Worth it to ascend bad 5*?

Hi guys,

Relatively new C2P player here looking for some advice.

Current best rainbow team is Magni (3.70), Rigard, Boldtusk, Wu Kong (maxed) and Caedmon (3.60).

I also have some decent heroes partially levelled: Aegir and Mitsuko (2.60) Grimm, Littlejohn, Li Xiu and Scarlett (3.60).

My 4* at 1.1: Wilbur, Buddy, Triton, Falcon, Sonya, Skittleskull, Melendor, Chao, Cyprian and Kelile.

I’ve been lucky enough to pull 2 other 5*, but unlucky enough that they are arguably the worst in the game: Guardian Owl and Mok-Arr.

I do not have the mats to fully ascend a 5 star, but I have enough to max some more 4 stars (except green).

My question is, is it worth levelling Guardian Owl and (especially) Mok-Arr because I desperately need a hard hitting purple?

Should I just wait for better ones (I’m probably a couple of months away from TC20), and spend the mats on maxing more 4*? My plan was to start on Wilbur and finish Grimm, but I feel as though my team is lacking a strong purple (having to use Balthazar/Gill-Ra when I need to stack purples).

I ideally need heroes that are good in raids, AW and titans, although I appreciate those are few and far between. I have the £5 VIP and occasionally spend on lower cost deals once or twice a month.


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Mok arr is cool for purple stack teams, for example against a yellow titan. Or just for raiding. Could be useful in events with yellow bosses. Just saying he’s not one of the worst in the game, he has a place in purple teams. Guardian owl is really just kind of a tank type hero but at very slow mana I don’t have much faith. Li xiu is probably better for a yellow tank. Before you’ve got more depth in your bench I’d recommend leveling your 4* heroes as a priority. You need to be able to field 6 teams to start having fun in alliance wars and being able to stack colors against titans is good. By the time you’ve got lots of leveled 4* heroes you might just have all the items you need for your 5* heroes and maybe some new 5* by then too. Mok Arr is definitely not the purple hero you’d want to level as your first purple hitter. He’s more of the garnish on top of a well prepared meal lol. You want Tiburtus and proteus first for sure. You’ve already got Rigard which is great but no he doesn’t hit. I had the same problem with purple for awhile. It’s a bit of a passive color in 4*. Tiburtus is the only good hitter I can think of. Man I’m rambling I haven’t slept. Uhh your question, my answer is nah don’t spend your resources on dubious 5* heroes just yet


Thanks for the reply!

Do you have any thoughts on which of my 4* to level up?

I was thinking:

Red: Wilbur then Falcon
Blue: Grimm then Triton
Green: Buddy then Melendor
Yellow: Li Xiu then Chao
Purple: Cyprian…

Is Cyprian worth it (I don’t have seem to have trouble against Riposte in raids) or should I just wait and try and get Tiburtus?

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Depends on your definition of a bad 5* hero.

To illustrate my point, many people prefer 4* Boldtusk to 4* Scarlett, but a Wu Kong cascade squad works better with Monk Wu Kong, Cleric Rigard, Druid Melendor, Barbarian Grimm and Rogue Scarlett. Though Boldtusk can substitute for Melendor if you are missing Melendor.

It is all about synergy/ heroes that work well together for your first rainbow 4* 4.1 team and rainbow 5* 3.1 team.

Depending on your other 5* heroes, Druid Guardian Owl may be perfect. Really unlikely, but Devs like adding new 5* heroes.

Aside, you have the heroes, I would strongly advise taking to 4*+19 Wu Kong, Rigard, Melendor, Grimm, Scarlett. They work really really well together. Barbarian Grimm against titans is one of the few places Wound is actually useful.

3* / 4* Ascension items, Hero XP and emblems

You can do most things in Empires with a Level 17 Forge and any rainbow 4* 3.60 team.

4* 3.60 heroes cost 24% of the Hero XP of a 5* 4.80 and zero of the hard to get 3* ascension items needed.

You can do anything in Empires with a Level 17 Forge and a good rainbow 4* 4.70 team.

4* 4.70 heroes cost 48% of the Hero XP of a 5* 4.80 and 50% of the hard to get 3* ascension items needed.

Theoretically you can do anything in Empires with a Level 5 Forge and a good rainbow 4*+19 team.

4*+19 heroes cost 35% of the emblems of a 5*+19 hero. And you can later reset the 4*+19 if you get a 5* equivalent. Example Rigard 4*+19 and Ariel 5* 4.80.

Though personally I would keep both if the 4*+19 is good.

My personal opinion

I would not level a 5* hero to 5* 3.1 until I have a good rainbow 5* 2.60 team.

There are exceptions I would take to 5* 3.70 like Joon, Alberich, Natalya, etc. that have insanely useful specials even at 5* 3.70.


My wife uses Cyprian on her attack team ( she can get to #30 on the Global Top 100 list ) but he takes lots of practice to use well on the attack. Her defense team is at 5* heroes.

I find Tiburtus 4* 3.60 works well when I need Ramming Pulverizer versus a yellow Boss/ Titan.



I like that order, and I’m iffy about cyprian as well. I mean he’s not like bad but he’s not that good either. Riposte is a very nuanced ability. So cyprians counter attack deals more damage than Boril because his defense is lower so he takes more damage… but Boril has a higher defense so more survivability. And the thing about riposte is it is reliant on a couple factors. For one, your hero needs to live long enough to cast riposte. Then your hero needs to get hit in order for it to do anything… also it can be dispelled, by a ton of heroes and even titans. It’s a great ability in lower raid arenas when attackers have less damage output so riposte is bound to accomplish something in the raid. But mid platinum and upwards there’s a solid chance riposte will never fire and if it does, the effect it has on the raid is negligible due to dispels or even just healing and buffs. Riposte can be good on offense, but again you can fire off your riposte and then your 3 heroes who like kinda WANT to get hit, might not be the targets and it’s not very impactful either. I’d say you really want Tiburtus. He’s probably your number one goal at the moment because you have a solid lineup but you need to improve purple and Tiburtus is great. Proteus is great as well but I honestly think Tiburtus is more important even though some people might disagree.

Thanks for the input!

I will prioritise getting Grimm, Scarlett and Melendor levelled, so I can run them with Wu and Rigard.

Assuming I finally find a 4th sturdy shield, I assume maxing Melendor is a better idea than Caedmon or Littlejohn.

I’m not sure Cyprian, Owl, or Mok-Arr are the best use of my resources right now, so I’ll just wait for someone better.

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I like that ordering of 4*. Park the 5* heroes and work on those first.

Your purples are an issue. Cyprian is fine, even good, situationally. Riposte is good against AoE foes in raids and challenge events (Cyprian was essential to my beating legendary levels of Guardians of Teltoc the first time through—G. Kong shredded himself). But he won’t be a long-term core hero, as riposte starts to lose tactical value in upper platinum raids.

It depends some on how much you spend (if any). I think a 10x pull in the purple elemental summons would be a good investment. Are you running Training Camp 20 yet? Tibertus would be a great addition to your roster.


5* are a luxury
Not a necessity

Might as well wait for the luxuries you want instead of spending resources on those you don’t

4* gets you by all the way up to 11/12* titans and most players that dont already have maxed 5s aren’t hittin 11/12* titans.

To me “because it’s my only 5*” is the worst reason I can think of to max a 5*


Thank you for the advice. I will leave Magni, Aegir and Mitsuko where they are, and not bother with Owl or Mok-Arr at this stage.

I’m not at TC20 yet, and won’t be for a while. I’m close to enough gems for a 10x pull, but I was saving them for the next Atlantis summon? Is it worth it to wait?

I’m currently low platinum for raids so I don’t think starting on Cyprian now is a great idea. I forgot to mention I also have Sabina, but I figured she was just inferior to Rigard?

Also, on raid defense I’ve currently got BT tanking. Assuming my new best rainbow team will be Grimm, Rigard, Wu, Scarlett and Melendor, what order do I put them in? Or is that team purely for attacking?

Really appreciate the help!

I think I’d prioritize Melendor over Caedmon as you seem very light on healers. Caedmon is a very solid green 4* though and you’ll want to up him eventually.

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Raid defense

Unless your alliance requires a minimum trophy level, do not worry about raid / war defense.

Raids, and war, are generally speaking, won on attack. So having four rainbow 4* 3.60 teams ( twenty total ) and two rainbow 4* 4.70 teams ( plus ten for thirty total ) is usually the best use of Hero XP and 3* ascension items.

My defense

Left to right, I use ( all 4* 4.70 heroes), Melendor, Grimm, Rigard, Scarlett, right corner hero ( usually 4* 4.70 Wu Kong since my other choices are currently weaker).

This can keep me just below Platinum arena, so I can open Platinum Wanted hero mission chest when I am attacking.


Boldtusk works great at 4* 3.60 for attacking. Bonus he is a very good Fighter class hero so when you eventually get him to 4* 4.70, Boldtusk uses different emblems than Wu Kong, Rigard, Melendor, Grimm & Scarlett.


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Atlantis offers a stand-out purple 4*, Proteus. Trouble is the odds of getting him in a 10x aren’t great. What you need is purples, so I’d be inclined to do the elemental summons instead. (If you were closer on TC20, then I’d say to wait; Tibertus will show up eventually in TC20.)

Rigard is a better healer than Sabina. Sabina’s twist is the debuff of foes, but Caedmon or Melendor will do that.

BTW, I agree that Caedmon should come before Melendor, given Rigard. You will want to do all your healers at some point, though, to give you at least one healer per Alliance War team.

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Worth mentioning sabina has the highest tile damage of dark tc 4*?

Probly not but i am anyways since that played a part in my decision to max her, extra healer for war was a bonus


Too many people think of riposte as a defensive tool. I use it strictly as an offensive tool. With the exception of kage whi debuffs before he hits, it makes snipers and AoE people Ripp themselves apart. And you can time it better when on offense.

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But Caedmon does not work well with Wu Kong while Melendor does.

Wu Kong improves match/ board/ physical damage most because you get the most damage rolls with your match/ board/ physical damage so misses even out with the x2.85 Damage buff.

Caedmon is a tank ( defense & HP ) with lower match/ board/ physical damage where Melendor is a glass cannon ( high attack) high match/ board/ physical damage.

Melendor has one of the highest heals in the game ( 42% which means it scales with +HP from talent grid unlike Heal Over Time ) to heal himself and Wu Kong.

Both Melendor and Caedmon dispell, and can miss when dispelling while Gambler’s Stance is active, but Melendor’s 42% heal is unaffected by Gambler’s Stance miss chance while Caedmon’s Special skill Damage can miss.

Melendor works well with Rigard in manual or auto play because he uses a different color mana so he fills up at a different time than Rigard.


I am looking for suggestions what to do with several sets of warm capes. I already gave Grimm(4-57), Boril(4-34) Kiril(4-40). I have a second Kiril(2-60) and Isarina(3-55) waiting but then I pulled Thorne. Do I stay with kiril2 and Isarina of hold the two set fromThorne. ( I have the toy for 5* blue leveling). I am thinking of eventually replacing Soyna(3-2) with Throne but it is 110 levels before the I couod use the first set of capes

My other healer are Melendor(3-56), Vivica(3-55) and Rugard(4-6)

I have Drake(3-55), Vivica(3-55), Joon(3-13) and Leonidas(3-1) I have the toys to raise one these to thier final step, which on. Viv seems to die before she can get her special off

I agree. I’ve never used any riposter in defense. Though I use a Cyprian who’s only at like 3.1 or so in every war and punch out / severely damage one team significantly above the team power I brought.

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No, no, not Thorne. Isarnia is a great choice. Yes, she’s slow mana, but she hits like a freight train. Take her on titan battles, toss a big mana pot at her at the right moment, and you’ll do really well. I still face a lot of Isarnia in Diamond defenses.

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Why Wu Kong on defense if you have li xiu? Also I think Caedmon is a better choice than melendor because melendor defensive stats are pretty low so he ends up dying before he gets to heal very often but Caedmon has decent stats all around, fast mana hitter he’s just more useful in more situations. Also little John is really good too but more as an attacking hero than defending hero again because of defense stats.

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