Worth it to ascend bad 5*?

All 3*'s: Ok, I’ve got Balthazar (like) use on titans. I’ve had prisca (dislike). Renfeld & Oberon I’ve fought, Renfeld easier to beat. Best 4* I believe is Cyprian cause of the counterattack is wicked.
5*'s purple Quintus, Obama, & Sartana really bad a$$ in that order (fought), Finally Domitia I’d love 2 personally have, but haven’t had any experience with. Good Luck out there. :+1::slight_smile:

I’ve had Wu Long & Li Xiu didn’t like either, used them for My Sonic Bear…

That’s strange because hu Tao and li xiu have almost the same stats except hu Tao has slow mana instead of li xius average mana. And blind is a good ability but preventing enemy specials going off by mana cut is better. Also Wu Kong is a staple hero for titans if you want to increase your average score.

so finish off Isarnia and second Kiril before touching Thorne? would u keep leveling Soyna to keep the war team balanced?

Yes, I’d do:

  • Isarnia
  • Kiril#2
  • Sonya
  • Thorne?

Thorne is widely viewed as a weak 5*. I’d hold off work on him in the hopes that a better option comes along.

So an update on this one:

In my desperate search for a purple, some saved up Atlantis coins luckily got me a Proteus. Hooray.

However, since I had enough for a 10 pull anyway, I did it, and now I have more questions:

  1. I’ve started to get duplicates (Boldtusk, Caedmon and Wu Kong). Is it worth having 2 of any of these heroes (because they’re good), or do I just feed them and start fresh with new ones like Wilbur, Sonya, Buddy and Triton?
  2. To my dismay I got another terrible 5* to go with Owl, Mok-Arr and Aegir: THORNE of all people. I know not to level him up, but ■■■■…Anyway, I actually have enough mats to fully ascend a yellow 5*, but all I have is Owl. Should I just do it? I could be waiting forever for someone better and in the right team he could be ok?
  3. I also got Danzaburo, who seems like a fun but risky hero…worth it?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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Grats on Proteus; clearly one of the best 4* in the game. My alt is giving all his Wizard emblems to Proteus.

Some heroes are worth holding doubles (or more). Mostly this is for wars, so keep those that are good war candidates. Of the three you mention, I’d definitely hold the Boldtusk and Caedmon and likely eat the Wu — Wu is mostly about titans. But unless you’re really crunched for space and don’t want to spend the 50/100/150 gems to expand you inventory, I’d just hold them all.

Re Owl—no. Isn’t his case I’d follow @Gryphonknight’s “no regrets” policy and hold off on ascending Owl until you have enough for Owl and the Joon that will pop out of your TC20 moments after you spend those rare darts on Owl.

Re Danzaburo—my alt has him and uses him fairly often. Good stats and ⅔ of his special attacks are really great. I don’t use him on my main because I don’t like randomness on high-stakes attacks.

Game of Duplicate Thrones, er Heroes

Quick answer:
Roster slots are cheap, hold on to at least 2 of any 4* you use. Just do not level them yet.

4* healers are really useful, especially now that classes let you take them to 4*+15 or +19. I personally hold onto 3- 5 depending on my play style at the time ( yes I have deleted 4* healers only to save them later. This game is built on duplicates ).

Hold onto 1 of each 4*. With “Raid” and other new features coming, you do not want to be caught without a particular 4* hero. I still don’t have Cyprian ( reflect damage is handy when attacking ) and the tales of accounts with no Wu Kong are legendary.

P.S. Congrats on Proteous “The Mini Hel with a few semesters of Wizard”. I prefer Kiril’s special skill for a Wizard, since they work well together. But Proteous’ Scar of the Depths is so incredibly powerful, I will be taking both Kiril and Proteus to 4*+1, then Proteus to 4*+19 just to increase Proteus’ base stats ( I just summoned Proteus a few hours ago. :grin: Still no Delilah :frowning_face: ).

This. Did I mention, this. Also, this.


Oooo shiny

Depends on his roster, Wu Kong 4* 4.70, and a second at 4* 3.60, were main parts of my war attack team until I summoned Guardian Jackal ( taking to 4* 4.70 ) and Joon ( taking to 5* 3.70 ). Even though Wu Kong is the glass cannon of Classic yellow 4* heroes, he is one of the tankier glass cannons. With the current meta, I would not use 3* ascension items to level two Wu Kong to 4* 4.1, or higher but I intend to build a 4*+19 team around Wu Kong 4*+19.

I agree that Fighter Boldtusk and Druid Caedmon are very nice.

I dream that one day the perfect center/ perfect flank heroes for a Guardian Owl team will be introduced to the game. Mainly because I am an ex-GM and amateur game designer. But this is most likely a dream that will be crushed.

VIP heroes

Both Wu Kong and Wilbur are worth building teams around. They are that good.


Tactics, and hero choices, for Wu Kong’s Cascade Squad

Fighter Boldtusk perfect

Druid Caedmon very nice


I had a fire double but wasn’t going to make it to 8/8 so i held them both until i figured the 4/8 would level up the other one, so if u won’t make it i’d at least try 2 get up another level, 4 me it worked. I’d love 2 get boldtusk, he’s brutal 2 battel, really Strong.

Well, my first 5* was Mok-Arr, and I don’t regret ascending him because his special hits quite hard, particularly against yellow; for a long time I built a spare purple team around him, which I still use against yellow titans. Drawbacks are you can’t use him with Wu Kong because Wu will ramp up the attack, then Mok-Arr also hurts your own side a little with his special, more so against yellow, so Wu will ramp up Mok-Arr’s attack and Mok-Arr will kill Wu with friendly fire. :laughing: Oops!

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