How to proceed aka which heroes are worth it?

So, I finally have a decent bench of heroes, but now I am unsure which ones I should go for. What I’m looking for is some advice, especially conerning my 5* heroes. I’ll leave out the 3* stuff, since these heroes level so quickly, I’m just leveling them in between.

So, first of all, here’s the list of what I have finished so far:

5 Star - Green:

  • Heimdall
  • Kingston

5 Star - Red:

  • Azlar (+Costume)
  • Marjana

5 Star - Blue:

  • Vela
  • Misandra
  • Magni

5 Star - Yellow:

  • Joon
  • Vivica

5 Star - Purple:

  • Kunchen
  • Sartana

4 Star - Green:

  • Melendor (+Costume)
  • Brynhild
  • Buddy
  • Gadeirus
  • Caedmon

4 Star - Red:

  • Boldtusk (+Costume)
  • Wilbur
  • Scarlett
  • Guardian Falcon
  • Colen
  • Gormek

4 Star - Blue:

  • Kiril (+ Costume)
  • Grimm
  • Sonya (+ Costume)
  • Boril
  • Triton

4 Star - Yellow:

  • Wu Kong
  • Guardian Jackal
  • Li Xiu (+ Costume)
  • Gretel

4 Star - Purple:

  • Tiburtus (+ Costume)
  • Rigard (+ Costume)
  • Proteus
  • Cheshire Cat
  • Merlin
  • Sabina

My current ressources are:

  • 14 Damascus Blade
  • 3 Tome of Tactis
  • 2 Telecopes
  • 13 Tonics
  • 22 Rings (yes. 22.)
  • 12 Darts
  • 3 Tabards
  • 36 Compasses
  • 32 Fine Gloves
  • 21 Hidden Blades
  • 24 Orbs of Magic
  • 43 Sturdy Shields
  • 37 Trap Tools
  • 24 Warm Capes

Now, I’m gonna give you all the options I have for leveling:

5 Stars that are currently on 3/70:
Finley, Tarlak, Clarissa, Magni (x2), Jean-Francois, Guinevere, Perseus, Natalya, Elkanen, Kadilen, Lianna, Justice

5 Stars that are currently untouched:
Mok-Arr, Sir Roostley, Raffaele, Noor, Yunan, Domitia (+Costume), 2nd Azlar, 2nd Vivica, 2nd Marjana, Horghall, Elena

4 Stars that are currently on 3/60:
2nd Proteus, Ameonna, Mireweave, Kelile, Chao, 2nd Sonya, Kashrek, Cyprian, 2nd Tibrtus, Hu Tao, Sir Lancelot

4 Stars that are currently untouched:
2nd Buddy, Captain of Diamonds, 2nd Kiril, Gobbler, 2nd Wilbur, 2nd Jackal, 2nd Rigard, 2nd Wu Kong, 2nd Boldtusk, 2nd Boril, 2nd Grimm, 2nd Caedmon, 2nd Sabina, 2nd Melendor, 2nd Scarlett

I know that many of the 5 * heroes I have left aren’t worth leveling on, like Elkanen or Horghall. Also, I’m planning on leveling Finnley as soon as I have those telescopes. But until then - would you level some of the 5* heroes or wait for better ones? Should I level more (redundant) 4 star heroes? I appreciate any input. Thanks in advance!

Probably would do Tarlak first for titans. Wu’s miss irritates me a lot. Second green would be Lianna, but definitely would to that Tarlak first. For yellow Roostley, heard he’s fun. If you need yellow tank you may do Guin, but if your alliance isn’t running yellow tank, then Heimdall will probably serve better. JF isn’t that bad either on defense, especially with Vela.

As for 4*, 2nd Proteus is not a bad idea. Maybe you should do him before 5* just because 4* are much easier to do.

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I’ve got fewer 5* leveled than you and I’ve already done BT#2. I will also do Wilbur#2 before long. I use this pair so much, either in a red stack or as the 2 in a 3/2 of another color. They magnify tile damage so much that my yellow titan stack is my best stack and only has 3 yellows plus BT/Wilbur. (Of course, it also has Jackal helping out with the tile damage, which is what really makes it click.)

I will be working on a second Kiril for the same reasons. If I had Rigard’s costume, he would also be on the list.

Finley, clarissa, tarlak, lianna

Finley (when you get the scopes), Clarissa (when you get the Tabards), Tarlak for Titans over Lianna since you have a strong green sniper already, JF over Natalya to replace Azlar for AoE DoT and not sure on the Yellow front. Guin, in my opinion, is still pretty great and I would level her over Sir Roostley or a second Viv. Those would be my votes.

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Finley is beast mode when you time him right. I levelled him straight away.

But then I did the exact same thing when I got Tarlak :joy:

They would be my 2 choices first. Finley is a stalwart of my defences and Tarlak is in every raid I do. Literally every raid, his attack boost and heal is crazy good. I never leave home without him.

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Another vote for Tarlak first. I personally also kept him at 3/70 for a while, and since I wasn’t using him much, he was on low priority. But once I did get around to levelling him, he is very useful. Especially since I don’t have Ranvir or Miki for Titans. But even for raid and war mono greens. I found him worth it. After him, Lianna.

In 4s, my pick would be Guardian Jackal #2. I think my 4* roster is very similar to yours, and Jackal is the only one I’ve doubled on so far. I did level Proteus #2 to 3/60 for war bench but hardly even use Proteus 1 these days. Mostly he gets used for Map and events. G. Jackal though pairs nicely with himself, or you can split them into 2 war teams. BT and Wilbur are of course always great. But I haven’t felt the need to prioritise their dupes yet.

Of the rest, and because you have so many rings, you could consider Jean Francois. He’d bring some specials variety to your reds.

Finley and Clarissa when you get their items. Sir Roostley for variety. And if you get Kadilen Costume, I’d consider her at green #3

Finley is a 6* hero, head and shoulders above all others. Ascend him ASAP. Then Tarlak as the others said to replace Wu for titans. Clarissa and JF are good, solid heroes but not “wow” heroes. Still, they are worthy of ascending. Lianna after Tarlak is worth it too if you don’t get a better green by then.

Edit: I didn’t see costumed Domitia in there. She is much better than Clarissa in my opinion and should be your next purple.

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So, based on your resources, you have enough mats to completely ascend 2x Red 5* (from scratch as they each need 8x Hidden Blades), 2x Yellow 5*, and 2x Green 5*, so we can drop maxing Purple and Blue 5* for now.

Out of the 5*, I would pick Elena (good tile damage, and riposte is a good counter for AoE defenses especially in Rush Tournaments), Sir Roostley, and Tarlak.

Out of the 4*, 2nd Proteus (I am working on my 3rd), 2nd Sonya (Dispellers are always useful, and a bonus with the costume), Chao (fast mana cut is not to be overlooked), Kelile (Marjana’s little sister), and 2nd Melandor (particularly when you have the costume).

If you want a good war roster, multiple 4* heroes that have specialized functions like dispel or cleanse are invaluable, so you can’t go wrong with having duplicates of these types of heroes. Particularly someone like Rigard.

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I agree Tarlak for titans since you are missing Miki. With current supplies I’d work on J-F next. He’s not Gravemaker but he is good. Heimdall tank with Vela and J-F flanks is a good defense.

I levelled Clarissa straight away but due to the emblem clash with Telluria I’ve never been able to really go all in. At 4/80 she just feels a little underwhelming to me.

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Nice roster with good 4* depth!

If you are hitting higher level titans where 3/70 Tarlak is getting 1-shot, then Tarlak should be immediate priority to max imo since he’s your best titan buffer and should be on every titan team. If 3/70 Tarlak is doing ok, then I’d max Lianna first.

For blue, I’d max Finley once you get enough scopes.

For yellow, I’d work on Roostley. No point in Justice and Guin at the moment.

For red, I’d max JF. He’s not great on a team with Azlar since the burn is repetitive but you can just use them on different war teams. Plus you got 22 rings. Either that or max a 2nd Marj for war/raids.

For purple, I’d do Clarissa first once you get tabards. Clarissa’s +30% def against special skills is actually really useful if you use a mono purple or 4-1 purple war team. Then C.Dom. When waiting for tabs, work on either 2nd proteus or 2nd Rigard. After Clarissa and C.Dom, Mok-Arr isn’t a bad choice for wars. He’s great on a team with C.Rigard and C.Tibertus if you have a two lvl 5 mana troops for C.Rig and C.Tibs and a lvl 23+ mana troop for Mok-Arr.

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Finley clarissa jf tarlak sir rooster

Yes Jackal. I have 5 maxed : +18, +18, +4, +3, +1.
I’ve been using double Jackal in raids and vs purple titans with awesome results.

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