Costume Guide! Changing/ Equipping/ Unequipping/ Toggling Hero Costumes

Guvs Guides Vol 1 - Hero Costume Equipping/ Changing/ Toggling

Quick little instruction video on changing a hero costume & making it stick/ stay!!

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The Video

That’s all there is :smiley: swing us a :+1: or a :heart: if it helped!!


Text/ picture format of video content from my Costume FAQs

From Roster View

From Team Build View

Linky link to Costume FAQs

So since it is now between war, I should easily be able to remove costumes, correct? However, I cannot. Do I report this to customer service?

I just tried with my sartana who is in costume on defence (using the process outlined in the video above) & worked fine.

Perhaps the issue is my device then. Thank you. I have tried to remove from four different heroes, but when I go back to the roster the costume is still showing as if equipped. I did an update earlier but that did not help. Thank you for responding.

Have a watch of the video and follow the steps exactly & it will work.

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Okay. I will try that again. Thank you.

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I apologize for you have been most kind and patient, but I have now watched the video twice. I have toggled the costume off as shown. But the costume still is reflected as on after exiting the card in the roster picture. Perhaps I am just tired and looking at everything wrong. Let me look again tomorrow and perhaps sleep will help the issue. :smile:

Steps to change:

  1. Toggle
  2. Hit blue equip button
  3. Confirm equip (only appears if hero is on a team).
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Yes. I understand. I do not wish to equip. I want to unequip so that I may use the maxed leveled hero until the costume is maxed. Have removed specific hero from all teams but also note additional warning expected while on team does not appear when toggling any costumes. Still unable to remove.

I must apologize to you. I clearly thought I understood but did not not. I will not bother the forum again. It is humbling to learn just how stupid you really are. Thank you again for your time, kindness and patience.

No issues :slight_smile: nobody knows everything & everyone is stupid in some ways :slight_smile: tis what the forums are for!

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