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It all depends which category of the event you want to compete/how much you want to compete.

Let’s take for example the most hardcore situation: compete hard in both legendary and epic (all 3 is quite impossible now)

  • Items must have for legendary: dragon attacks, bomb attacks, high blue potions, small blu potions

  • items must have for epic: bombs attack, axe attacks, medium mana, small mana

So you need that for the event in huge quantity, lets say you have to craft it and never use on titans. (Maybe only small mana, but not so much)

So the items you can’t use for titans are these and less of all you can’t farm big because same materials involved (dragon bones: dragon attack - no time stops, grimoire powder: medium mana, no tornadoes and so on…)

Usually people who compete knows how much they eat in events, and farm only what they need making different items when they reach their quota.
For example i farm medium mana until i have tot and then use grimoire powder for tornadoes (to use on titans)

Turtle banners are good for titans because you almost never use them in events.
Same for arrows, but if you compete in rare you may keep an eye on how much you can craft.

Scrolls are a waste of materials pretty much always.


Problem is turtle banners need 2 firestone, 1 potent leaf, 1 sunspire feather and those are needed for:

Super mana potion - 1 firestone, 1 meteor fragment, 1 midnight root
Mana potion - 1 potent leaf, 1 grimoire dust, 1 midnight root
Bomb attack - 1 metal ore, 1 midnight root, 1 sunspire feather
Dragon attack - 1 sunspire feather, 1 dragon bone, 2 hardwood lumber

This was what led me to this topic - turtle banner > In my attempt to use iron i made a lot of turtle banners and saw that those ingredients needed are so valuable to waste them…

That’s why I wanna make a guide :wink: and need all the help I can get from experienced players who compete and attack titans with good heroes so i know what’s the most efficient way to use the gathered ingredients that are consumed too carelessly and without thought when being a novice :wink:


doing a matrix of much needed ingredients to be used wisely :stuck_out_tongue:


Sorry, of course it is influenced by my own inventory and very probably where i farm.
I found myself never in lack of that ingredients, and that’s why against titans i pretty much use everytime the same items on titans: red potions (all kinds, depending of how much i spare), turtles banners, small mana and green potions.

When i need a boost i go with tornados and time stops, that i can farm because i drop legendary event (Lack too many heroes to be competitive, so i don’t need dragon attacks).

Basically, where you don’t compete you can use for titans one of this items:

  • Rare: axes
  • Epic: bombs
  • Legendary: dragon attacks

Or use the same materials for something else.

If you are a spender and use gems for refills of course this is much more easy to manage.


@Uclapack @Xero786 @Dator

You guys wanna chime in on this? Congrats on those event scores btw, i had absolutely no chance of touching those(which isnt abnormal). Did watch ucla & dator event vid, fun stuff

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for example: super antidotes i find them useless… - best to use small antidotes if needed - can carry 10 instead of 5 ; that 125 hp + aint that important

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When I open my forge I ho through it in this order

Tornados (all nuggets go here)
Time stops - only built them when having excess dragon skulls. Hardy ever make them
Dragon attack (all dragon skulls ussually go here)
Axes (all remaining wood goes here)
Healing potion (all remaining mushrooms go here)
Minor healing potion
Minor mana potion
Potent mana potion
Super anti dote
Attack / bear banner


Our strat is different than others.

Epic - arrows, axes, bombs, medium mana
Legendary - axes, bombs, dragon attacks, super mana


you waste grimoire dust on super antidotes instead of using it for dragon banner and mana potion? why not small antidote?


and titans?

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My normal titan hits use -
Minor health, minor antidote, turtle banner, minor mana

I really dont change it because I’m too lazy.


You need time stops, tornados, super antidotes and mana potions. That is all.

Pain is oil (time stop), nugget and crude iron (tornado), rest is no problem.

You can’t do antidotes anymore because it needs oil so super antidotes it is.
I got no problem with grimoire dust (mana potion, tornado).

This all is very much level connected. I ran out of items on level 59, that is where the pain started.


20 charss…

Titans depend on which level titans you’re fighting… if you’re in a lower ally the items you should use are not as important than the choice/possibility you have for high level allies and titans…

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