Inari or Ranvir?

Hey guys

I just got a sixth poison dart yesterday. I’ve got Inari and Ranvir at 3/70 and now I can’t make up my mind about who to max. Or maybe I should not max either of them? Anyway, let’s list some pros and cons I can think of.

Pros for Ranvir:
-Improvement for Titans over Wu Kong

Cons for Ranvir:
-I’m not sure he’s so much better on Titans than Wu that it’s worth giving him the mats
-I never really liked Wu in any other area than titans and therefore probably won’t like Ranvir in any
other use. I’m open to being convinced that I’m wrong to dismiss him like this of course

Pros for Inari:
-Her special is fun and useful on offense and defense, I’d use her on many occasions, including Titans
-I have a sh*tload of emblems for her class so she would get really tough
-Seems to complement my damage-dealing yellow roster better (Poseidon, Leonidas, Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Gretel)

Cons for Inari:

So as you can see, I’m leaning towards Inari. I’m already always among the top titan hitters in my alliance and we’re fighting 9* titans most of the time without coming close to the next level, so that further decreases the chance that I’ll pick Ranvir, I just can’t see enough value in him in my situation. But I want to be sure I use those ■■■■ poison darts best, so please try to convince me otherwise if you can.

Thank you for your help!

Do you have Miki or Tarlak? If not, Ranvir is a good upgrade over Wu. He deals direct damage from his special and doesn’t die as quickly. Wu dies incredibly fast as you approach 11+ star titans. Inari’s tile damage is amazing and the dodge can be very beneficial, adding emblems for regular dodge could be nasty. She’s a lot of fun as you said, it makes sense to ascend the one you’ll use more and enjoy.

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I don’t have Miki or Tarlak unfortunately. But as I said, my alliance is nowhere close to going beyond 9* titans anytime soon, so for now, Wu really seems good enough. Not sure though…

I used Wu through 10s without much trouble. Ranvir is a lil stronger than him at 3-70 anyway. Maybe push both to 3-70 and reevaluate. You could always plan for the next set you get. But if you really like Inari, I’d do it. She really needs the additional levels to be as effective as possible.

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Is Ranvir really better at 3-70 than a maxed Wu with emblems? My Wu has 11 knots on the grid unlocked and therefore higher stats in every respect.

Inari is a mainstay in my raid attack. She is wonderful. I have Wu with emblems and Miki coming up through ranks. I simply can’t imagine a world without Inari though.


You’re probably better off with Wu +11. I never pushed very far. Without emblems Ranvir is slightly better I believe.

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I run mono yellow and Inari saves the day a lot on raids and war. Her tile damage is great for Titan scores. Not Rav great, but possibly outweighs the difference between Rav and Wu.

Especially bc you’d emblem her, I’d go Inari

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I love Ranvir but must chime in with the others here saying Inari. If Wu still stays alive on the level titans you face, Ranvir don’t have that much extra to add except for on purple - and still useable at 3.70 for those I suppose.

Inari will be my next yellow to max and will get darts over Viv and Leo.

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In my honest opinion I would go with Inari - 100%

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I would choose Inari BUT if you did NOT have Wu it would make the choice harder for me.
I had Wu and leveled Ranvir asap and even ate Wu.

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