Do you need materials against 9 star and higher?

I’d like to know what’s better. Good lineup or timestops etc.

Do materials really boost that much?

Turtle Banners, antidotes(if titan does DoT dmg like poison or fire), axes or bombs and minor mana pots at the minimum.

I’d save the timestops/tornadoes for rare titans and maybe 11*/12* titans.


Yes. If you start out with a gorgeous board, you want to charge certain heroes immediately (Wilbur, Wu Kong, Tarlak, etc) if you have them. It will turn a 15k attack into a 40k for me.

Conversely, a horrible board and you’ll want to turtle (or dragon if it’s worth the extra) banner immediately to keep your heroes from being 1-2 shotted and not even being able to finish the timer.

Your lineup generally doesn’t change just based on the titan level (on color yes), but I only have experience through 9*.

Every advanced player fighting higher level titans should be using battle items and it will show in your damage, depending on your heroes of course. I don’t use time stops or tornadoes yet as I can’t even craft them. The first thing to do on a new titan is to check whether you need antidotes.

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Forgot about the antidotes. Lol. And I do use blue as I use Wilbur and wu

Use battle items, but do so sustainably. I can’t farm enough materials to keep up if I use tornadoes, time stops, or super mana potions on every titan, so I save those for rares. For regular titans I use antidotes, turtle banner, small mana and arrows


Here also turtle, small mana, arrows and dotes. Although on 12s you’ll need to use axes/bombs too, turtles aren’t always enough to not get oneshot. But still getting used to 12s here, so ask the experts :wink:

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I normally use arrows, axes, turtle banners and antidotes. Tornadoes instead of axes on rares. The only time I use timestop is against the rare red tiger who has the counterattack special, that dude is super rude. Against the purple onyx dragon you don’t need antidotes and I use small mana.

I’m out of tornadoes, that’s telling everything about my titan hits :upside_down_face:
100hp potions, antidote, mana potions

As a rule of thumb you should not use more than 1-3 tornadoes per titan then you should always have enough supply.

Sometimes its important to accept that the board is super bad and that the hit will be tiny and not to waste items on it except the turtle/axe combo to stay alive;)

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