1.6 Release Notes

Version 1.6 Release Notes

Update out now for both iOS and Android.

  • New Challenge Event approaching!
    • Look out for a new, monthly event with new gameplay, heroes and rewards!
  • Balance Changes
    • Blind now affects each hit from a multi-target special attack separately.
    • Blind now affects debuffs from special attacks.
    • Kadilens’ Special Skill buff duration now counts turns correctly.
    • Fixed Athenas’ debuffs to stack correctly.
    • Fixed Briennes’ buffs to stack correctly.
    • Berserk now starts with a much lower attack bonus, but can reach a higher maximum value.
    • The maximum values of Troop property Mana Bonus have been increased slightly.
  • New Missions added.
  • Better rewards for Rare Quests.
  • New languages added.
    • Finnish, Swedish, Norwegian and Danish.
  • Various bug fixes and smaller improvements.
    • The value of many Featured Bundles has been improved
    • Chat room support added for all languages
    • Storage buildings cannot be converted to Barracks anymore.
    • Preview for the Special Attack of a Titan added