Who is better Drake Fong or Ranvir?

Im level 26 and havent got any 5* heroes leveled up much. I got Ranvir last month and havent touched him much because I was working on Gretel and Chao before her and I just got Drake earlier from 100m Atlantis coins i was saving up for and looking at the stats Ranvir looks better but talking to a couple of people in my Alliance they say Drake but cant see it.

Has anyone got both maxed out and can tell me why one is better then the other ? Its just it takes me ages to level heroes up and dont want to waste time on the wrong one, thanks.

For offense Drake is better, for titans Ranvir is far superior. Depends what you ask from them. My personal opinion.


Drake is a great hero, solid in every area of the game, ranvir is somewhat a titan specialist hero.

For titans in the current meta
Wu Kong #3
In terms of must have 1 of them in every titan attack team
The biggest source of ascending mats in game is from titans
So although I’d agree with your alliance drake is the better hero, ranvir should be your priority, better titan hits = more mats = ability to lvl more hero’s


Ranvir’s better on Titans. Drake’s better everywhere else. It comes down to Ranvir’s special. With the chance to miss, he’s not going to be useful on defense


Drake all day long. He is one of the best Hero’s of the Month that nobody talks about. He is good in every aspect of the game. Is great at any position on your defensive team.


Well I mainly play Raids and against the Computer. Titans isnt that important to me atm.

Go with Bruce Lee then.

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Drake is more all around for all spots in the game. Ranvir shines in titan fights. One of my alliance mates has Ranvir and holy moly he took 1st on our first 5 star rare titan kill. He did 50% to 60% of total damage! My jaw dropped at the end results.

This isnt making my decision much easier lol. I was hoping someonenhas both maxed and say who they like best. But seems like Drake is best all round then but Ranvir just for titans ?

In my opinion yes Drake is better all around and Ranvir for titans. Even Ranvir 3/70 is great for titans and very useful for war battles facing bigger teams.

Mainly, yes. Since the Titans have so many HP, they will always have more than your teammates and Ranvir’s special will be effective for the entire fight (except maybe the very last hit on the Titan). If you use Ranvir elsewhere (against normal heroes on raids, for instance), his special is very hit-or-miss unless you’re on the ropes and your teammates’ health is lower than the enemies’.
There’s a lot of good info in this thread on Ranvir: https://forum.smallgiantgames.com/t/ranvir-new-june-2019-hotm-hero-of-the-month-first-thoughts-discussion/110871

Drake Fong fits easily in any team and he is easy to use while Ranvir needs more strategy.

Drake Fong is reliable, Ranvir is a wild card and he could let you wipe away an entire team when paired with an AoE hero and… this is the key part:

Ranvir needs other heroes to truly shine so he is a beast on titans, he is equally good for attacks but he will be much worse in a defense unless your heroes manages to stay enough healthy to not get killed but enough injured to benefit from his buff.

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I have both. Drake’s maxed with emblems. Ranvir is waiting to be leveled. If you have Wu maxed, there’s no need to rush Ranvir


Are you not in an alliance?

Yeah but the rest of my team is average, so not sure if Ranvir would make that much of a difference.

This is my roster atm, I use this team all the time atm.

Here is the rest of my heroes

Definitely Drake Fong to 4.80 as he is a better “stand-alone” hero.
For your titans level Ranvir is good enough at 3.70


Okay, IMHO, nothing is more important than Titan hits. If you don’t have a maxed Wu then Ranvir without a doubt. You should also max Kiril as he is good for Titans.

Titans are the best source of mats so you can level other heros.


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