Which heroes are you working on?(why?)

Im finishing Gretel in order to strength one of my weakest colors. When i finish her i have the following ones on carpet.

C.Richard. I wasnt sure about this one. I have 6 telescopes and 16 warm capes but i always have the hope to pull something better.

a dupe proteus and Melendor that are so useful

and my first Scarlett a beast that came super late to my roster(pulled last week, my last classic epic)


My leveling team (feeding on-color to each):

These are my first 5* heroes. I’ve hit 19 max 4* now and decided to go ahead and work on the 5*. Viv had been at 3/70 for a while, but recently ascended her after finishing my last 4* yellow project.

As soon as I finish Bryn, Elkanen is in the hopper as my first green 5*.


Nice selection NotEye.

Jabberwock is a good beast , i would love to have him.

With Viv, brynhild and Raff you have solved in some way the healing matter. And Azlar always is so punishing when he fires

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And Gullinbursti looks like a very solid yellow 4*. Nice luck on that one for you!

Yes, I was very lucky with Jabber. He was my first 5* pull. (Viv was from TC20). I also got insanely lucky on the first ToL and pulled Myztero, but Jabber was def a better investment, as much fun as Myztero might be.

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Sure, Jabber is in other league. Hes one of the best purples. Anyways nice shot pulling mystero, with the low percentage of summoning him!

I’m currently leveling G.jackal for titan and C.Gunnar for monthly events . After these 2 I hv plenty of choices , primarily sonya. Scarlett or any of the 3 star . I hv eye on Cyprian 2. Lets see


I like this topic, and would like to see it come around periodically, just to see who folks are working on and why. As F2P, some of my choices may seem odd, but here goes:

  • Purple - Renfeld; I fed him away ages ago, but now that I pulled his costume, which makes him a mini-Onatel, I’m going back and re-leveling the useless punk. And Prisca is next, for the same reason. :man_facepalming: I could instead work on Stonecleave or a duplicate Rigard, but Stonecleave looks pretty niche, and dupes are boring.
  • Yellow - Norns; my options here were Norns 1^1, Ranvir 2^60, and Justice 1^1, and Norns intrigues the most. Next set of darts will come down to her or Leonidas.
  • Blue - Magni; super excited about this one, as all of the classic blue legendaries have eluded me, except Thorne, who I’ve drawn twice and maxed once. Ended up being a tough call, because after TC 20 spit out Magni, I got Raffale on my last costume summon for the month. Fast mana fits the meta better, but I’m not sleeping on Raff. His turn will come.
  • Green - Kashrek; I got Kashrek really late, and I brought him to 3^60 when I had nothing else to work on, but after drawing his costume, I decided to come back to him. Not sure how useful it will be to be able to counter the max HP down effect, but I’m going to be ready with him in case the answer turns out to be “pretty darn useful”. Other options were Berden costume or Friar Tuck costume.
  • Red - Azar; similar to Renfeld, fed her away, then drew her costume. Figured she was quicker and less expensive to max (along with her costume) than Sumitomo 1^1. Actually just stalling for time to see if I draw Noor with my Sand Empire summons before committing rings to Elena 3^70.

Each one of these is going to be useful for me. Top 2 lines im working on. Just keep grinding just keep grinding


I worked on 4 3* star last month. This moth i advocate to level some 5* (ursena and JF) and then continue with 4* star.
But i always find very useful to work on 3* star.
Firstly , because they are faster and cheaper than 4*, however, they are useful for tournaments and events, therefore is all gain and they are so diverse than is a relaxed and fun exercise to level them. Unless you dont have space roster , anyways it can be expanded.


The heroes I pulled last Valhalla are now getting to the top of the queue.
Next in line (probably)

Or guardian bat in purple, agnes or li xiu (and costume) in yellow, kiril-costume in blue, by-ulf in green


A mix of 4* and 5*…

Ratatoskr (4-69) - fun, complicated and I just like him… So shy not?

Norns (4-20) - again, fun and with interesting synergy potential. Not necessarily

Jott (3-27) - as with Ratty, I love the modified shields concept and it should be fun to play around with on my blue titan team (not convinced it’ll help enough to offset the loss in tile damage - it’d probably be Isarnia that’d have to make way, Miki/Athena/Kiril/Nordri all likely to stay).

Merlin (2-13) - just for fun. Proteus is better and already maxed, but I just plain like Merlin… So why not?

Wilbur#2 (3-43) - for war teams/fun… I have Wilbur#1 at +19, but he goes with BK and the Kong’s (2x GK)… Wilbur#2 is intended to roll with Mok and Gullinbursti, fun synergy.


If it’s not obvious, I’ve decided to have a bit of a play around and raise some heroes purely for the fun of them…
These aren’t necessarily the best or most advisable choices, but for fun rather than as a result of ignorance :yum::innocent:


I’m working on Jott and have a similar situation with titans. My plan is to bench Kiril instead, since he’s entirely replaceable with items, and swap them in and out when I feel like saving items or getting a big hit in.

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A fair point… I’d actually gain in tile damage that way (dropping Isarnia is a huge tile loss - I have her costume maxed and a bunch of emblems, so with troops she’s 1k+ attack)… But I’m stingy, even if it was bear banners rather than dragons, I’m not sure I’d want to be bothered making and using them :joy:

My current level project…


1* feeder to Killhare as she is baby, and 2* feeder goes to Fura (almost max)
Why? I have Clarissa at 3.70, but because of many suggested me to level Killhare and pair with JF also advantage. My asking thread here Another ascension help, who is my next green and others


all red feeder goes to Sir Lancelot, as I currently do not have any other red, actually I would plan to level Sudri, but I think he is too niche.


already maxxed 2nd Caedmon, and all green feeder goes to LJ-C, but maybe I will switch to 2nd Caedmon-C for 1* feeder.


already maxxed Gullinbursti, all yellow feeder goes to Mist.


already maxxed 3rd Kiril, so all blue feeders goes to Raffael.

for purple choices…

… wait what? it was Killhare, but thats only little poll… lol, and I cannot see who votes… not fair! forums error… but whatever…


Wow! Great thread!

Pulled Hel and Drake during Tavern last Sunday. Got Drake to 3/70 (Need 1 Dart) and Hel is at 1/34 (Need 2 Tabards). I’m working on Ei-Dunn using on 1 star feeders.

I have a T19 Cosplay Joon on my Def Team. Should I take his emblems for Drake and replace Joon on my Def Team?


Tough choice bro, they are probably two of the best yellow around alongside Poseidon.
Personally, i wouldnt strip Joon. It was a long way and lots of resources put on him which are going to waste if strip him.
Its better to start saving emblems for drake . But its my opinion and my vision acording to my iron and food production.

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This looks like fun.

Red- Nahamage. He is almost done, needed more 3* for legends. Maybe go back to working on Gormek or start Guardian Falcon.

Blue - Just started Sonya who may end up replacing Boril when I am not using a blue tank.

Green - Finishing Hansel. I may work on Brienne’s costume next or start Little John.

Yellow - Working on Wu Kong as he is my first 4* yellow. Unless I draw something better I may level up another Bane/costume next.

Purple- Finishing Tyrum’s costume ( I need rogues) and hopefully I will pull another set of trap tools so I can level up Rigard’s costume.


Working on Shadereave now. He’s at 4/30 already. After that:
Little John costume, Balthazar costume, Karil costume, Guardian Bat, Bjorn, Sudri, Renfeld and Renfeld costume.


How are you liking Shadereave so far?

It’s a very tough decision. I keep going back and forth. Uhhhhg

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