What are the titan parts for?

What are the titan parts for?
Brag about them when I’m confronting a Pokemon addict?

Crafting powerful battle items in the Hunter’s Lodge.


So I am crafting some battle items that if I use them I get stuff that I can use to craft more battle items.
Such a rewarding thing.
Can I flick them to forget about it corner?

Developers plan to introduce better organisation of the inventory so titan parts will be displayed under separate category. You can call it “forget about it” if you wish :slight_smile:

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That is true of anything in Empires.

However my favorite 5* battle items are Titanium shield and Panacea which work versus rare titans ( drop emblems), and triple bosses from class quests, Challenge events and Seasonal events ( emblems, 3* / 4* ascension items, etc. ).

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Agreed, these hunters items are designed with the 12* or higher titans, and the rare titans mainly.

They are overkill in map levels or against mid-level titans, and they’re restricted from being used in Legendary tier for challenge events.

Except 2.27-10

Forgot about that, so just Class quests and Seasonal events.

Depends on how sucky your luck is with 5* heroes.

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