Battle items, resource management is the key to success

After reading in the latest event thread, that the new events are too hard and battle item consuming, I was looking for a topic with recommendations about the usage of battle items. I haven’t found any except one topic about titans and battle items.

So I will share here my personal battle item strategy. Some facts first, I’ve been completely f2p for 2 years now, so I don’t buy any items or loot tickets for easy farming and I’m also not farming that excessively during Atlantis rising because I don’t have that much time. Nonetheless I’m trying to compete in different events as good as possible. So a good battle item management is absolutely necessary. I’m trying to use different items for different situations so that there is no shortage of one item (or crafting material) because it’s used everywhere.

First titans:
We are battling those every day, so they can either suck our stocks dry or we can save a lot there. I’m trying to do titans as cheap as possible.
Arrows, small mana, small antidotes and revive scrolls which I rarely use.
With those items I was battling 12* titans for years now and recently changed alliance and now 14* with the same items. And around half the heroes I use are only 4*. It still works.

Challenge events / alliance events:
We have one every 4 weeks + some at the moment not really regular plan for alliance events. My goal normally is rare top 1k, epic top 5k (sometimes 500), legendary top 1k.
Banners (bear for rare, dragon epic and legendary), axes for rare and epic, bombs for epic and legendary, small antidotes whenever they are needed and some kind of manapots for each difficulty and sometimes tornadoes for legendary.
Of course it’s extremely helpful to emblem and/or limit break the event teams.
I have 1 rare team, 1 epic team and 2 legendary teams which I use every event, most heroes emblemed and limit broken. This helps enormously to save battle items.

Mythic Titan:
Once a month, my goal is finishing top 1% in both player categories.
For the single damage I use with my best team with scroll of alteration, hurricane, tornado and time stop.
For the total damage I switch those scrolls and hurricanes with something cheaper, maybe banners or some kind of mana, for the other 11 attacks.

At the moment I don’t use any battle items at all. Without buying energy I can’t finish the tower and so won’t be able to score high. And without playing for a better placement, there is no need to use items. I’m playing slow, if heroes get curses so be it and if I lose a lvl or two it doesn’t really matter.
Back when towers where finishable without gems I used tornadoes for emergencies and some damage dealing items (dragon, bombs, axes)

After nearly 4 years playing I’m in the comfortable position that I don’t need battle items for any kind of quests. But most of the time I have different kind of healing potions with me just for emergencies and because I don’t use them for anything else.

Or to write it not for the events but per battle item:

Small antidote:
Pretty much everywhere, when the opponent gives negative status effects or dot. (2-300/month or with some dot heavy events a lot more)

Any kind of healing potion:
Quest, map stages (0-50/month)

Small mana:
Titans, rare events, (500/month)

Normal mana:
Epic event, sometimes myth Titan (>100/month)

Big mana:
Legendary event (>50/month)

Titan (3-400/month)

Rare/epic event (>100/month)

Epic/legendary events (200/month)

Bear banner:
Myth Titan, rare event (100/month)

Dragon banner:
Epic/legendary event (>50/month)

Legendary event, myth Titan (50-70/month)

Time stop:
Myth Titan (>20/month)

Scroll of alteration:
Myth Titan (5/month)

Myth Titan (5/month)

So that’s pretty much what I use during a month. There are no real problems to farm enough crafting mats for all those. Banners, axes and bombs I’m producing far more than I use each month. Different potions I’m most of the time producing when I’m low, but because I’m mostly using the small ones there is absolutely no shortage from the mats.
Only problem are arrows and tornadoes, they both need the same and I have a relative high arrow usage. So there I can’t really produce more than I use each month.
Time stops I don’t produce at all, I get more than I use as loot from different sources, same with revive scrolls for titans or the few dragon storms I use.
And those hunter lodge items I always restock after the myth titan, so that I’m prepared for the next one. Producing 5 of each once a moth is absolute no problem.


Thx for these advices.
These will be helpful for several players.


great insights here!

I agree with your key point re: using battle items wisely. For Mythic Titan as well, I use my best items (alteration scrolls, tornadoes) with my best team, and use cheaper ones on others.

For Ninja Tower, when it was still only 50 floors, I used to use a lot of Titanium Shields. now though, I only use up all my “free” energy, and the pressure to finish any stage no matter what is lower (as I won’t finish the whole tower anyway…!) so I’ve been using fewer Titanium Shields too.

one more point for me, is that food is usually my bottleneck, so it’s easier for me to stock up on iron-only battle items - I have a lot of Tornadoes, Bombs, Time stops and Titan Banners saved up


Great work @ferg!
I agree with most of what you say except I tell myself to use cheap items (arrows, banners, minor mana) as often as possible. I’ve always had huge stockpiles of these things and I want to tell myself to use these as often as possible since.

A common thing I see is folks either use zero items or use the best items possible. Neither of those is probably optimal.


Nice observation. For stage play, I don’t use items. Titans, events, challenges and quests, yes. I’ve seen youtube video of a person whose mats usage, to me, is mind bending. Resources take so long to acquire.


Gracias por el aporte

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@ferg Thank you, this is incredibly helpful!

I have a clueless question: what’s the purpose of all those arrows against titans? Is it just to make them miss, or what? If you find the time to explain I’d love to know.


Pretty much yes.

As long as the Titan is stunned everything is fine, but when I’m not able to stun the Titan I will get problems with my teams. Probably ⅔ of the heroes I use get one shoted, some of the weaker even from 12* and now the 14* kill pretty much all 4* and even some 5* heroes I use, with 1 hit.

There would be different possibilities to avoid that, you could either use banners to increase your defense.
Use axes or bombs to decrease the attack from the Titan.
Gamble and use arrows so that he miss completely.
Or use time stops that it doesn’t fire at all.

Time stops are the most effective, but extremely expensive to build for daily use.

Axes and bombs are also relative effective, depends how weak the hero is and how hard the Titan hits. But I’m using those especially for events and need them there more, so I don’t want to waste them on titans. If someone doesn’t use those items anywhere else they can be really helpful.

Banners is pretty much the same, just another mechanic making the hero stronger instead of the Titan weaker.

Arrows are a gamble, if you are lucky the Titan misses completely. That’s also a difference to the other items where you still get damage, and 2 hits on the same target kill it still. With arrows you can get lucky and avoid that. Of course you can also get hit each time.
The main reason why I use arrows instead of the other things is I don’t need them anywhere else, and although I was a little bit complaining about material shortage, arrow ingredients are still far easier to farm than something for axes or bombs.


Thanks @ferg! That was super helpful.

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I was under the impression that arrows will stun a Titan, allowing you to unleash a harpoon on a stunned Titan? :thinking:

No, not really, arrows just blind them.

But good point mentioning harpoons.
Of course someone could use a lot of different hunter lodge items for Titan fights, but for me they are far, far to expensive.

Harpoons are the only realistic item for daily fights and they also lower attack. But we only make tier 1 full, so that’s 2-3 harpoons per player each week, doesn’t really help me hold my heroes alive each fight.

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I am playing this game for more than 3 years and I have to realize an increasing shortage in my resources. Not only in line with the clash of knight.

But the clash is extreme. It is too hard and the lot is too low. I was able to complete the last one in all stages.

This time the colour combination was permanent awfully and so I was not able to end all steps. Spend more than 60 bombs and hour glasses and even some juwels and got nothing.

For me I decided to ignore the third step of the clash for the next time - if a team with more than 4700 is not enough, to run through, I should really ask SG what they are expecting. Anyway the 5 coins in combination with the low result to get a good hero is not worth to spend so many resources and time.


I’m sorry to hear that. Some advice, next time you struggle with a particular event or quest, visit the thread for it, ask for help share the heroes you have available and most of the time there is someone who will find a relative easy solution for the problem you face.

As you have seen yourself TP is a rather worthless measurement for teams.

You can beat that event relative easy with 4* heroes.

Simplest solution would be proteus if you have one.
Take proteus, and 4 heroes of one other color including 1 def down, 1 healer or overheal If you have, one attack boost, one element def down. (if you struggle to hold proteus alive take a second healer or minion maker)

As battle items take small antidotes. And 3 different mana.
Play normal till wave 2. At the end of wave 3 you should only have used antidotes. Charge all heroes at the end of wave 2 and heal back to full live.
At Boss wave use proteus. Fire your heroes and play the board.
Make combinations as big as possible, you want to move as many stones as you can. Make cascades and gems.
When proteus is recharged wait till the mana effect is gone and fire him again. If he isn’t recharged when his effect is gone use the mana items you need.
Even without a single dark stone you can feed proteus enough mana to stop the bosses for 30 turns and deal over 3k hp damage via his dot.
The bosses have around 5-6k hp. But it’s nearly impossible to not have enough stones in the other color in 30 turns to deal additional 2-3k damage via stones. And if the board is complete :poop:, or you loose a hero just start again.

This is extremely cheap via battle items, most of the time using small or medium mana pots is enough and relative simple.

And if you don’t have proteus, just post next time when you are stuck, in the thread of the event and I’m pretty sure you will get help.

We had people finishing legendary with 2 3* heroes, 2 4* heroes and 1 5* last alliance event.
Built the right team and everything is possible.


Thank you for the advice, but my heroes are strong enough, last challange I struggle only 2 times in the whole challange - here it was 12 times in the last 4 levels therefore 7 times in the last one. The other unsuccessful attempts I did not counting, but over all it was more than 20. Fortunately I have enough world energy.

Bad colour combination are OK, but there were too many for me in this challange - best greetings from the counter attacks.

Anyway the lot is too low for the difficulty, time and ressources so I play the legendary part next time with a stop loss limit - max. 4 losses will be accepted.

Cheers Reder


Welcome, I didn’t flag your post but it is specifically against forum rules. A forum owned and operated by SG. We participate here as guests.


Fantastic post! Battle items saved me a lot during quests, especially Epic stages since I don’t have a 4* minion summoner to help with damage dealing. On Legendary quests, I never go without tornadoes, Dragon Attacks, and Time Stops!

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Wait, you’re using banners for top 1k rare and top 500 epic? You have my full attention.

Mind sharing your strategy? I’m in constant shortage of other mats, but I can craft a ton of banners.

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Normally I don’t have much problems reaching those placements without many battle items. It’s just easier for me to farm for the perfect board instead of wasting a ton of items. Because now I farm even less and have a lot of flasks…

So I’m killing most stages just with stones and skills. Replaying a stage gives you a good feeling how many stones you need or which special is able to kill enemies.
So if I’m playing a stage where I know that a 3 stone combination wouldn’t kill an enemy directly but would damage it to nearly 0 I will use a banner at the start, when the initial board looks promising.
Then the damage is enough to kill those enemies with stones.

It’s just cheaper for me, I would get the same result with 3 stones and an axe for the rest HP. But banners are cheaper to produce for me and I don’t use them excessively anywhere else.


Thanks! I’ll give it a shot. Flasks are as much of a limiting factor as items for me though.