Got the rings. Leaning Garnet but have other choices

I have a lot of maxed red heroes. Here are the ones I’ve narrowed it down to

I’m leaning towards Garnet. I’m seeing a lot of her in some top defenses. But Baldur seems really strong. I have a lot of Minion heroes plus Puss in Boots maxed, so Queen if Hearts could have work well. I’ve been wanting to max Kestrel for a long time but he keeps getting passed up with new heroes that keep coming out. And never been a fan of Jean-Franćois but I’ve also hated facing him in raids and wars.

No specific needs. Just want the best hero

Also, I have Mica and Onyx maxed so Garnet could be the 3rd ninja I would max out.

Is there any other red hero coming anytime soon, like before I get 5 more rings, that I should wait for, or go for one of these guys now?

I’d do garnet unless you have a LOT more emblems for one that is valuable. All of them have value, not a clunker in the bunch!

Garnet is definitely the call here…no question!! Enjoy!

Garnet, no question.

Baldur has been so-so in the few defenses I’ve seen with him. I suspect he’s more of an offense hero, where he probably does quite well.

You said you have a lot of maxed red heroes, which ones? Garnet is definitely the top contender from the bunch, BUT if you already have a maxed Grazul, I’d personally go with Baldur.

QoH is kinda yesterday’s news, the taunt follows the minion not the hero and it dies way too easily. JF can be annoying af on defense but not a huge fan for offense. Kestrel is uhhh, well just wait for Marjan’s costume :joy:.

I went Garnet, couldn’t pass it up. Now I have 3 ninjas with her, Mica and Onyx

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I had a very good Christmas. Frostmarch gave me enough scopes to max Lord Loki as well.

2 very good heroes maxed for Christmas

If you have a Grazul, Puss+Queen is too strong of a combo to pass up

She may be next on the list.

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