🔴 TITAN POLL: What battle items do you use when attacking a titan? multiple choices - help needed; thx ;)

TITAN POLL: What battle items do you use when attacking a titan? multiple choices

Info Poll used here: 🧭 Matrix Guide for battle items needed to be crafted for Titans and Events - not to waste and prioritise ingredients; update: Hunters Lodge Matrix added

  • Minor healing potion
  • Minor mana potion
  • Antidotes
  • Arrow attack
  • Healing potion
  • Bear banner
  • Turtle banner
  • Axe attack
  • Potent healing potion
  • Mana potion
  • Super antidotes
  • Bomb attack
  • Revive scroll
  • Dragon banner
  • Super healing potion
  • Dragon attack
  • |Super mana potion|17|1 firestone, 1 meteor fragment, 1 midnight root|82,200 food|One hero gains 100% mana|5|
  • Time stop
  • Tornado
  • Miracle scroll

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Pretty cool idea, voted in both


For normal titans I use axes and antidotes, also take small and medium mana along in case if a good board.

For rares I Usually go all out with timestops, tornados, and big/medium manas.


Great poll! Voted in both!

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Axes, antidotes and mana pots for regular ones. Might break out timestops and tornadoes for the rares.

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Exactly the same here :+1:

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@DotCom @EvilSmoothie

there are cases when a titan debuffs your defense > antidote or turtle banner or dragon banner
there are cases when a titan debuffs your attack > antidote or bear banner or dragon banner
when a titan burns/poisons/lowers accuracy > antidote

  • Antidote
  • Antidote
  • And… Antidote

Small ones always. As stated, big ones doesn’t worth spending the materials.
And I’m not fan os banners, only use those I get from Mystic Vision and others. I prefer buffers instead.

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20 charss…

i only use small mana potions on my two borals
i should get three blue tiles x 2 at start then my two borals get counter spell activated so any were between two - to four max if 0 blue tiles
if titan looks like escaping ill use bombs

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20 charsssssss…

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Nice threads voted in both :slight_smile:

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It depends… a 1 and 2 star none…

Now i’m fighting 12 star and i def. need big manna buff to fire up wu and wilbur at start and a timestop to get the titan not shooting. Then a tornado would be nice and green flasks…

So use of materials depends on titan you’re fighting against. My vote is for high material… when doing 10 star a tornado will take you to 60k… lol



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