Advice on 4* heroes to level for first rainbow team

Hey all,

I’ve a few 4* heroes @3.60 and am looking for some advice on which to take to the 4th tier. I’ve enough ascension items to take 1 of each colour and 2 purple and yellow.

Wilbur is already at tier 4 as he’s been really good for me. I’m thinking Rigard and Kiril as well but that would mean I’d need a yellow and green hitter.

Atomos is my only 5*, people don’t seem to rate him so thinking Caedmon for green.

Looking forward to peoples thoughts.

In my opinion you should level up Sonya, is an awsome 4* Blue
But your choices (Rigard and Kiril) are also valid.

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Given you have already ascended Wilbur (great move)

I’d go Rigard Scarlett Li Xiu Caedmon Kiril as far as they can go

Tiburtus also nice option, ramming pulveriser is an essential tool


Thanks, would you take Caedmon over Sonya so Kiril can level?

Kiril is great, even once you get 5* heroes into the 4th ascention. You’ll be able to use him forever.

I think Caedmon is better than Gaderius. Li Xiu is fine, but I’d consider waiting for Wu Kong (depending on how often you pull, you’ll get him eventually). Scarlett is ok two, but I’d also consider waiting for Boldtusk.

Regards is a lock, and you’ve got a tough call chosing between Merlin and Tibertus. Tib is a great hero for all aspects of the game, but Merlin is the best controller in the game not named Hel. He’ll enable you to win rare quests, map levels and challenge events that would otherwise be impossible.


Cheers, great advice

Hi all. Appears I cannot create a new topic with a new account so replying on this similar one.

As a F2P player (aside from rolling the first level of VIP) I’ve just done my second 10-pull. I won’t be doing that again for quite a while, so it’s time to make some tough decisions about who to invest in. Your guidance on who to ascend and be developing would be appreciated! (Question areas bolded.)

In addition to the standard map and quest progression my alliance does War and we’re farming 6* Titans.

The first listed in each color is my default rainbow team member.

Proteus 4* – level 60, I have just enough mats for last ascension, probably should do so since I didn’t pull anyone better.
Ameonna 4* – not started.
Renfield 3* – maxed.
Tyrum 3* – maxed, debuffer.
Gill-Ra 3* – leveling, afflictions / affliction removal.
Oberon 3* – not started.
Prisca 3* – not started.

Wu Kong 4* – level 60, a no-brainer to ascend once I have the mats. My MVP.
Li Xiu 4* – not started, just pulled, seems disappointing.
Bane 3* – maxed.
Gan Ju 3* – maxed.
Kailani 3* – leveling, my only non-blue defensive unit.
Dawa 3* – not started.

Boril 4* – level 60, I have just enough mats for last ascension, probably should do so since I didn’t pull a better 4*.
Alaise 5* – not started, someday for sure when I have the mats.
Gato 3* – maxed.
Valen 3* – leveling. Single-target defense-down.
Gunnar 3* – maxed.
Greymane 3* – not started.
Karil 3* – not started.

Kashhrek 4* – level 60, I have just enough mats to ascend, 3-target big heal but I know he trails off in usefulness as the game goes on.
Skittleskull 4* – level 60, AOE damage and atk down. I was hoping for a better 4* to fully ascend but it looks like I have to pick one of these guys.
Skittleskull 4* – not started.
Belith 3* – maxed. AOE healer/debuffer.
Mnessus 3* – leveling. single-target damage / AOE debuffer.
Friar Tuck 3* – not started. 3-target small heal / mana buff. I have trouble enough with Kashhrek not keeping the wings alive.
Isshtak 3* – not started.
Berden 3* – not started.
Carver 3* – not started.

Colen 4* – my only fully-ascended 4*, a no-brainer.
Colen 4* – not started.
Nashgar 3* – maxed.
Jahangir 3* – partially developed.
Hawkmoon 3* – not started, but just got her as my first non-green healer.
Azar 3* – leveling as a second 3* for current event.

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For @Shargos Hello, and welcome.

Great choice. Proteus is best *4 mana controller.
Gil-Ra is also good choice.
Next project is Ameonna. Oberon is middle and Prisca is not so good you have Tyrum same class Paladin and same color purple.

Great choice. Do not start Dawa until you have no other options.

Great choice. Boril is good. Karil is middle, and Greymane is not so cool.

Great choice. for *3, Berden is good. Isshtak and Carver is not so good.

Good. Hawkmoon should be priority. But others red is good.

Notes: Tyrum and Belith skill we normally call it dispeller not debuffer.


Thanks for the numerous points!

Biggest question: ascend Kashhrek or Skittleskull, whom I have both at 60?

My advice for 1 of each of the colors is:

Purple - Rigard (I believe he’s the only cleanser that’s 4*, and widely considered one of the best 4*)
Green - Caedmon (Good hitter, and dispeller)
Yellow - Li Xiu (The -20% mana is no joke)
Red - Scarlett (Great hitter in the 4* level, has one of the highest tile damages in the game)
Blue - Sonya (Hitter + Dispeller - Also, Kiril is absolutely worth maxing, I’d just do Sonya first since you will already have Wilbur + Rigard)

Second Purple - Merlin (Tiburtus will be nice to have as well, but Merlin has more impact on Titans and events)
Second Yellow - Danzaburo (If you haven’t received any other 4* yellow by then) – Hu Tao has gotten more use with the class quests that are around. However, 2/3 of Danza’s effects are really good, and I honestly don’t think his other effect is that bad at all.

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I personally don’t have either maxed (Never maxed Skittle, pulled Kash too late to be useful). However, I would suggest Kash. He would be a good raid/war tank for quite a while. Skittle has decent tile damage, but IMO, the effect leaves something to be desired.


Both are good, you choose which your playstyle best fit to you. IMO Skittleskull is like Colen, so Kashhrek is good choice for your defense tank and also Wizard class. But Skittleskull is your Socceres and better attack tile damage. Both is not bad, you just choose which one 1st to ascend.

I would say… Rigard, Caedmon, Wilbur, Kiril for now… Li Xiu until you get Wu kong

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Cheers Jamie, good call

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I have been playing this game for over a year only one dart the whole time. Why?

over a year? do you skip the Rare Quest (Shiloh Desert) ?

As you have Wilbur on tier 4, your AOE hitters will have a lot of benefit if you pair them with him. 4 turns maybe don’t seem to be too much, but are enough to do significant damage. Besides, go for Rigard. I know you have been already told about him, but he is really a life saviour

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Thanks for the great advice all, I’ll level Rigard then Merlin, Kiril, Caedmon and save orbs in case I get Wu Kong while I level up Danzeburo to 3.60, will decide then.

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