM)
  • Zeline (HoTM)
Hero Type Rarity Hero Count Hero list
Season 1 Legendary 15 Azlar, Domitia, Horghall, Isarnia, Joon, Kadilen, Khagan, Leonidas, Lianna, Magni, Marjana, Obakan, Richard, Sartana, Vivica
Season 1 Epic 13 Boldtusk, Boril, Caedmon, Chao, Grimm, Hu Tao, Kelile, Kiril, Melendor, Sabina, Scarlett, Skitteskull, Sonya
Season 1 Rare 15 Belith, Berden, Carver, Friar Tuck, Gan Ju, Gunnar, Hawkmoon, Jahangir, Kailani, Karil, Nashgar, Prisca, Oberon, Tyrum, Ulmer
Season 2 Legendary 2 Misandra, Poseidon
Season 2 Epic 2 Proteus, Sumitomo
Season 2 Rare 2 Chochin, Melia
Season 3 Epic 2 Brynhild, Mist
Season 3 Rare 2 Grevle, Nordi
Old Challenge Event Legendary 3 Guardian Chameleon, Red Hood, Sargasso
Old Challenge Event Epic 5 Boomer, Cheshire Cat, Guardian Jackal, Hansel, Sir Lancelot
Old Challenge Event Rare 5 Bauchan, Guardian Bat, Pixie, Schrubbear, Vodnik

Total number of non Featured Heroes:
5* : 22
4* : 22
3* : 24
Total: 68 + 6 Featured = 74 heroes are in the portal.

Appearance Rates

The chance of Season heroes are no longer visible in the Apperance Rates.
They are now just classified by Rarity as the chance of Season 1 heroes may change on each occurence

  • Rare Hero: 71.0%
  • Epic Hero: 26.5%
  • Legendary Hero (Non Featured): 0.9%
  • Legendary Featured Hero: 1.6%
  • Bonus Draw
    Hero of the Month: 1.3%

I have done a quick analysis on hero chances per type bases on the current portal content.
Here is the table for it:

Hero Type Rarity Chance
Season 1 Legendary 0.23%
Season 1 Epic 15.14%
Season 1 Rare 38.45%
Season 1 Any Rarity 53.82%
Season 2 Legendary 0.14%
Season 2 Epic 2.52%
Season 2 Rare 8.88%
Season 2 Any Rarity 11.54%
Season 3 Legendary 0.14%
Season 3 Epic 2.52%
Season 3 Rare 5.92%
Season 3 Ay Rarity 8.58%
Old Challenge Event Legendary 0.41%
Old Challenge Event Epic 7.57%
Old Challenge Event Any Rarity 7.98%
Challenge Festival Rare 14.79%
Monster Hunter Legendary 0.53%
Monster Hunter Epic 1.26%
Monster Hunter Rare 2.96%
Monster Hunter Any Rarity 4.75%
Any specific featured hero Legendary 0.27%
Old Appearance rate analysis
Hero Type Rarity Chance
Season 1 Legendary 0.61%
Season 1 Epic 15.65%
Season 1 Rare 44.38%
Season 1 Any Rarity 60.64%
Season 2 Legendary 0.08%
Season 2 Epic 2.41%
Season 2 Rare 5.92%
Season 2 Any Rarity 8.41%
Season 3 Epic 2.41%
Season 3 Rare 5.92%
Season 3 Any Rarity 8.33%
Old Challenge Event Legendary 0.12%
Old Challenge Event Epic 6.02%
Old Challenge Event Rare 14.8%
Old Challenge Event Any Rarity 20.94%
Any specific featured hero Legendary 0.27%
Old HoTM Legendary 0.8%
Any Monster Hunter Hero Legendary 0.53%

Summon Costs

  • Single: 400 Gems or 100 Convent Coins
  • 10x: 3400 Gems
  • 30x: 9400 Gems

Covenant Coin Summon Token

In-game tooltip:

Used for a free summon at the Convenant Summon. You need 100 coins for one summon.

This item can be received as a reward from Covenant Quests.

For a full list of items currently in Beta testing, as well as their related threads, please see:


Thanks for this as always @PlayForFun. Something different :thinking:.


Small typo: Season 2 any rarity 41%, should be 8.41% I believe.

Yet another cash grab portal with awful odds, S1 crap, overpriced summon costs and overpowered 5* to keep the whales splurging. Some creativity from $G would make a nice change instead of spending all their time spewing broken 5* into the game locked behind some low effort portal


Not a fan of the increased Gems needed to do pulls and i hope that future portals retain the 300 or 350 gems requirement


Is it correct that there’s no chance for the current Hotm, but a possibility for any of all past heroes? So indirect all past Hotm are in this portal, too?

Thx, I have fixed it.

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Hey look, another new event and portal!


(Goes back to making oatmeal)


Sorry, that 1.3% chance is for the current HotM.
Only the listed heroes are pullable.
So there is no Dawa in the portal for example.


6 featured heroes for 1.6%
Each featured hero = 0.26%?

Or do the 3 HOTM count separately under 1.3% ?
Then each HOTM should be 0.43%?

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Thx, I have accidently divided by 5 only.
Now I have fixed that part.


OK, thanks.

Then this portal is absolutely not worth it. 400 gems per pull, which is an increase of 33 percent, only 2 new heroes and the rest of the legendary pool is still filled by 68% with season 1?! No thanks.


Are we supposed to jump for joy with these odds?

Summon price has gone by 100gems to 400gems.

Season 2-5 summons are 350 gems.

This portal has surpassed that 350-gem threshold.


400 coins for ONE pull? So you need to complete two events for one free pull?

Ok, it probably should be 400 gems instead of * Single: 400 Convent Coins

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these odds are simply atrocious. At 2 free coin summons per round, I’m not holding out hope of ever getting any of these heroes.

No battle items? whoop de doo. If I liked raids so much, I would raid more… and these take WE? goodness.

I will still try it, as I have tried any event in this game, but…

I’m gonna set my expectations reaalllly low


Yup. Best to do that. At least we can reuse our better heroes

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I think this portal is horrendous.
Why did they raise the price of a single summon to 400 gems, even though the appearance rates of high rarity heroes are the same as other portals?
And there is no costumes? What’s going on? It doesn’t make sense.


Awful portal, with awful odds, not worth pulling even for 300 gems per pull.
Chance to get non S-1 5* is 1,89%, but the chance to get something really good, and by really good I mean new monster heroes is only ~0,5%. The rest non S1 are old, outdated heroes from S2 and old Challenge Events.

I can’t believe that they included in the portal poor Sargasso, one of the worst event heroes ever. From S2 there is also very week Misandra, good that they didn’t inclued Mok-Arr.

After the quick analysis of legendary heroes in the portal, nowadays only two monster heroes are worth something, that means the odds to get something worthy is 0,5%.


please remove S1 from portal and i summon. i do not spend any cent on this greedy game!


Yes, 400 Gems or 100 Covenant Coins

I have fixed it.

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