Need good advice to build my first "Mainteam"

Hey Guys, i play a bit over a month and need some advice how to build my team and what to level first.

Heroes i have:

Ranvir(1x 3/41) (3x), Margaret, Horghall, Elkanen, Kadilen

Red: Wilbur(4/57), Colen(2/60), Scarlett
Blue: Grimm(3/60), Kiril, Sonya, Boril
Green: Melendor(1x3/60) (2x), Little John (2x), Caedmon
Yellow: Wukong, Chao, Hu Tao, Danzaburo
Purple: Merlin(4/26), Tiburtus, Cheshire Cat

Red: Nashgar(3/11), Namahage
Blue: Valen, Ulmer
Green: Belith (max), Berden, Brienne
Yellow: Bane (max)
Purple: Chochin

Thankfull for any advice :slight_smile:

Edit: Updated my heroes.

I can’t really help you with the team. I’m just curious how much $$ you spent to get that many 5* heroes in a month? Ive been playing about 7 months and only have 2 but im not really spending any money. Just the VIP pass and gem deals when they come around.


Around 80€ did some 10 pulls but also was very lucky with the summon tokens

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Welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Level up your rares to get ascension mats for the epics, then level them to get some 4* mats and possibly in 8 month you will be able to ascend your 5* :sleeping:

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Thanks for your reply :slight_smile:
i can ascend my first 5* soon and i have allready wilbur and merlin maxed, i dont feel like to focus on my 3* stars, or why should i do it? i have at least 1 3*star team almost maxed.

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Ok, then go for your epics and legends. Later on rares are only useful for challenge events and some tournaments.

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Quite bluntly - if you feel like continuing to spend real $ at your current rate, focus on developing a strong 4 star team that will be your temporary defence, and form the backbone of your long term offence. Get 2 sets of 4 stars fully leveled, then do 3 5stars and a pair of 3 stars.

The reason to do the three stars at all in this situation is that they are the only heroes you can use for rare events and some of the raid tournaments which are level restricted. For the last couple months a lot of the best teams in the game have been rediscovering three stars and building powerful rosters of them specifically for these events. Because they level fast and because doing well in the events is one of the best ways to get Ascension materials required for your 5stars, it makes sense for you to do it relatively soon, so you can power up those 5stars.

Now, on the other hand, if you’re not going to keep spending 80 euro a month; then leveling two or three teams of the three stars first makes much more sense - for the reasons above and because you need to build a team that can be useful to your alliance in war ASAP. Three stars are the way to do that AND the way to farm the mats your 4/5stars will need.

Start with: Wilbur; Grim; Mel; Danz; Tib

If you have a bunch of 3*s, and in the unlikely event you follow my advice to build them up; look for Bane and Balthasar (the two best non-event hitters), Namahage; Belith and Valen. Next good options are a second Bane and Balthasar; Brienne, Ulmer or Gunnar; Melia.



Thanks for your advice.
I will stick to your plan, but my ranvir is almost ready to ascend so i will keep him instead of leveling now danz. I wont spend that much in the future, i think more like 30 bucks a month. I dont have Bathasar but Chochin, Prisca and Renfeld. Used a lot of 3* stars in the beginnning as food :confused: But i have Bane, Belith, Valen, Nashgar, Ulmer, Gato, Friar Tuck, Namahage and Jahangir.

Good avices all around.
For your 3*, Fr. Tuck is ok at best, Prisca, Reinfeld are close to useless.
I personally don’t like doing doubles, especially on 3*, i think the diversity is better. More choices to customize according to the situation.
Your 4* are all pretty good to excellent
Can’t comment on the 5* i only just got Ranvir.
Have fun levelling everyone.

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Going forward you’ll get more bane’s and Balthasar’s. Keep them, dump/feed some of the chaffe



Well, i abused yesterday the summoning (3x10 pulls) for a Lianna or Kashhrek but got only crap like 5 Little Johns, 3 Caedmons, Ekanen , Horghall and another Ranvir.

But nothing i feel like i have to level. Right now i just finish my first 3* team to have a base for events and war. Or does this pull change anything?

Updated the first post with my new heroes.

Caedmon is not so bad…LJ slows mana generation, but is slow…

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@AngelOfDark666 sure, but i have now so many heroes to level, so he is not really a priority or something i was needing :roll_eyes:

I quite like Caedemon - I use him a fair bit, particularly with the current meta of blue enemy tanks in war.

Elkanen isn’t an absolute top green but he’s useful and shows up at times in diamond, so he’s not bad.

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I find all of these useful in their own way in the restricted events mentioned. (Not so much Friar Tuck anymore, but the rest for sure.) Bane, Belith, Valen, Nashgar, and a good purple is a pretty good rainbow team. I see you have Chochin, who isn’t top tier, but isn’t bad. (Prisca and Renfeld, though, should be afterthoughts if you are going to spend even a modest amount.) Tyrum, Balthazar, and Gill-Ra are also useful purples. Gato is another fast blue that hits hard. Ulmer and Jahangir are slow mana, but their specials can be brutal if they fire. I keep them around for rush attack raid tournaments.

Watch also for the following helpful 3-stars: Hawkmoon, Brienne, Berden, Melia, and Mnesseus. As was said earlier, they level quickly, so why not keep them around for depth and situational stuff? I started working on Berden late last week and will probably have him maxed by the middle of next week. And I spend zero and only do same color feeding.


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