I would appreciate some advice on CRAFTING!

I have read a lot on the forum and I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for. I believe I have at least a average knowledge on upgrading buildings, raids, Titans, quests, war, troops, TCs, and training. The one thing I’m conflicted on and lacking knowledge of is crafting. I understand how each item works but not sure what I should be crafting. I see that some items conflict with crafting others. Below is a list of items I already have and what ingredients I have. Right now I’m kinda crafting whatever just to make sure no food is wasted. I have 5 miracle scrolls, 20 super mana pots, 7 time stops, 1 tornado, 20 dragon attacks, 7 super healing pots, 4 super antidotes, 20 bombs, 16 revive scrolls, 47 axes, 89 potent healing pots, 44 mana pots, 54 arrows, 52 healing pots, not enough baners, and way to many of the rest lol. I’m not only looking to craft for the event.

Thank you everyone for all your help. I’m asking for advise I plan on using.

“I’m not planning on crafting for the event” - then dont craft. You can do everything else without items. Can you be more specific as to what you want items for?(titan battles/world map etc). In either case - tornadoes, time stops, dragon attack, and dragon banners are insanely powerful.


Dragon attack on titans? Wouldn’t bombs be better?

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It’s hard to give you any advice without knowing what aspects of the game you focus more. Basically, arrows is the most universal item IMO since it blinds your oponent (be it titan or monsters/bosses). And they are cheap.

Antidotes are a good way to go if you know the enemy you’re fighting has a special skill that harms you over time (deals damage over time, lowers your defense/attack etc.). They remove those ailments & also give you a little health boost. Personally I only use the minor (small) antidotes since they do the job just fine and IMO crafting the other ones is a little redundant (they still clear off the ailments but the amount of health is minor).

Bombs and their smaller sibling - axes are good for last waves in Events (or boss levels in general). You can pack up 5 of each so that’s 1000 damage (axes) or 1500 damage (bombs). Good for titans too.
Bombs are my favourites, I always craft as many as I can before Events.

Time stops are great for titans or bosses in Events that have nasty specials. But they’re quite expensive and the ingredients are hard to get. I always have a few of those in case of a rare titan.


All replies are correct. From my point of view arrow attacks take advantage on nearly every occasion. blinding effect is perfect for the beginning of a battle to minimize damage to your Team until the skills are filled. Also antidotes are perfect as this is the only item (if I remember right) that heals the complete Team (a bit).
I personally like to have Tornados for Titans as my bord usually is crap but this is only a single view…

Thanks for the reply guy’s I do understand that it isn’t as black and white as asking what should I be doing. I guess its more of wanting to know what should I do overall. As I progress through legendary for the first time ill see what I need to focus on as I go. I have just crafted as I go to make sure no iron is wasted due to full storages. I have read a lot about items making a big difference against titans so along with seeing what I’ll need for the event ill use the information above to the best of my knowledge. Thanks. Fighting 8 and 9 stars I’m already using arrows, T banners, and antidotes of all sizes, and try to find a new strategy using some other 4th item.

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Thank you. I guess the one I missed is the one I needed to see lol.

My priorities of what I want to use are (Mostly for titans and events; I’m not competitive on events yet, I mostly use items to survive triple-boss stages):

  1. Antidotes
  2. Mana
  3. Direct damage battle items
  4. Time Stops & Tornados
  5. Banners
  6. Healing / Revive

If you want to use different categories of battle items than I do, your choices will be different. With these priorities in hand, I sorted things by category and looked for ingredient conflicts, and noted them, at least on the item(s) I’m less likely to make:

Priority crafting items:

Item Notes/Conflict(s)
Antidotes Only Cloth use; Oil also for timestops
Minor Healing Potion Main use of common herbs; also healing
Potent Healing Potion (potent leaves & firestones conflict with turtles)
Minor Mana Potion No other users of either bones or strips
Mana Potion
Super Mana Potion
Arrow Attack Only string use; Crude Iron is a trade off with Tornados
Axe Attack
Bomb Attack
Dragon Attack
Time Stop Oil conflict with antidotes
Tornado 4 Crude Iron is a lot; conflicts with Arrows
Turtle Banner (potent leaves & firestones conflict with potent healing)

OK to Craft:

Item Notes/Conflict(s)
Healing Potion Mushrooms; also used for Axes
Dragon Banner Dust for mana, tornados; steel conflicts with potent healing

Don’t Craft:

Item Notes/Conflict(s)
Super Antidodes Dust for mana, tornados; firestones
Super Healing Potion Orichalcum for Tornados
Revive Scroll Midnight roots for Mana, Super Mana, Bombs + Orichalcum for Tornados
Miracle Scroll Crude Iron for Arrows & Tornados + Midnight roots for Mana, Super Mana, Bombs + Metor for Super Mana
Bear Banner Too much Metal Ore (Axe, Bomb use only 1)

For titans, you definitely want items to reverse ailments from their specials. Antidotes will always do, but I like to use bear banners to flip attack debuffs and turtle banners to flip defense debuffs. Poison, fire and blindness need antidotes. Bombs, axes and arrows are all useful for reducing the deadliness of attacks. Time stops and tornadoes are great for occasional use.

For events, you’ll want dragon attacks and bombs to speed-clear levels on Legendary, or similar damage-dealers at lower tiers. And mana potions, the bigger the better. I like tornadoes, too, to unjam a board.

Do not use items while farming. If you need them, farm something easier.


I agree on liking banners to flip the debuffs off me with titans instead of antidotes.

Turtles are great.

Bears are similarly useful, but they need too much metal ore for me to want to craft many of them, given the conflicts.

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Very nice chart. Saved. Did you put that together. If so thank you so much. If not thank you anyways for sharing it. Easier to study of just quick reference.

You’re welcome. Yes, I did compile it, although I started with somebody else’s work and added my own additions and opinions. (There is more data; not as relevant, and would be crowded and confusing to try to fit the whole sheet here)

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Well thank you sir. I’m stealing your post and sharing it in LINE with a special thanks to you. Don’t say no… Plz… I’m doing it anyways… :slight_smile:

All good!

If I didn’t want it shared I wouldn’t post it on the open internet :rofl: ! Credit is always nice! FYI My line ID matches my forum one.

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I In having a hard time copying this and something this detailed deserves better then screens shots. If I look you up you mind sending it to me? Mine is also the same name.

@Chris30osu I hope this helps.


Yea it does thank you very much. Between the two ill study both.

@Chris30osu the general consensus is you want to slow down how many items you use for titans and start saving some for events. Rare you can only use bombs and axes. Legendary you can use dragon attacks and time stops and tornados.

Right on. I mostly use arrows, turtle banner, antidotes, sometimes a random 4th item. I also only had to use items in the last two of legendary and the last one on advanced. I just feel like I should take advantage of using items to up my game. Ill just experiment and see what happens. Right now I just upgrade at a lv. 20 forge to get rid of food or iron.

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