Damage per tile

This might be a stupid question, but how exactly is the damage per tile calculated? I have been choosing heroes on a lot of different things ofcourse, specials, attack damage, defense, health. I am under the expression that the attack stat is a factor in the damage per tile, but how exactly?


I don’t know the formula, but it will be hard to revers engineer. It is related too attack stat vs defense stat. Other than raids, we don’t know the defense stat, so it is hard to map, to generate the formula.

If someone on this forum knows it… I would love to know.

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STIf you’re going up against a fully-leveled hero in a raid, the stats are easily known. Damage per hit is visible, though you’d probably have to record the video to capture the data. So it just takes some work.

There is clearly a random component that’s roughly 20%. Just watch a string of tiles hit a hero and notice the variation. This randomness makes back-calculating a formula more difficult.

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I’m hoping to bring this back from the dead. I tried to find how the calculations are done for tile damage. I would like to know if something is going to kill the enemy hero or if I need to ghost.

So does anyone know how to calculate tile damage?

@Something, Take a look at this topic …

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