Why is it that

…when I’m farming S1 12-9 the same hero with the same troop type and no buffs will, on one run, hit the boss for 980 points damage and on another run hit the boss for 1,022 points for damage?

If nothing on my part changed why are the results different?

There’s a random element in the calculation for damage so it’s a range of possible outcomes.

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Check the defense and health numbers of the enemies on consecutive runs. I believe they fluctuate slightly and that would account for the discrepancy.

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Whoa! That damage calculation article is phenomenal. Thank you!


There’s an astonishing amount of good info in this forum. Here’s a pretty good comprehensive list:

Some of my friends, due to various frustrations with EP, have started to drift to another, newer, RPG game. One sent me a friend link which was supposed to give both of us some loot, but I had a problem with it. When I went to that game’s forum to research the problem, I was mystified. The other game’s forum appears to have no moderation whatsoever. Dozens of posts with issues related to mine and I didn’t find one that was answered :scream: The EP forum has me totally spoiled :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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Posting screenshot of those specific incidents, or a videoclip, would help a lot of forum users in aiding you with the most accurate explanation.

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