Another ascension help, who is my next green and others

I have tonic from Rare Titan :tada: now I have 5 tonics, and waiting next rare is Shrikewood and also PoV have a Tonic.
Here is my current roster:

The dillema are:

  1. Atomos, I have Poseidon and Ursena for family bonus advantage, but I don’t have Ariel and I’m not sure after his buff avarage speed is great choice from my other options.
  2. Margaret, her buff is devasting as I read from this thread (Is Margaret useable now with the buff?).
  3. 2nd Kingston, he is already at 3.70, and I mostly need another green sniper.
  4. 2nd Telluria, I don’t thing so, maybe later, because he is sturdy at 3.70
  5. Lianna and Kadilen (if I have their costumes maybe also get opinions, but I don’t have their costume).

Need advices, on green and aslo others…
Purple: I think Clarissa is versatile, maybe next is Killhare.
Yellow: I think Onatel, then maybe next Joon costume.
Blue: Raffael, no other choice, 2nd Magni if I have his costume maybe, otherwise he is going to HA
Red: I still not sure here, maybe JF.

My roster detail in

EDIT: Add poll

Green Choice

  • Atomos
  • Margaret
  • Lianna
  • Kadilen
  • 2nd Kingston
  • 2nd Telluria

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Purple Choice

  • Clarissa
  • Killhare
  • Sartana
  • 2nd Ursena
  • Quintus

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Yellow Choice

  • Onatel
  • Costume Joon
  • Malosi
  • Sir Roostley
  • 2nd Poseidon
  • Neith

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Red Choice

  • Jean Farncois
  • Elena

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Blue Choice

  • Raffaele
  • 2nd Magni
  • Thorne

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Thank you…

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My two cents:

Green. Lianna. I have her at +18 and she is the bomb

Purple. I really like Clarissa, she is fantastic. People say she suffers compared to GM, but who doesn’t? However, you have one of my fave in game combos beckoning to you: Killhare plus JF. Fire him first and she not only hits like a train, she gives the team defense up!

Yellow. Onatel, Neith, Malosi and Joon are all good to great. Given you have Poseidon I’d go Onatel or Malosi

Blue. Yeah probably Rafa

Red. JF definitely


For green, Lianna, definitely. Plus it is best to max her now versus waiting to get her costume because you might not readily have the tonics then.

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Here is my opinion :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
I like diversity, so Lianna will be my choice for your next green. She is an awesome S1 sniper.
For red: JF will be my choice.
For purple: Clarissa is versatile, but Killhare’s damage is much deadlier. Also, Killhare and JF together are a great combo.

For yellow: Onatel, she’s awesome. Joon is great, even better with costume.
For blue: like you said Raffaele, unless you get Magni Costume.
Whichever choice you make wish you good luck! :wink:

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Atomos… give him a chance…

berikan atomos kesempatan membuktikan dirinya… :smile:

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I have stopped my Seshat at +17 (edit I mean +18), which is enough and not significant for the next path, that will be great for next emblem candidate to Lianna, but I’m not sure, emblem cost very high, and I would plan giving some for C Tiburtus (which is have synergy offense with Fura/Killhare/Ursena).

:grinning: yes,… and I do not have barbarian emblem competitor right now…

:thinking: great,… I will level her to 3.70 at least while waiting 2x tabbard more.

Notes: I already update 1st post with polls, please vote thanks :grinning:

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I bring Malosi to almost every raid these days. His power to turn devastating specials into either just damage or even completely nothing is extremely valuable to me.

I bring him instead of Joon unless I’m stacking Yellow, then I bring both. I think Malosi is my Raid MVP since I got him leveled. Highly recommended, at least if you enjoy a raid style that focuses on controlling the enemy team’s capabilities. :slight_smile:

Good gaming!

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