Ranvir or Poseidon?

Who is better to level up ? It will be my first 5* hero full .

Poseidon for everything else.

You can still use Wu for titans.

In my opinion, Poseidon is better in every respect except for titans, which is Ranvir’s specialty. But especially if you have Wu Kong or of course Tarlak or Miki, I would go for Poseidon. He’s been an invaluable asset in my defense and offense.


Another vote for Poseidon. He was my first, and still only, maxed legendary, and he is as advertised. Depending on what size Titans you fight, you can still get by with a less-than-max Ranvir, as long as his special is 8/8. I have mine at 2^60 (8/8), and that’s where he’ll stay unless my alliance gets way larger and more active. Poseidon is a stone-cold killer wherever you bring him (which for me, is everywhere!)

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Even if you don’t have wukong my vote goes to poseidon. Ranvir 70/3 is still fine for titans.

In my honest opinion I would go with Poseidon and then Ranvir

IMO, +1 for Poseidon, he is also my 1st *5, and now he is at 4.48, very nice 1-2 punch with jackal. And he is also in my defense raid and war.
Ranvir can stay at 3.70 (if you need for titan under *10).

I’m going to disagree with everyone here and say Poseidon.

Oh, everyone said Poseidon? Yeah. Go with him.

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