Who is better Drake Fong or Ranvir?

I have both maxed. Drake is much better for almost every aspect of the game. On my defense team, Drake wins more with him in the line up right where Delilah was. I usually sit above 2600 cups for 8+ hours with nobody attacking me. Delilah kept me around 2500 cups. He is very good on offense doing very nice damage along with his blinding ability. Great for heroes that are about to fire their special. The ONLY time I would ever use Ranvir over Drake (besides Titans) is when he is paired with Wilbur. I used to raid a lot with Wilbur and Wu on offense and destroy teams in my cup dropping days. Ranvir is only used on Titans where he took the place of an easily obtainable Wu Kong. If you have a training camp lvl 20, you should get Wu Kong. If you have Wu, use him on titans until you get enough mats to ascend Ranvir AFTER Drake. I have not seen any better scores with Ranvir on my titan team, heck I don’t even think I broke 100k yet with him while my highest titan hit with Wu was 152,886. I usually don’t even use Ranvir in my war hits. Ranvir is just Wu Kong with better base stats. Drake is awesome


Thanks @Aviendha for the detailed reply. I guess i will be going with Drake. He does look better anyway and reminds me so much of Bruce Lee, its just everytime i look at both players specials Ranvirs still looks better, so dont know what im missing with Drake.

But I am a rookie at this game still.

:+1: Wilbur will lower opponent’s defense and help your team having lower health than most of your foes so that him, Ranvir and an AoE attacker (better if yellow or red for not relying on too many different colors) could erease the team with ease.

Well, your nickname say it all. Forget Ranvir and go for Drake Fong aka JackieChanBruceLee.

Nice pulls on both though!

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Thanks @AliceCooper. Yeah Drake looks heaps better and if yous think hes stronger as well thats a plus.

A shame Drake doesnt make that WACHHHAAAA sound when he hits like Bruce Lee made, or does he lol.

Drake Fong is an all rounder. Fast mana and hits three with blinding effect. A good tank material too!
While Ranvir is just game for titan. But he can be very potent when pair with aoe like Anzogh or even Kadilen.
Drake will never shout that ‘wachaa’ sound because unlike Bruce Lee, Drake never pick up his nose during a fight.

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Drake is definitely the better hero overall. Better on offense and defense. I would easily ascend Drake ahead of Ranvir, no contest for me.

Ok thanks @DaveSonnenberg, i have started Drake and also Seshat got her along with Drake. Its nice to get some decent 5* heroes, now i just got to try and level them , but its very slow as im only on Stronghold 18 atm

Nobody talks about him because is extremely boring… Thath is the reason.

I’m in the same category I just got my 1st 5* a month ago n haven’t pulled any since. I just leveled up a couple of days ago

You mean Drake is boring , how come ?

When other heroes talks with him he always start talking of how he beated his Murim’s foes, how hardly he trained to get his body and then he’ll strip and start moving his nipples :sweat_smile:

I’m not going to argue the merits of maxing drake and ranvir, but based on the current roster you posted, wouldn’t it be better to finish one or more of your yellow 4s before thinking about yellow 5s?

Edit: also you’re level 26, at this point in time do you really have the resources (food, mats) to work on 5s in general?


exactly, i have both maxed, ranvir for titans, drake for anything else. At your stage, drake would help you more than ranvir. Im using him since last august for def titan and att teams. never dissappointed. then got ranvir and maxed him once but using only for color stackig and titans. by the way, ascend ranvir to 3.70 and get his specialty at 8.8 and still u have benefits of both heroes

Yes, it is too boring. I prefer funny and interesting heroes over powerful heroes, but it’s just me. Look at his sad face… Regards.

Wu Kiril combo in that order is +225% attack

Drake has Nunchakus, a cooler skin and is widely used in the top defenses.

I have Ranvir at 3/70 but do not have Drake Fong. I have had the chance to max Ranvir but have always prioritised other 5* heroes - I think that says something. I use Wu Kong on titans and would suggest given your level that you level him (if you have him) and concentrate on Drake who will be a much better all-round hero in offence and defence for you.

There is a school of thought (which I would agree with) that you should spend your precious resources on 4* heroes rather than 5* given your level, but I know the lure of the 5* is very hard to resist!

Even if your name were not @JackieChanBruce, I would recommend Drake Fong. I have Ranvir at 3.70 and he does well against 9* titans so I don’t feel pressure to level him up. (You don’t seem to prioritize titans, so no issue here.)

I have emblemed Drake and love to raid with him as he works well with other yellow heroes, and his special is always applied.

Ranvir is good against titans, but his special makes his yellow allies less accurate at the most critical part of the raid, the begining when you’re just begining to inflict damage. Some people like the risk/reward aspect of Ranvir, I do not use him in raids, and only in wars when facing coordinated purple tanks.

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