Inari or Ranvir? Help!

Hi guys, I just got ranvir in a great 10 pull of 3* :confused: who do you suggest to ascend between inari and ranvir?
I have guin and drake maxed, and tarlak and wu kong maxed as well.
Thanks :wink:

I think I’m probably in the minority on this one, but i think Ranvir is being mistakenly miscast as a titan specialist. If you think of him as only filling that role, Tarlak fills his role better so Inari would be the choice. If you see his potential in raids, as I do, I think he’s significantly stronger than Inari.


Inari is as niche as Ranvi, but he will powerfully boost your titan hits and increase your mats to ascend Inari later.

Inari is a pure raid queen. She does nearly nothing on the map or against titans but tile damage.

Ranvi can be used everywhere as a reach higher grounds guy and he’s a real psytrancer. Sadly no bonus draw for me this month so far. I would like him very much for his artwork.


I raided against a maxed Ranvir once. I underestimated him and he fired and his teammates subsequently destroyed me with their crazily boosted attack. I lost. He gained much respect. I will not let him fire on me again. He will attract sniper hits and let your other heroes get their specials off at worst. If he fires, it’s trouble.

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I’m enjoying using Inari, even at 3/70 she’s been a hero-saver on numerous occasions.

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I use him, I like having a fast mana that does damage and boost attacks. He does work well in everything I have tried him in.

I sincerely believe that there is room near the top of the meta for an Ursena flanked by Ranvir and Drake with two other AOE wings. Guin’s stranglehold on the top of the top defender spot is about to loosen a bit as Seshats start getting maxed and Kage inevitably comes back around again.

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I had to pick between them as well, and I went with ranvir … inari is awesome at what she does (raids, titan tile) but ranvir is as well and does a bit more (raids, titan, map and events) then inari I feel. I do plan to see how well ranvir can perform on defense as well, he’s getting closer to maxed. Need mr style points to stop telling everyone my lineup though haha.

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Who are you running at the wings. I was thinking fast AOE like Zeline or Zim would fit well. Anzogh might work as well, but I prefer the faster heroes for consistency

Sadly I don’t have Zim, so plans are to run zeline and either gm or lepus for now until I get a replacement.

I had mentioned it in a different thread with Garanwyn, but GM provides solid reliable damage that may be enough to close out kills not quite finished by charged Ursena hits. He might be good enough despite not getting as large a benefit from Ranvir

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After having ranvir in for a day (not fully maxed, at 4/70), I’m getting mixed results, some high highs, but low lows… which is kind of expected. Haven’t seen it defend yet, maybe @madmarv can speak to it a bit as he was a name I noticed in my tower from last night. Will continue testing it.

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I’m thinking he wouldn’t be a starter on offensive raids for me due to lack of consistency. He’d be fantastic for one of my later war teams that aren’t quite as strong where gambling would be a large worthwhile benefit. Since offense is at such a strong advantage vs similarly powered defenses ideally you want less variance. Adding variance to a match you’re supposed to win (even variance with a positive expectation) will on average result in a larger win, but the relative size of any win is irrelevant. By adding variance to winning matches the only relevant possible change is that you can lose sometimes as a result. I know that’s a simplistic way to look at it, as it will undoubtedly win you some of the matches you would have lost otherwise, but since you’re expected to win most matches losing matches will be significantly less common, and I’m not sure how to accurately quantify that vs the decreased utility of his special in matches where you are ahead. Maybe @Garanwyn has an idea of how to quantify that. Conversely, on defense you’re at a disadvantage and expect to be losing more matches than winning. In those matches increased variance with positive expectation should result in more wins (and some tragically large losses, but size of a loss is irrelevant).

I get that for sure, but so far I’ve been able to control the variance on offense quite well since it’s based on health compared to the hero firing… obviously there is some variance in tile as well, but I haven’t noticed that to be much of an issue at all and has generally been really helpful, even killed a hero with a single tile from full health yesterday, was quite fun. The fact that he does a small snipe first allows you to pick and choice what hero if any, you want to take a gamble on… I’m currently pairing him with drake and Poseidon on offense, sometimes running 3/2 and sometimes mono, but I wouldn’t sleep on ranvir as an offensive hero and that’s coming from someone that really wasn’t a fan of wu on offense.

He’s definitely not awful on offense. Wu was okay, not great. Ranvir has the advantage of being fast and basically hitting like a caedmon. I’m just not sold on him being better than the other offensive options. If he’s your only option, he’s actually pretty good. I’m just skeptical that he outperforms the other 5* yellows like Joon, Drake, Poseidon, or Onatel. I’m thinking he’s a little bit above Leo.

I think that’s probably fair, consistency is king for sure. I did max him over inari and musa, but I’m also at a point where roster improvements are getting harder and harder to see. For me he’s working out as a jackal type replacement, obviously they are quite a bit different, but ranvir survives much better and I haven’t seen a drop off in win percent.

Considering your strong lineup, the fast heroes should collectively still be able to nuke an enemy the same way Jackal/Poseidon does just in a beefier package. Same deal though, I still think youd have seen a better win percentage increase with a Joon, second Drake/Poseidon, Del, Rana, or Onatel.

I would choose Inari even without having Tarlak.

Being a Tarlak user make it even more easier to pick her.

I have tarlak maxed, still no regrets.

Maybe/probably, but dupes are boring and I’m getting plenty of solid results from Ran.

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