Avoid The Following Mistakes With Your Costumes

  1. don’t level a costume on a 1.1 hero, if you already have a maxed one or you don’t plan to level up the baby hero, too

(you’ll have to level the same costume multiple times to use it on multiple heroes, costume levels are saved separately for each hero)

  1. don’t keep more than one of each costume

(you’ll only need one costume even to equip multiple heroes at the same time, but it has to be leveled separately for each hero, who should wear it)

  1. don’t forget to undress when taking a non maxed costume but maxed hero into a battle

(a non maxed costume will tremendously decrease the strength of its hero, if the hero is maxed, but the costume is not)

  1. don’t hesitate to feed duplicate costumes to itself, even if it’ll be maxed without maxed special

(you can use 5 on color 2* or 10 on color 1* or a mix afterwards for a 100% chance to increase its special)

  1. be careful when feeding two duplicate costumes at a time

(a single duplicate costume will give almost a whole tier of XP and a 2nd would waist much XP)


I’m just going to Jump on this thread too with two more handy links!

FAQs for Costumes

Levelling and Ascending a Costume


Perhaps re-iterate that the 5x chance to level up specials per feeder on max ascension and XP level that applied to the original heroes apply to costumes too.


Problem no3 happened to me on multiple occassions. :rofl:


Worthwhile. I definitely re-iterated it in the “Levelling and Ascending” thread


Thank you for this @Olmor (and @Guvnor too) - my alliances thank you too :star_struck:.


Rule number 1 ;

I’ve got a maxed Rigard with +8 emblem.
Although I can put a costume on the same Rigard and start leveling, I decided to start from zero and level a dupe Rigard with the costume on.

Simply because I was unsure whether I can use the same Rigard with and without costume in war. As war only allowed a single use of any hero.


Regarding Point 1 - If you start working on the costume on a maxed hero and brought to max. Should you decide to keep a duplicated hero and bring him/her too to max, would that require costume re-leveling?

Example, if an original Bane is maxed at 3^50 (Emeblemed or not), the Bane Costume acquired is also maxed out at 3^50, then should a player decide to keep a second Bane around, and bring him too to 3^50 (again Emblemend or not), would this duplicated 2nd maxed Bane still have to level the costume from 1^1 to 3^50, once he toggles it?

I am just curious, because I don’t keep dupes as I consider the costumes the alter-ego of the same hero and would only work on them once on the only copy I have. But maybe someone wants to keep a Noble Defender Bane and a Noble Brawler Bane and perhaps use them separately for wars, trial/event versatility or for even color stacking in his/her gameplay. If that is the case, then he/she will likely be better off just maxing the dupe and work on costume on that dupe, rather than on the original.

Yes, you’ll have to max the same costume separately for each duplicate hero, if you want them to wear it.

Yesterday I began to level the costume on a 1.1 hero, wanted to check the stats after its ascension on a leveled hero and wondered why the costume was 1.1 again. About 50 or 60 trashed feeders, since I definitely never will max a 2nd Isarnia.


Thanks for the confirmation. I would definitely suggest considering putting an actual example when talking about the significance of this (avoid non-perceived resource waste) in guides.

  1. If you are really only going to use one hero and his/her own costume, and toggle back and forth for different situations. Level both the original and costume.
  2. If you are considering utilizing duplicate copies of the same hero between the original and duplicates with costume on. Don’t work the costume on the original and instead work on leveling/embleming the dupe and work on the costume on the dupe.

As a functional example: You want both a Original Rigard and a Alt-Rigard (treated as two different heroes of course). You level up/max out armored Rigard on the first copy then leave him be, then work on a second Rigard, level up/max him and put costume on this second one and max the costume. Result is one original Rigard that cleanses and heals, and a Rigard that cleanses and Regens. Would take a long time to do, but you could see the possibility of both of them on the field and casts heal/regen on the party.


The progress of a costume will be saved separately for each hero.

There could be a maxed Brienne with a maxed costume, while a 2nd maxed or partially leveled Brienne could have the same dress at 2.1 or sth.

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But that second Brienne would have her own costume progress to work on, no? Her progress on the costume would be limited by the current level of this second Brienne, so wouldn’t a partially leveled second Brienne’s costume be capped at this partially leveled Brienne’s progress? At least that was my understanding of the each individual hero have his/her own costume to work on.

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Another mistake to avoid: beware of the change in class between heroes and their costumes. It will be important during class quests because if the “wrong” version of your hero shows up in your roster, you won’t be able to select it when filling the class quest team because it won’t display at all. Imagine if you’re leveling Vivica’s sorcerer costume and she shows in your roster in her costume version. If you do a clerics class quest, when you pick up your team, Vivica won’t show up at all as an option, even though her original version is a cleric. You will need to go back to your roster, switch Vivica from costume view to original view, so then she can display as an option for the class quest.

Imagine the headache as you start accumulating costumes.


@BigLordF I ran into this when I needed to use vanilla Skittles for the trial of Shadows last night. Forgot to switch back to original.

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The costume isn’t able to be ascended to a higher tier than the wearing hero, but the costume could be 3.60, while the hero is still 3.1.

I see… And thus, make it so that a duplicated Lianna could be sitting at 4^1 and you toggle the Sailor Moon Costume on her, and you can work her costumed version to 4^80. But if you want this version to have emblems, you’d need to bring that 4^1 original up to 4^80 and emblem her to reflect the emblemed stats on her costumed version? Did I have that correct?


20 exactlies… :+1:

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Even though the problem is easily addressed, I can definitely see your point of this becoming a headache once you accumulate costumes (you’d have to keep track of 2 classes per hero and somehow their progresses too). It could also be cumbersome too, just this trial challenge (Shadows - Rogue / Sorcerers), Skittles shows up ready to be insert in team, but if you click on her and toggle her into her costumed version and come back out, her costumed Cleric class would not allow her to be selected, and one would not be able to click on her portrait from the prep screen and toggle her status, and would have to back out of the prep screen, toggle her back into her original costume, then she can show up again in the prep screen.

Great, now that’s sorted, I am really glad I don’t keep any duplicates and these costumed costumed versions are treated as alter-egos of the same heroes.


Yes, you can imagine it like so:

There’s a single uniform in the cupboard for everybody (if it fits), but everybody has to put their own insignias on it.