Battle Item Crafting Priority

Did a search, but couldn’t find much on this topic.

The priority for which battle items to craft first based on the crafting ingredients you have available. I’m mainly focusing on it’s relation to Titan hits as challenge events throw too much complexity in.

Basically looking for what your realistic order of crafting priority is for battle items. For myself it goes something like…
Excess Iron:
Tornados (until I run out of Crude Iron)
Dragon Banners (until I run out of Grimoire Dust)
Time Stops (until I run out of Metal Ores)
Turtle Banners (until I run out of Firestone)
Don’t build Bombs, Axes or Bear Banners since they all require Metal Ores
Try to avoid building Arrows since they use Crude Iron

Excess Food:
Minor Mana Potions (until I run out of mats)
Antidotes if needed (try to avoid since they use Oil)
Super Mana Potions (until I run out of Meteor Fragments)
Avoid Mana Pots since they use Grimoire Dust
Revive Scrolls and all Health Pots seem like low priority compared to mana pots for Titan strategy.

Really looking forward to what others have to say. Make note I’ve been playing F2P since February so only recently maxed my 3rd TC20 so I have more ingredients saved up and less of an excess of food/iron to spend than probably most.

If there’s decent enough feedback, I’ll adjust the OP to try to summarize a best strategy.


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