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Hi everyone I’m Tony and have been playing this game since November, have been reading a lot here and have learnt a lot about the game here and there’s a lot of information here, shame haven’t start reading here before have used talents on 3* heroes but is part of the learning making mistakes lol, have bought about 12 heroes and had some free ones on various part of the game, my question is which heroes I should use for raids, titans and the game in general? Have been a bit lucky as have 5 5* heroes already but haven’t used Marjana yet as I’m in the process of ascending her.
Any help/suggestions are very welcome.
Thanks Tony :grinning:`

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Hiya @ctx! Welcome to the game and the forum!!

First a general bit of advice (quoting myself from another post):

Similar logic and reasoning applies to 3* hero’s as the stage before moving onto 4* heroes… Don’t need as many, before moving onto the 4* heroes but still should get some 3* maxed before focusing on the 4*…

It’s all about progressions…

So With That In Mind

Who to Work On?

Leave Marj be for the moment.
Work on Namahage, jhangir and Hawkmoon costume.
Then come back and take Marjana to 2-60 & 3-70 if no red 4* have appeared.

Seeing as you spent the mats, you may as well finish Vela to 3-70… However it will take a very very long time given you’re newish to the game

Again you’re a bit light on blue 4* heroes like you are with red ones…

STOP KASHHREK!! Yes he’s a god tank but only short term. Unfortunately he had virtually no use beyond a mid-game tank…

Focus instead on Caedmon > Melendor > Little John

Also worth getting a couple 3* maxed too here. Brianne, Mnessus and Berden are all great ones :slight_smile:

If suggest working on Li Xiu first then keep going with Chao. Then Danza.

Again, like the greens, it’s worthwhile having some 3* maxed for depth… Bane and Gan Ju are both solid :slight_smile:

Rigard. No competition for priority. Next Cyprian before circling back and working on sartana.

Like the other colours, a couple 3* are easy to get done and give good depth for wars and titans initially. Tyrum & Balthazar are great purples.


For the most part I’ve avoided advising costumes for one reason. Depth is key early on.

Working on a costume doesn’t grant you the depth, only versatility. In some cases the costume is better and warrents being worked on (hawkmoon notably) but most are only partially better.

I’d suggest working on costumes BEFORE working on 5* heroes but not until after you got some depth.

Training Camp

My suggestion for your setup

Early game - SH <13
Hold off on mass training. Use the cheap training as a bank of sorts
When able, switch to TC11

Mid game - SH 13-20
I’d suggest running:
1x TC13 always - pumps out 3* with a chance of 4* heroes
2x TC11

Later Game - SH20
Stop the TC13 and start running:
1x TC20
2x TC11
1x TC11 / TC2 / TC19 (depending on what resources you have excess of)

If you want you can change the last training camps to also be TC20 to increase chances of getting 5* heroes


Game is about progress! Biggest and best thing you can do is build depth early.

First focus on 3* as this gives you a platform to work from
Then 4* and finally 5* heroes only once you got 3-4 4* teams maxed.

All-in-all, it’s a grind but as long as you work from bottom upwards, it’ll always be a progressive grind.


Hi Guvnor and thanks for the quick reply :smiley:, have just reached sh15 and building another farm as very short of hams, running 1 TC13, 1TC4 and 1 TC2 as it gives a few 2* for feeders, have spent money to get heroes and the special offers they make but won’t spend on resources as to expensive. As to your advice I have been trying to max Rigard but because had him on costume got to level 40, just to be told that have to ascend him first without costume, silly mistake but is part of learning, would like to have him to replace Hawkmoon but you suggest to level Hawkmoon with costume, will she be better than him? Also have Li Xiu and Marjana just waiting for hams to ascend as have all the mats necessary for ascension, so should I just leave Marjana and start with another or Hawkmoon with costume, having in mind I have the tabs for Rigard?
Kashhrek have been like that for about a month as don’t have the shields for ascension so that’s why trying to get Rigard for his place but you think is better Mellendor, Little John or Caedmon, have read a lot of Caedmon but only had him yesterday, so which should I ascend first?
Chao been waiting for a horb for a while too and Li Xiu just for hams to ascend so should leave Chao and concentrate on Li Xiu? Which team should I hit titans? Asking this because sometimes can hit them at around 15k and others at only 6k? Should I use different heroes for different colours of Titans? Sorry to be a pain with so many questions and thank you very much in advance for your advice.
PS sorry if my English not 100%
Thanks Tony

In order to have strong color stacked heroes vs titans, you’ll need to expand your depth for now, as @Guvnor pointed out. At some point, 3* heroes aren’t any good vs titans at all, as they’ll get one-shotted. You don’t yet have a ‘titan team,’ so just take your best heroes. Strong healers are a must vs any color titan.

Having a bench that lets you at least participate in events and tourneys at all levels will get you more ascension materials faster. You have some great heroes, it will just take time.

Hi Raghadorn thanks for your reply and have been using in this order left to right Hawkmoon, Kashhrek, Vela, Chao/Grimble and Sartana for everything, titans, wars and raids, use Kashhrek near Hawkmoon and Vela because they both get killed very quick, am I doing wrong not using Kashhrek as tank? If so what are the best positions for them or should I change some for other heroes?
Thanks Tony

Also have another question, my alliance have near 30 people but only a dozen fights titans, we kill all the 3* but a lot of 4* escape because people won’t attack them, should I change alliance? Get frustrated when use all my flags on 4* titans hoping for good things and people won’t attack them :sob:
Thanks Tony

You should definitely check out another alliance, there is constant recruitment under way, and finding one that’s more active shouldn’t be much trouble.

Kashrek is a great tank for raid defense until Diamond, then like has been stated, he become pretty obsolete. If he keeps your heroes up, he’s not a bad choice for your main team, but I’d replace him with Rigard or Melendor quickly.

There is no ‘tank’ on an offensive team. Your defense team ‘wing-flank-tank-flank-wing’ only comes into play when you’re attacked, and the AI handles the interaction. That’s where Kashrek is a good.

Early on, you’ll be working with just one team, improving it as you can. As you do, you’ll start adjusting your team for what you’re doing - not every hero is suited for every situation. The main areas to think about when looking at a hero - Raid Defense, Raid Offense, Titans, Events/Map Battles, Class Quests. The best heroes to level early on fill multiple roles, like snipers and healers.

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In my opinion, there’s not much point worrying about your Raid Defense team until you can hold 1800 cups. Just make sure your Collect Heroes chest gets filled. For war, your best setup will depend on the color tank that your alliance uses (if there’s a strategy to do that). Otherwise:

Chao - Hawkmoon - Kashrek - Vela - Sartana

That’ll change quickly once you get more 4*'s to 70, as they’ll be preferable for 5’s at 3^70 (in most cases).

Your war defense is not the best place to focus your efforts on this early in the game.

2 rainbow teams of 3s and 4s is the stepping stone you should shoot for.

Oh ok I understand now, thought tanks where for offence teams too, thank you very much for your help and will start leveling more 4* to make a couple good teams :blush:

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