Next Purple Project v20.09.04

Hello E&P enthusiasts!

I am currently building out my rosters and am looking for feedback about what hero to work on next. My roster is below

I’m finishing off Sabina, so I can emblem her, and after that I’m not sure. I know Tiburtus is great, and having another leveled would be nice. I do not have the mats to ascend Domitia beyond 3/70, so she not pressing, and Bjorn is a very strong 3* option, which I am lacking…

So, whats your opinion? Who should I work on Next? One of the 3 I’ve mentioned, or someone else I haven’t?

I would consider Fura, I have been working on others so haven’t had a chance to level mine yet but she looks fun and could be really useful especially in healing aid wars.

I’d definitely do a Bjorn, maybe two - you’ll notice a significant bump in your 3* performance.

Fura looks pretty cool but I haven’t finished her yet so I can’t say too much there.

Bjorn is great. Then maybe Fura then another Bjorn.

Bjorn here too. I like him so much I maxed 2 and he’s deadly in. Tournaments

Bjorn as it will take minimal time and resources and then fura, then another tibs. By then maybe you’ll have more options to choose from or more mats for Dom if you wanna do her up.
I do have fura maxed and use her on my purple stack all the time… It remains to be seen if it will be fura or proteus who gets replaced by seshat when she gets finished in the next couple weeks for me.

Finish that Prisca costume. It’ll take you a day at most, right?

Then Bjorn. I typically bring 2 in every attack during any 3* tourney. That second hit is brutal.

I maxed Fura and took her to +7. She compliments c-Tiburtus in the AoE department. I find that while her ATK stat is high, her nightshade pollen special barely produces a sneezing fit. Might be my expectations for it to hit hard are out of step though? The max HP reduction and -50% healing on all enemies is legit. Also, and maybe I’m asking for too much here, but can the Poisoner of Svartalfheim, maybe, you know, actually poison? I dig this hero a lot. Tile damage champion with an anti-health twist.

You don’t have a lot of oomph if you mono purple. It’s all a poisonous drip with mana control. Domitia, even at 3/70, could be what the doctor ordered if you want that one big stick.

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