🧪 Early Information on Advanced Hero Levels (aka Limit Breakers) [Part of The Beta Beat v37 & V39]

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

This thread is to provide early insights and discussion on the new feature “Advance Hero Levelling”.

NOTE: This is the first round of Advanced Hero Levelling.

Don’t get too attached

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release. That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any of this — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of features to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to functionality to be made.

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:notebook: Authors Note

See Second post for a longer authors note. Please remember that I am just the messenger here so don’t shoot me!!

:eyes: Sneak Peek

2021 Sneak Peek! 🆕

:arrow_up: Advanced hero Leveling.

:fast_forward: Quick Summary

Essentially this is a new feature which has a new item, the “Limit Breaker” which allows “heroes to unleash their true power” (at least that’s what the tool tip says…).

There is a new item called a “Limit Breaker” which you consume in order to unlock additional levels for currently maxed heroes.

When “limit broken”, the hero has access to an additional +5 levels which grant large stat boosts per level, but in turn have a high cost of resources, materials & experience.

You can only limit break a hero ONCE (currently).

:arrow_double_up: Limit Breakers

The image used is actually a recycled one from looonnnngggg ago in EP for an item called a “Dragon Scale” which was removed in 2017. The graphic has made a return and is being used as the Limit Breaker one now.

There are 5 different “elements” for the limit breakers and 3 different rarities. You can only use Nature Limit Breakers for Nature Hereos.

:money_mouth_face: Limit Breaking Costs

See table below for a summary of the cost to limit break a hero.

Hero/costume Rare L.Bs Epic L.Bs Legendary L.Bs
Rare hero 5 - -
Rare costume 3 - -
Epic hero 20 5 -
Epic costume 12 3 -
Legendary hero 35 20 5
Legendary costume 21 12 3

:arrow_up: Additional Levelling Costs

  • Basically, the limit breaker just UNLOCKS the additional +5 levels.
  • You then need to level the hero up like normal by feeding trainers/ feeder heroes to them…
  • Unlike normal levelling, to go from one level to the next, there is a cost in both food and exp (like normal) AND iron + ascension materials.*

Click for full break-down Food, Iron, Ascension Material & Exp Required for Advanced Levelling!

Ascension Material Costs

Note: These only apply when you go from {x} level to {y} level.
Note 2: These costs are the same for the normal hero as for a costume.

Rarity Element Item 1
(Per Level)
Item 2
(per level)
Item 3
(per level)
Rare Fire Nil
10x Wooden Shield
10x Strong Rope -
Rare Ice Nil
10x Leather Armor Shield
10x Sharpening stone -
Rare Nature Nil
25x Advanturer’s Kit
25x Practice sword -
Rare Holy Nil
25x Rugged Clothes
25x Training manual -
Rare Dark Nil
10x Arcane Scripts
10x Dagger -
Epic Fire 1x Battle Manual
25x Wooden Shield
25x Strong Rope -
Epic Ice 1x Battle Manual
25x Leather Armor Shield
25x Sharpening stone -
Epic Nature 1x Battle Manual
50x Advanturer’s Kit
50x Practice sword -
Epic Holy 1x Tall Boot
50x Rugged Clothes
50x Training manual -
Epic Dark 1x Tall Boot
25x Arcane Scripts
25x Dagger -
Legendary Fire 1x Chainmail Shirt
50x Wooden Shield
1x Scabbard
50x Strong Rope
1x Hidden Blade
Only on L85
Legendary Ice 1x Battle Manual
50x Leather Armor Shield
1x Scabbard
50x Sharpening stone
1x Warm Cape
Only on L85
Legendary Nature 1x Chainmail Shirt
100x Advanturer’s Kit
1x Tall Boots
100x Practice sword
1x Sturdy Shield
Only on L85
Legendary Holy 1x Battle Manual
100x Rugged Clothes
1x Tall Boots
100x Training manual
1x Orb of Magic
Only on L85
Legendary Dark 1x Battle Manual
50x Arcane Scripts
1x Tall Bots
50x Dagger
1x Trap tools
Only on L85

Food & Iron Costs

Note: These apply PER FEEDER.
*Note 2: These are listed as {x} / {y} which correlates to "Food Cost" / "Iron Cost"

Rarity +1 Level +2 Level +3 Level +4 Level +5 Level
Rare (3*) 4,158 / 1,279 4,200 / 1,300 4,242/ 1,321 4,284 / 1,342 4,326 / 1,363
Epic (4*) 7,140 / 2,430 7,200 / 2,460 7,260 / 2,460 7,320 / 2,520 7,380 / 2,550
Legendary (5*) 12,900 / 4,550 13,000 / 4,600 13,100 / 4,650 13,200 / 4,700 13,300 / 4,750
Rare Costume 3,118 / 959 3,150 / 975 3,81 / 990 3,213 / 1,006 3,244 / 1,022
Epic Costume 5,355/ 1,822 5,400 / 1,845 5,445 / 1,867 5,490 / 1,890 5,535 / 1,912
Leg. Costume 9,675 / 3,412 9,750 / 3,450 9,825 / 3,487 9,900 / 3,525 9,975 / 3,562
OLD Food & Iron Costs

Food & Iron Costs

Note: These apply PER FEEDER.
*Note 2: These are listed as {x} / {y} which correlates to "Food Cost" / "Iron Cost"

Rarity +1 Level +2 Level +3 Level +4 Level +5 Level
Rare (3*) 8,358 / 7,623 8,400 / 7,650 8,442 / 7,677 8,484 / 7,704 8,526 / 7,731
Epic (4*) 13,140 / 12,105 13,200 / 12,150 13,260 / 12,195 13,320 / 12,240 13,380 / 12,285
Legendary (5*) 22,900 / 21,715 23,000 / 21,800 23,100 / 21,885 23,200 / 21,970 23,300 / 22,055
Rare Costume 6,300 / 7,623 6,300 / 7,650 6,300 / 7,677 6,300 / 7,704 6,300 / 7,731
Epic Costume 9,000 / 12,105 9,000 / 12,150 9,000 / 12,195 9,000 / 12,240 9,000 / 12,285
Leg. Costume 15,000 / 21,715 15,000 / 21,800 15,000 / 21,885 15,000 / 21,970 15,000 / 22,055

Exp per Level

Rarity +1 Level +2 Level +3 Level +4 Level +5 Level
Rare (3*) 2,205 2,280 2,355 2,432 2,511
Epic (4*) 7,119 7,305 7,493 7,684 7,877
Legendary (5*) 14,662 15,000 15,342 15,688 16,038

:mechanical_arm: Example Stat Boosts

You get an initial boost to the heroes base stats when you apply the limit breaker. Then there are additional stat boosts for every “Advanced Level” you progress.

The degree of this stat boost depends on the rarity of the hero. The listed stat boost (below) applies to all three base stats (Attack, Def & HP).

Rarity Limit Break Boost Advanced Levels
(Per level)
Rare (3*) 5.0% 1.54%
Epic (4*) 3.2% 1.03%
Legendary (5*) 2.9% 0.92%

So by the end of it all, you get the following boost to max stats:

  • Rare = 113.34% boosted stats
  • Epic = 108.63%
  • Legendary = 107.61%

(And that’s excluding emblem bonuses and costume bonuses and troop modifers…!!!)

Example: Ametrine

Attack: 716 → 778
Def: 561 → 609
Health: 1268 → 1378
Power: 670 → 720

Example 2: Sudri

Attack: 439 → 498
Def: 484 → 549
Health: 775 → 878
Power: 462 → 515

Example 3: Garnet (+19 emblems; Def route)

Attack: 731 → 788
Def: 751 → 810
Health: 1481 → 1596
Power: 893 → 946

(Yes, there are team powers that are approx 5.2k now…)

:eyes: Additional notes/ Observations

  • Heroes with costumes must be Limit Broken TWICE. Once for the base hero, once for the costume.
    Note if you just wanna use the base hero, there is no added benefit to limit breaking the costume too.

  • Costume Bonses apply AFTER the limit breaking. So you get the limit broken stats and then the costume bonus on top of that

  • Emblem boosts apply AFTER the limit breaking also.

:compass: Aether (Limit Breaker) Quest

This is, currently, the only means of gaining Limit Breakers. There is no information about how frequent the Limit Breaker Quest will be.
April Update: Staff have indicated they expect the quest to be 1-2 times per month.

The Limit Breaker Quest is colour oriented. Currently in Beta V37.1 & V39.1 we have only seen a “red” aspected limit breaker quest.

A summary of the quest & it’s rewards:

Stage WE Cost Team Power
Limit Breaker Rewards
1 8 3200 1x Rare
2 12 3500 1x Epic, 5x Rare
3 16 3900 3x Epic, 10x Rare
4 20 4300 1x Legendary, 8x Epic, 15x Rare
5 24 4800 3x Legendary, 12x Epic, 20x Rare

There is also a “special stages” feature to this quest which provides the following:

All Fire Heroes get the following status effects every 5 turns:

  • All Fire Heroes get +50% attack for 5 turns
  • All Fire Heroes counterattack with 20% of the damage received for 5 turns.

All Enemies have an innate resistance against Status Ailments

Boss/ Enemy Info

  • The Enemies & Bosses are unique and new.
  • All enemy Mobs are “elite enemies” in that thye have a special skill & mana bar.
    • Both types of mobs seem to have the same special skill called “Omega Strike”
    • Omega Strike: (Single Target) 400% direct damage, Burn damage over 5 turns, -60% mana generation for 5 turns, caster reflects ice status effects & 80% of damage + blocks other negative effects from enemies’ Ice Special Skills
  • Boss Enemy is called a “Limit Guardian” and also has a special skill:
    • Two different variants of a Skill called “Trial of Fire”
    • Version 1: (Single Target) 245% direct damage, Steals dispellable buffs & distributes to allies, Summons Fire Minion, Burn Damage over 5 turns.
    • Version 2: (Target & Nearby) 130% damage, Steals dispellable buffs & distributes to allies, Summons Fire Minion, Undispellable Mana Ailment for 5 turns.

Click for V37.1 original quest infos.
Stage WE Cost Team Power
Limit Breaker Rewards
1 4 2730 1x Rare
2 8 3080 3x Rare
1x Epic
3 12 3820 5x Rare
2x Epic
4 16 4210 7x Rare
3x Epic
5 20 4800 10x Rare
6x Epic
2x Legendary

At present, the quest mobs & bosses are just using the same ones as Mount Umbar… But a bit more powerful/ higher HP.

:timer_clock: Beta Updates

Section will be updated over time.

7 Apr

Initially added to beta in V37.1 for testing.

19 May

Added for follow-up testing in beta V39.1

:calendar: Release Date??

It is NOT known when this feature will be available in the live game.

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Personal Note from Guv

Ok so I will preface with that I personally am (instinctively) not a fan of this. I am writing this blurb before actually seeing any of this beta content so my viewpoint may change.

However, I do understand that there is likely going to be a lot of dis-satisfaction from the player base relating to this feature; much like there was regarding Non-Season 1 Costumes.

My personal initial instinctive views are that this is also a pretty ■■■■ addition as it seems like it will make your currently max levelled and max emblemed heroes now sub-par… So despite all the resources you have sunk into levelling those heroes (however many there might be), they are now all, effectively, as if they were at 3-70 once again…

I very much believe that we will see a return of the game-play when emblems first arrived where there is a HUGE gulf between the power of the defence team and the power of the attacking team as people will priorities the advanced levels of their defence team first and foremost. And thus will have a period of time where wars and raiding is severely unbalanced and frustrating.

Now, that being said, it will depend very much on:
a) what this feature actually is (i.e. how it is implemented/ executed)
b) how much of an “advance” it is; and
c) how prevalent the “resources” or “materials” will be in game…

Based on past history the answers are a) terribly, b) massive and c) extremely stingy… but we’ll just wait and see… Note that it is highly unlikely that we will be able to answer question c) during beta testing.


Op being pushed out as threads are already popping up.

I’ll update properly tomorrow.


So SG is introducing advanced hero levelling in new beta and it will be soon live in the game

Advanced hero levelling:

  • New item called a “limit breaker”
    -Gain “limit breakers” via a new “limit breaker quest”
    -Come in 5 elements & 3 rarities. Rare, epic and Legendary.
    -Each limit breaker increases Max level by +5.
    -You can apply only 1x limit breaker per hero. However each additional level gives quite a considerable stat boost.
    -Once limit broken, advancing the additional new levels will cost food, iron, exp and ascension items; quantity will depend on the rarity of the hero.

cmon you maxed a hero
then they introduced emblems and we need to max them to +20
then they introduced costumes instead of free buff/ rebalance for the game

and now this advanced max s h i i t
more and more and more
kill the game SG yes

they are pissing off all players, new and veteran, we can never max any heroes, always more to come
money money money, they only have this word in mind


More than sure - you can buy it (new type of summon portal). Very sad - I thought they do it with duplicates as in other games…


I saw this one coming. Money talks.


I thought when it was announced in sneak peek it will be done via some equipment (sword, shield etc.). This what will be tested in beta is something I don’t like on 1st look. Let’s see if it moves past beta.

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Wallet limit breaker :)))


Yeahhh when I heard this was being introduced as a “QoL improvement”… whose lives are they trying to improve quality on? Those who spend the most? Don’t they already have the best quality of life in the game as it is?

But sure, let’s put power creep on steroids. Why not? Maybe it will finally force those filthy low spenders to spend more!

… or maybe they’ll all just quit instead.

Stay tuned to find out!


I think it’s time to introduce 6* heroes. How long they can beat around the bush? :slight_smile:


Why the heck not? And while we’re at it, let’s set the average price to pull one at $1000 USD. If I’m going to get my butt kicked by overpowered heroes I can’t afford anyway, let’s at least do it in style.


I’ll stick around to find out what the final results are then decide then weather it time to throw the towel in and quit the game completely. But by the looks of it right now it’s more likely going to happen. it’s a shame I can’t give my heros away to team players.


Gee what a joke.

But in SG’s defence… all gacha games do this in one form or another

Costume GM plus limit break = time to leave methinks (if you haven’t already)


Unfortunately I am such a fool, I will probably stick around and try to compete anyway… even as I continue to drop further and further behind every day…

"Oh, fun! My war opponents are all over 5000 TP. That’s okay! I’m gonna take a mono stack of vanilla 4* heroes along with my ‘can-do’ attitude and hope for a really amazing board! Wish me luck, guys!

… and when I die, I’d like to be cremated, and have my ashes scattered in our opponents’ water supply. Hah!"


Who’s need to buy account in dead game?)



I can’t go over 2850 cups myself already. All the best paid defenses are so hard to beat already and my defense won’t hold it, so yeah let’s increase the power creep even more so I won’t be able to cross 2750 cups… I mean cups doesn’t really matter honestly, but to increase the power creep even more and ignore the real game balancing? Isn’t it already bad enough?

I won’t start another gacha game after this, this is my first and last game of this type, it takes way too long to develop a roster, like years. So if I quit, it’s the end of gacha games for me. The sooner the better I guess. If every gacha game is going this way, then it’s just not worth starting to play another one.

Well it was once a good game and I had a lot of fun with it so… at least that.


You at least did better than I did in my time here. I never got over 2800 cups. Which like you said, doesn’t matter because cups are just cups. I never cared too much about my rankings against all the other players in the game, never had any ambitions about being #1, but I at least wanted to be able to have a healthy competition against other players in my range. Getting harder and harder to find that though, and I imagine that’s only going to get worse as time goes on.

Always did kind of bug me that the best rewards in the game only went to those at the top of the scoreboards - especially considering that they already have everything they need anyway. It’s the ones below them who need more loot. Those guys are sitting on hundreds of unleveled 5* heroes and unused ascension mats.

I didn’t know what a gacha game was when I downloaded this one, now I do, and I don’t like it. Never again. It’s a pretty awful model, IMO. Like a really sleazy carnival game, showing off all the great prizes to be had, while being rigged against you being able to win them… to the point that you end up spending $100 just to win a stuffed bear that you could have bought for $5 at the store.


In the original post it was stated, that one limit breaker increases Max level by 5, which would be quite significant increase.
Now there is 1 level, which is quite irrelevant. And another quest to gain that minor adventage.
I share your opinion.

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Great stuff. not too much, just like it should be… :+1:

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