Ascension help?

Greetings! Finally gathered up the courage to post here.

This should have all of my current heroes. I have enough mats to ascend a blue and purple 5* to max, and once I finish the last level of the summer event I can ascend a yellow 5* too.

I’m currently working on Proteus. I was thinking of not ascending a purple 5* right now as I don’t like either of my options. I guess I’m mostly asking about which blue and yellow hero.

Thank you!

Hello, and welcome, you have great roster.

Blue: Ariel, Lepus, Magni
IMO, Ariel best healer for your *5 bench, and you have other best *5 hitter.

Yellow: Poseidon, Rana
IMO, Poseidon has more att and def over Rana, but both are great.

For *4 bench:
Purple: yes Proteus, Rigard.
Red: Falcon, Scarlett
Green: Melendor, Caedmon
Blue: Kiril, Sonya

Hi, you have great heroes but i would probably go with Ariel and Poseidon.

And I would also take Falcon to 70 or at least 3/60 and your titan scores against green titans will go off the roof with Falcon, Wilbur, BT, Scarlett and Wu

Lepus and Rana are also great heroes so you really can’t go wrong there, and I wouldn’t either ascend Boss Wolf or Obakan

Thanks for the advice, guys.

What is my best option for a defense team? I’m currently using in order:

Wukong, Magni, Wilbur, Ariel, Boldtusk

Well first i dont recommend color stacking on defence team, I can easily kill a lot “stronger” teams when they color stack. There is some exceptions, but still.

Maybe Ariel, Wilbur, Poseidon, Proteus and Kadilen. Not sure about Kadilen though but you could give it a try.

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Some very experienced players run Boss Wolf as tank and he positively OWNS rush 5* tourneys when he fires Very fast.

Don’t dismiss him. He’s a wicked sleeper.

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