I don't want to wear a costume – how to unequip a Costume

I have two Heroes that wear the same costume. I fully leveled up and ascended one of the heroes with the costume and the other is not but I only want one hero to wear the costume but the game keeps on putting the costume on both Heroes. How can I remove the costume from the one hero I don’t want it on because every time I do remove the costume from that hero and then select him to be in the party it puts the costume back on

You have to simply unequip the costume on the hero you don’t want to use the costume on.

To do this:

  1. Tap the hero card in your Roster
  2. Hit the toggle arrow to the desired “version” you want
  3. Hit the “Equip” button between the toggle arrows
  4. Accept the pop-up if there is one.

Thanks, I know how to take the costume off but the problem is is that soon as I put this Hero on a team the game puts the costume back on them. So the problem is not me being able to take it off the problem is that every time I put them on a team the game put the costume back on him. Even though it was not on them when they were on my hero roster


Is the costumed hero currently in your war defense team? If so the costume can’t be changed until after war ends tomorrow.

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I’m having the same problem
Can’t I equip costumes from characters that aren’t being used elsewhere
Please fix/help!

If you have 2 copies of a hero and one is currently locked into your war defense or raid tournament defense, you will not be able to switch between costume and vanilla versions for the other copy. Whichever version is locked in is the one you’re stuck with

Hiya @Klray

Have a look at the video I made & posted in this thread:

Thanks for this. Couldn’t figure it out for the life of me. Hitting “equip” to unequip seemed so counter-intuitive.

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