Who to keep? Who to feed? Who to level up first?

I’ve jumped into E&P pretty heavy a few months ago and made ALOT of early mistakes, mainly because I didn’t know. You’d cringe if you knew of a couple heroes I fed away (early on I had no idea how important it was to have more than your best 5). I like my current alliance, there are a couple great people who will give me some guidance, but even that is rare. The alliance is not social so I am unable to ask questions (and get answers), and I have soooooooo many questions.

So I’m asking, if anyone has a couple minutes when they are bored out of their mind, to check my current group of heroes and tell me how you would proceed. Who to focus on, who to get rid of (I plan on attempting to get heroes with gems, but I need a plan of action with my current batch before I start loading up with more), how to use my remaining trainers, etc.

I greatly appreciate any advice you have. Thank you!


Oh man, this is gonna be fun :wink:

Been a min (I’m doing this right before bed tho, a lil rushed, so apologies if I gloss over some of this)

Quick tip: start focusing on 4* as your base, and 3* as inbetweens, as they’ll zoom by fast. And at this stage, building depth is key for so much of the games content. 5* can wait til last, as it’ll take you a bit to received the necessary materials anyway

I know you mentioned trying to make space, so below I’ll list the ones I think you can get rid of if need be, but I’d recommend expanding your hero roster instead. Much cheaper than summons, and you’re gonna need sufficient depth for a lot of the end-game content. So if you have the time and the feeders, building out even the least attractive heroes wouldn’t be a total waste


You’ve already got Jahangir done, OK, so…


  1. Boldtusk!! This dude will not let you down. You always need healers, and his attack buff comes in handy for increasing damage vs things like titans. Also makes a solid starter tank defensively.

  2. Scarlett - she’s got a great attack stat, so a must for tile damage/raw damage. Help increase scores vs green titans too. Not great defensively, less in the wings, tho.

  3. Colen - also great attack stat, and will help round out your roster for war. Rush as well, and maybe eventually… challenge events :grin:

  4. Sumitomo - This one you can keep if ya want, but I’m not a huge fan, so least save for last


  1. Waqas - Great attack stat, but slow speed, so mostly for rush. Decent defensive star cuz of his AoE hit

  2. Skrekok - Scaling attack buff, so will be your strongest in fire, but imo there are better out there that cover all, that I wouldn’t prioritize him til all remaining important projects are thru


You’ve nearly got Frank done at 3/60. I’d max his costume out as far as ya can too (they go by quick) for the stat boost it’ll add, then move onto:


  1. Kiril - Another healer lol I know, but you can never have enough. Also, his buffs are truly amazing.

  2. Captain of Diamonds - not my favorite minion counter, but nowadays, you need several, so I wouldn’t leave this dude alone for too long. Esp when you start seeing minions defenses quite frequently. Otherwise, I’m not the biggest fan of his

  3. Valeria - honestly, you could probably skip her if you weren’t desperate for depth. Nice for her speed, but leaves a lot to be desired. So wouldn’t prioritize, but get to when you’ve got the time


  1. Joukahainen - this dude is amazing for his priority dispel and immunity to new buffs. Makes him great offensively for the utility and defensively for the AoE hit

  2. Jarif - another immunity to buffs, but only on one. Not a huge fan tbh (don’t like average speed snipers), but if you need depth, sure… Or else make room elsewhere

  3. Eat Graymane and don’t feel guilty bout it



I see Caedmon is waiting for his 3* mats at 3/60 (good choice for the fast snipe and dispel), so onto…

  1. Skittleskull - she’s great for her attack stat (need that for stacking tiles and titans), and also makes an excellent rush star. Hard to use outside of rush due to speed, but will offer some utility and increased survivability for map stages (and such) with attack down


  1. Finish Brienne, then onto… Zarel - another slow hero that’s mostly good for rush, but with the bard bonus, could help speed your other heroes along as well. Also one of the most recently released of these, meaning she offers a lot with her SS

  2. By-Ulf - honestly, not a huge fan, but if you need a 3* tank for tournaments like Buff Booster, or rush, then maybe. Or need more healers. Otherwise, wouldn’t prioritize.

  3. Isshtak - til you pull his costume, not important imo. So could either feed away for now and wait, or build up if you have the space and time. (You need serious depth for things like contest of elements, so doesn’t hurt to build where ya can)



Sally is done…

  1. Hu Tao - as your only 4* in this element, seems you have no choice but to build him. Solid rush hero, and blind can be quite invaluable


  1. Bane - good ole Bane. Solid sniper; will help you a lot in 3* Tournies, for sure


Leave Morax at 2/60 for as long as possible, and move onto…


  1. Rigard - lol healers on healers on healers :sweat_smile::rofl: but for real, you’re gonna need em all, maybe even in triplicate lol. Plus, cleanse is an important skill, and it’s hard to find in early game, so he’s vital.

  2. Tiburtus - as your only defense down, you need this dude, as that’s one of the best synergies in this game (increasing damage), and also essential for putting up high scores on any and all titans (especially yellow, in Tibs’ case)

  3. Cyprian - personally, not a fan of counter-attack, but this early in, I’m sure it’ll help ya. Makes a decent tank, and may help complete some extra difficult map or quest stages, as well


  1. Edd - get him done for a nice sniper in dark 3*, and he adds another immunity to buffs (great skill) if the target survives. Can never get enough of that

  2. Oberon - add some variation, and give ya someone to turn to in this element for rush. The AoE makes him a solid defensive hero as well. Slow speed is hard to utilize outside of rush except for the map tho

  3. Balthazar - back to another fast sniper, and this early on, best to take all the fast heroes you can muster for offensive raid purposes. This dude is a killer, but very similar to Edd, which is why he’s third.

Okay, so there goes my speedy recommendation based on what you’ve shared. Lemme know if you have any questions, or else I’m off to bed :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: G’night :v:


Start with 3 star heroes, they are MUCH faster to get maxed and cost no special mats. You can build a solid base quickly and cheaply which will start producing better loot (meaning the mats you need for bigger heroes). usually poeple recommend 3-5 3 star heroes in each color before moving on, personally I am recommending the upper end of the scale, if (and only if) you have good 3 star heroes to level. If you don´t have good 3s left after the third I would move on to 4stars (again only if you have good ones there).

Level Projects:
Yellow: Bane
Purple: Edd then Balthazar
Blue: Jouka then jarif
Red: finish LB Jahangir, then Skrekok and Waqas
Green: Finish Brienne then Zarel


Quit the game. uninstall. Save yourself now! I beg of you!

But If my plea fails and falls on deaf ears, I will give an analysis in an edit, soon.

I would keep 10-20 empty roster space for feeders and leveling. Expand your roster a few times as needed. Gems well spent.

I was arrogant and thought I would get ahead by skipping to 4*, lol. I did not heed the advice to begin with 3*.

I somewhat regretted it. I came back to 3* after i realized the second paywall of AMs or Ascension Materials. I detail them in another response below.

I would Level Joukaheinen as fast as you can. He is AMAZING. I would then Level Zarel. That will give you a Rainbow 3* because you already have the others done.

Then Focus on the 4* that you have mats for, prioritizing the healers. Rigard, Kiril, Boldtusk. They are all good. I still those those today in many lineups and teams. They become even more valuable after you get their costumes. Finish Frank and his Costume for sure.

I, personally, would feed away Oberon, Isshtak, Gerymane, and possibly Valeria… but while I did level Valeria, I agree with Panda she is lacking and haven’t used her for ANYTHING in forever. I might just feed her away even though she’s leveled…


In my honest opinion you need to focus on building 3 x 3* rainbow teams first and then 4 x 4* rainbow teams next. They will win you the rewards / mats to build any 5* heroes.
From your list of heroes I would develop:
Red - Boldtusk, Scarlett, Colen, Waqas and Skrekok
Blue - Kiril, Costume Frank, Joukahainen and Jarif
Green - Caedmon and Brienne
Yellow - Bane
Purple - Rigard, Tiburtus, Edd, Oberon and Balthazar
Once you have done all of those come back into the forum and ask for more advice on your roster
Whichever heroes you choose good luck


nobody will be disappointed when getting suggestion from @RandaPanduh :kissing_heart:


Really want to echo the “take your time” advice. Don’t pull-pull-pull. Wait until you have the AMs already before pulling new heros. Until then, work on building your base and collecting up a roster of 3stars with a couple of 4stars too. Focus on Boldtusk and Kiril. They’ll last you through the entire progression. I’d recommend having at least four 3stars maxed of a color before moving on to 4stars.


Excellent work! Especially right before bed!

I will only add a few things to this already well done review!

Hu Tao is a pain in the ■■■ for me to fight against. That’s how I measure good heroes. The ones I dislike fighting against.

Stop all leveling of 5* for now. Those feeders and precious food can used to build a solid base of heroes to compete in the events with and earn the ascension materials needed for 5*

List to us your mats. I would base leveling on that. If you have the trap tools to take up Rigard, then focus on him. If you have the blades for Boldtusk focus on him.

The first wall to end game is summoning the heroes, but the lesser known wall, is obtaining the materials needed for the final level of ascension.

4* heroes only require (4) four? blades, trap tools, orbs, warm capes, or shields for the final tier of ascension.

5* require (4) for the third tier and (4) more for the final tier, in addition to a D. Blade, A book, and (6) six of the appropriate color ascension material.(Rings, tonics, scopes, darts, and tabards.)

These come with time, and having a sufficient team built up to complete events, quests, kill titans, and earn a VERY small chance at one of these rare materials. These are time gated. However with enough real money, you can speed this up by buying the materials with every single offer, but we are talking about thousands of dollars.

This is why i recommend going elsewhere before you get in too deep.

If you are either Rich or patient, then this game can be fun and rewarding. Honestly it takes both to be even somewhat competitive in the middle tier.

I have been playing for nearly 4 years and I have SOOOO many heroes to level, but no money to buy the materials.

Watch for any quest that gives a reward of dart, tabard, scope, rings, tonic, D. Blade, or Book. These are the time gated materials and lesser known paywall to break through for end game.

Level up whoever you have materials for.


Don’t forget to level up your troops.

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You have no idea how grateful I am for this! I really need a social alliance so I can ask questions, I do A LOT of research but it’s really hard to navigate it all without being able to ask. Thank you sooooooo very much!


I swear knowing what I know now, I have contemplated on starting over… hah…. I did everything wrong for sooooooo long before I learned of the community and how to actually play. Like I said from the beginning I thought it was all about your top five and nothing else mattered. I then spent valuable resources on three star heroes (Sally I don’t mind, she’s a stud for me). But as of now I have time and money invested so I’m trying to right the ship and get better. I will obviously always continue to try and get better heroes, I just had no idea how to move forward with my current batch.

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Jimmy, I’m right with you. Care to trade for a fully emblemed Oberon?? How about my 3/60 LittleJohn, who wakes up just as he dies. I was smart (OK, not smart, LUCKY) enough to max out Boril He’s finished twice as many combats as anyone else on my team. Maybe someday we’ll be good enough to compete without riposte, but until then…

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Thank you! I think I got some bad advice (or read it) early on because I kept reading or hearing to “not use resources for 1-2-3*s.” Actually it was from a your tuber. So I only put time in energy into four stars and then the more I play the more I learn how much I screw myself. I’m definitely going to focus on maxing out my first three star rainbow team as my next agenda.

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Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond, you have no idea how grateful I am! For the advice, but especially and mainly for the time you took. I only wish I knew enough early on to find out how to really play. Thank you all very very much….

Thank you! I am definitely going to focus on getting my three stars in a good place before trying to get any new heroes. I’m just going to take my time and let it all happen. Thank you again

Thank you again! I also just subscribed to your YouTube page :+1:

If anyone ever needs advice on MK1 or MK2, I’m your guy lol… about the only 2 games I ever mastered. I’m pretty solid in PUBG as well, that is until someone who is actually pretty solid is around… haha

I am100% going to slow it down. The more I learn, the more I realize this game is definitely not a sprint. This was the exact advice I needed. thanks again!

Thanks so much for this post. I have learned a lot. I started playing about 5 or 6 weeks ago with a challenge for points from another website. I had to play thru level 20, then I planned on deleting it… well, now I’m almost at level 22 and still playing.

This game is ovrewhelming for newbies like me. I’m very familiar with match 3 play and city building but putting them together and adding hero’s that level and ascend, then when you thought you were through… now they can limit break and talent grid. Geez…

Throw in Alliances, dragons, maps, quests, raids, tournaments… OMG.

I don’t understand half of what you say in here (especially when you speak in acronyms) but I’m reading and learning.

I see now, I should back off leveling my 4 stars and concentrate on the 3 stars I have available. So I don’t hijack Jimmy’s post, I may start a post of my own asking your opinion of my team.

Quick question, I have been saving 1 of each 2 star, should i just use all of the 1 and 2 stars as levelers? Seems neither are really worth keeping? I am guessing I they are not worth leveling up either.

Maybe, there should be an overall Beginners Help post :slight_smile:

Thank you community!


This is a good place to start. An oldie but still relevant.

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