Which 5* hero do you want the most from Sanctuary of Gargoyles?

Because I love making these polls for every new summon…

Click here for details on each 5* Gargoyle

El Duque – 5* Fire/Red
Penolite – 5* Holy/Yellow
Arco – 5* Nature/Green
Gaillard – 5* Ice/Blue
Goseck – 5* Dark/Purple


  • I have left out Hohenwerf because he’s not yet released.
  • I haven’t bothered doing a poll for 3* and 4* because we all know who shines in 4* (Kalo) and both of the 3* are very average - plus there’s only 2 of each available so lack of choices.

Happy voting!

  • El Duque (Red)
  • Penolite (Yellow)
  • Arco (Green)
  • Gaillard (Blue)
  • Goseck (Purple)

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I wanted Arco (since Hohenwerf isn’t available). But got the duke instead

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@Ragnar2 is that because of your roster needs or do you think Arco is the best hero of them all?

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My needs mainly, Goseck will be great but I don’t have any tabards for him, and there is a line of dark heroes waiting :slight_smile:

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That’s fair, I understand some people will be voting based on their needs or available mats rather than who they deem to be the designed the best. Anyway, congrats on landing El Duque :slight_smile:

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I also wanted Arco but got a red hero instead. Azlar… :roll_eyes:


Arco, he’s just really good.

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Any. They are all good. Still, won’t be chasing any and 40 pulls rarely bring anything worthwhile

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Arco. Those fiends are a royal PITA. Second choice Penolite.

I’ll probably be lucky to get Budatin.

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Gospel just looks cool

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Dang auto correct I meant gosek

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I would prefer Peneloth, but I will do no drawing, even the story and the design is really nice.

The challenge is too hard and so I refuse my particiption.

I really want to know which heroes they used for testing. I have a lot of good 75 4* heroes, but I will be always killed in the last epic levels. Sorry the Star Circus challenge was extremely frustrating, need gems to complete the last legendary level. But here I already stuck in the epic part.

So I refuse to participate this challenge for the future until the make a nerf to the enemies or the stone skin effect. I am optimistically, that SG is reacting - the Underwield Bosslevel was also too difficult, and they adjusted it.

So I wait for the next Gargoyles Challenge and if they change the circumstance I will spend my world energy potitions, gems, tokens and what ever to get one of these heroes. If the challenge is not adjusted, I save my time and boycott these heroes.


Duque, cuz Titans. The Penolite. Then Arco. Then Goseck. But I wouldn’t mind any of them.

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Couldn’t vote because you did not have Kalø. Whats with the exclusion of 4* s, you a hater or something …

Am hoping for a Horghall. Actually, one could say I pine for that hero.

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No not a hater of 4*, if you’ve seen my other poll boards I’ve had 3* and 4* polls. I prefer not put 4* in the same poll as 5* (for fairness/consistency). I mentioned in my first post that I didn’t bother doing a 4* poll because with only Kalo and Bellarive, let’s be real, we already know it’s going to be 100% Kalo.


Lol no love for galliard


I thought the exact same thing lol. I’m a bit surprised, thought there would be at least one vote for him, even from someone lacking in blues :joy:

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are you using any riposte heroes? maybe try two riposte, costume kiril and mist or proteus or both?

Guess people are sick and tired of snipers that do nothing else but inflict damage.

I also find goseck to be a redundant AOE hitter. Since we already have penolite for that role. He could have been something unique. Felt that goseck was only created with the thought of being the event boss first before a hero.

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