Rare Question - Red Ascension


Ok so I don’t usually ask for help but I’m genuinely in a bit of a pickle here!

I have 6 rings as of right now but… I don’t know who to should get the rings…

My currently maxed 5* heroes:

& Red Hood now too

The Current Options I have:

Minus red hood. Add in Jean-Francois

Some background:
1. I do not plan on doing any pulls this month (or any other month) as I have cut off my spending… I plan to use my remaining gems & keys hoping for Costume Vivica.
I say this because I don’t think I will be getting JF unless I am freakishly lucky

2. I have no other Red 5* heroes available (other than another Elena who will be food for the accademy).
3. I have no family Bonuses to consider here

Ranger = up in the air at this point… probably will give most to Lianna & Seshat but Seshat is a ways off being maxed (ran out of tabards & feeders are focusing on Panther for now).
Rogue = all going to Alice and Guardian Jackal
Wizard = also up in the air… got +11 on onatel but don’t really have any plans for the remainders…
Cleric = All going to Ariel so… none for Grazul.
Fighter = All going to Yunan…

My maxed 4* Heroes:

plus also Sumle & Gormek & BT costume

Also have a dozen or so maxed 3* reds too but don’t really feel they’ll play a part in the decision.

NEW POLL - Who should get the Rings

  • Jean-Francois
  • Anzogh
  • Azlar
  • Marjana
  • Elena #2
  • Khagan
  • Grazul #2

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I would go with Marjana beacuse you don’t have red sniper


I would go with Marjana. She is great and can work from most positions


My instinct actually says red hood, though I don’t have her and am not an expert on her. I have GM and find that the synergy is not that great with GM and Marjana. They want to override each other. And GM is dependent on the DoT. I like to get my sniper from am off color as I usually raid 3-2.

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Agree…go with Marjana only if you aren’t pairing her with Gravemaker, they overwrite each other’s burn. Otherwise, Red Hood is pretty great offensively.

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Why not Anzogh, pairing Wilbur + Falcon + Anzogh would be interesting as they all average and charge at the same time.

I’m working on quite the same combo

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I run a similar combo already with Falcon, Wilbur & Elena.

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I’d do marj with the hope that they’ll release her costume soon. Even with gm, that’ll just put four guys on fire. :woman_shrugging:

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Thats my gut feeling too…

Currently I raid with GM & BK as my usual Red Stack… If I’m adding in a third it is usually Grazul.

Red Hood tho does intrigue me… I don’t have too many Minion Makers (really Just Inari, Buddy & Seshat)…

I can recommend Anzogh, he is a solid hero and fits perfectly in between Zimpty and Grazul. All of them do little heal and in combination its a powerful weapon. I play them a lot together If the enemy is with to much heroes with stat. Alignments like Hel, Drake, Onatel or what ever.

I can not recommend to push Red, she is imo a common aoe with a bad heal. In war with arrors they die pretty soon without effect. If you face a Zimpty or zeline, they are gone as well, so the heal use is not really there.

Marijana could be an opinion as a sniper, but an other burn dot is tricky to play in combination with GM (if you use to play mono) she just have one weakness, her body is quiet small, so make sure you feed her some Emblems to get use of the dodge ability

For clarification, none of the options will go into my defence or likely even my main raid teams. All will be used in second and tertiary Raid teams.

No emblems are available for Marj or second Elena, unlikely any others will get any either (as they are unlikely to be high up in my frequently used heroes)

Anzogh is perfectly playable w/o Emblems.

I use to play him only in offensive and in 2/3 combination against green tanks.
Normally I set um my team with Marijana, Anzogh and Zimpty. But also with Grazul or Mitsuko instead of Marji.

In preparation for the next HotM (Teluria) I can hardly recommend to push Anzogh. He withstands the Manaalignment and “eats” all minions. I paired Him with Grazul and Zimpty and got best results against her.


I would go with Anzogh. At max ascension he hits all enemies for 215% damage, but he also heals all allies for 20% of damage dealt. Also, element link increases defense 46% against Ice for all allies, which would make it difficult to color stack against a mono Fire team especially when complemented with the Black Knight.

Updated to include a poll @Grimtutor @robin102 @Mothra @Math4lyfe @Rduke77 @littleKAF @Oakenshield @Radar1

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I prefer average hero as they charge the same time. Btw, how many damage that combo can deal?

Marjana unless you are short on healers, then Hood.

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Haven’t tested it in a while.

Will have a run just now and report :slight_smile:

Alright little hard to tell from this but:

And then firing Elena:

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Tks, def debuff and elemental debuff do not stack for SS but not as good as expected, still need to rely on tile damage.

Pretty sure they do…? Not 100% sure but am 99% sure they do stack…?

In any case, if you’re relying on tiles, Elena’s got a higher attack stat so her tiles will be better than Anzoghs.

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