Wu Kong for titan - great advice - Thank You!

Hi dears,

The other day, I asked which yellow hero to level ( I have Joon and Li Xiu, both maxed).

The unanimous advice was: Wu Kong. For his power in titan battles.

I followed the advice. And I would like to say THANK YOU!!!

We let yesterday’ titan go, so I was able to practice a bit.

Now look at this!! My highest titan hit ever!

Thank you very much for your help and advice!


Hail to the damage King(Kong)!

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Hey nice hit @AnjaValkyrie! :slight_smile:


I almost pity the Titan that takes a big cascade of red tile damage from that lineup! :scream:

After Wu gets into your German beer stash he can show the Titan his amazing Drunken Monkey Kung Fu technique.

That’s a great score!


Good job, but take away that Richard as soon as you can.


Thank you, dears!


It was a green titan. Whom should I use instead of Richard, please?

I have (maxed):
Joon, Li Xiu - yellow
Caedmon, Cabin Boy Peters - green
Tiburtus, Obakan - purple
Kelile - red (In addition)
Grimm - blue (in addition)

With 3 red heroes on the board already and one yellow, what would be the most sensible alternative, please?

In addition, I can get to

4/80 - Alberich
3/70 - Arthus, Perseus

anyone but a blue (unless it’s athena or grimm or isarnia)…remember his damage is cut in half vs green. So his otherwise anemic 644 attack at 80 is really more like 322. Throw in any leveled purple or green 4 or 5*.

What star titan was that if you don’t mind me askng?


Tibertus would work nicely!



see above please.
I sent the posting off too early by mistake and had to edit it.

This was a 7* green titan.
Weird. We killed a 9* (our first), let the Next 9* go - and ended up with a 7* next.
Weird …

Absolutely Tiburtus.
That 52k may have been a 60/70k+ switching with him.


Wonderful, thank you, dears!


So, if I play a green, red or blue titan … and use 2 heroes of the strong color … and Boldtusk (I need his Healing and skill) … and Wu Kong … would Tiburtus (purple) be the best choice for the 5th hero at all times? Because he is not affected by this green- red-blue interdependence?

How about purple or yellow titans, now with Wu Kong?
Boldtusk, 2 strong color, Wu Kong - and whom, of the above?

So for a purple titan, I would play with 3x yellow?

I do apologize if these sound like noob questions. I know only what I have been taught. And what I have read. But I have not yet seen this situation described. At least not in a way that a 57 year old lady could understand …

Thank you very much in advance for your help and support!

sometimes I see long postings with … uhm … a lot of math… And I just think: nawww … let me just ask someone to explain this in easy terms … :wink:


@AnjaValkyrie, I’ve still yet to bring 3 of good attack color into a raid. Is this your typical Titan strategy, or just something you were testing 1st hand? Was curious how effective you find it to be.

I’m not quite to where I have that deep a bench, but working towards it.

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Against purple titans, you will absolutely want to take Joon + Wukong



2 of each strong color - yes.
I was working on that project since early November and just finished it recently.

3 - no. This just came out of Boldtusk + the 2 red shooters.

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I do like the idea of having one of the defense lowering guys on any Titan attack team, but unfortunately only have Gormek and Grimm at 3/60 thus far. Tibs was my first 4* and 1st fully ascended hero so I’m kinda partial to him.

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Oh, I love Tiburtus.
He is a very nice hero. And he has a seat on my farming team.

And if he gets a seat on m titan team (except purple), he would certainly be pleased :slight_smile:

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I sadly have no defense down player on my team, but if I did, I’d likely run Wu, Ares (in your case Tusk), Defense down person on all titans unless I had a compelling reason to pull Ares or the defense down person (meaning I had a stacked team) and then two others (making sure that I had two of strong color). If you have more than one, even better for you as you may avoid the ‘weak’ tile damage on a like color titan.


Anja - you want BT Wu and either Tibs or Grimm vs all titans.

Here’s what I would do for each color:

Green Titan: Wu Tibs BT Nat Scarlett
Blue Titan: Wu Grimm BT Alberich 80 cabin boy
Red Titan: Wu BT Grimm Richard Arthur
Purple: Wu BT Joon Li Xiu Grimm
Yellow: Wu BT Tibs Oba X (X= whatever)


wu kong is top versus titan

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Thank you!


Thank you.
I am sorry, but I do not understand your advice, I must admit. You are talking to a 57 year old lady from Germany who plays the game in German language, is still sonewhat struggling with the English EP terminology, does not have Ares and - sorry - cannot make heads or tails of your advice :frowning:
I am certain that your advice is good and valid. I simply do not understand it.
Which is probably my fault, not yours …


This is something that even I can understand! Being a foreigner and all that. …

I took a screenshot and bookmarked it.
And will happily follow your advice. :slight_smile: