🔱 [Mar 2020] Atlantis Summon Results

Aeron is nice, if a bit outdated, too. Don’t hunt for him, but if he’ll pop up he’ll be a cool addition for a dark stack.

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In the 12 attempts to win a Rigard (I haven’t yet) and a Tarlak is very good. Unfortunately he disputes tonics with Kingston, but I want to see if in 3/70 he surpasses Wu Kong. I wanted Proteus and Wilbur but it’s next time.


Telluria, Azlar, Melendor, Kashrek, Triton and Wilbur in 12 pulls. (Coins and today’s offer). I’m more than happy.

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same for me… and this time… 10 pull aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand…

no Ursena again…
2 4* dupes (triton, cyprian)
8 3* dupes (jahangir, belith, muggy 2x, chochin 3x, carver)


1 x Telluria… nice!

but Ursena keeps evading me…


4 coin-pulls:
Namahage 3, muggy (fodder), Agwe (new, but a subpar 4*), and ulmer. Keep hoping for proteus…

Hey this is a thread where where you can compare your results of of your Atlantis summons!

Did you get any featured Hero or the hero of the month?

  • HOTM
  • Featured Hero
  • Any other 5* hero of S2
  • Normal 5*
  • None of the above

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Which one did you get?

  • Anzogh
  • Inari
  • Ursena
  • Aeron
  • Telluria
  • No featured hero

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What else did you get?

  • 5* S2 Hero
  • 5* S1 Hero
  • Good 4* Hero
  • Only 3*

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How many summons and did you get what you wanted ?

  • 1-10
  • 10-20
  • 20-50
  • 50+
  • I got what I wanted
  • I didn’t

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Are you happy with your results?

  • Yes completely
  • It’s ok
  • I’m not happy

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if you would like to share your new Heros, please post a pic down below.

2020 HOTM compared

Best hotm of 2019

Gneral Atlantis Thead

Telluria Details

Anzogh Details

Good luck and feel free to contact me if I missed something!


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I only got this guy, with 5 summons

Nice poll.

I am hoarding coins to summon for returning GM. Pulled only once for the lucky Ursena - got Mnesseus.

Not going to summon anymore this time.


I wish you more luck next time

I’m with you @Suicide_Bunny, he’s eluded me for much too long. He WILL be mine!!!


Which one do you mean @PapaHeavy

I only summoned on my alt, hoping to get Wilbur or a 5*.

  • 100 coins: Sumitomo 2 fed to Guardian Falcon
  • bought 2 offers (50 coins, 800 gems): Gobbler 2, Triton, Melia

Gobbler will be fed to Heimdall. Triton is new & good for that roster. Melia is the xth.

On my main I’m hoarding for Seshat in June.


Triton is very nice in my opinion :slight_smile: I got him on 3/60 and have to decide between him and Vela to level up


I’m holding my gems for Gravemaker. Mays returning HotM is GM. Not anything I don’t have or really want here, other than Telluria but I took my shot.


Not really sure why I voted, didn’t expect more than a 3* with my 1 coin summon.


@AngelOfDark666 Seshat would be a dream


I got this guy . Only did 7 pulls . I plan to do 3 more for portal chest .

I dont know how to feel


Every one counts :slight_smile: I just play a few more stages to get coins and summon again :smiley:

Damn congratulations!

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Okay pull. 5* healer with ailment protection for 3.

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